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This is a size No.20 pen nib fountain pen.

The beauty is deepened by using non-oil lacquer for the final coat and a polishing method called “ Roiro Urushi Shiage (Non-oil lacquer finish)”, where the process of repeatedly rubbing in raw lacquer after polishing with a special charcoal.

This pen uses a cartridge/converter filling system.

At the start of the 20th century, a fountain pen utilizing the Japanese traditional art of “Maki-e” was born. The strong and attractive body with a lacquer finish, and the fine and elegant design by the craftsmen are highly acclaimed around the world,
and those skills and spirit have been passed down to the world’s most famous name in Maki-e fountain pens, ‘Namiki’.

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12 reviews for Namiki Yukari Royale Vermilion Fountain pen

  1. English

    Tony Ching (verified owner)

    I haven’t bought another pen at Appelboom or elsewhere since the Pilot Yukari Royale and MB 149. I was really going to go for the Emperor but after trying both at the Pilot booth at a pen show, Yukari Royale won the day and hand for its practicality. The Medium #20 nib is very similar in smoothness to the #30 Custom Urushi and great for daily journaling. I was concerned about the metal heft, but this buy it for life pen offers that simply exquisite feeling of expressiveness in unfettered writing yet confined in a classic traditional design. While I am a fan of Japanese eyedroppers, Yukari Royale has the shape without the hassle of repair since the con-70 converter is more than adequate.

  2. English

    Dorian E

    I read it takes the Namiki artisans around 3 months to create the rich, lustrous urushi finish on this exquisite pen. The success of that effort is evident! The color is captivating and classic. As a writer, the 18k nib (I chose a medium), is buttery smooth and a delight to write with. However, that’s no surprise! This beauty is my daily writer. It is comfortable in the hand and a joy to the eye!

  3. English

    Emma Richler

    It’s no surprise this Namiki is a pen many pen lovers long for . . . and I finally have my own no. 20 vermilion, courtesy of Appelboom. This is just a lovely fountain pen, the urushi coating is impeccable, with a deep lustre. The pen has a pleasing weight, is beautifully proportioned, and, of course, there’s that Namiki no. 20 nib. It was also a pleasure to buy from Appelboom.

  4. English

    frits boer

    Worth the 5 month wait. Absolute classic simplicity of shape, and a beautiful refined red nicely offset by tiny gold cap rim. The writing (Nib M comparable to a European M) is superb and a great pleasure to use, better than any other pen I have. Shape is the refinement of a Kawabata short story, and the colour, in my imagination, the red lacquer in a v. Gulik Judge Dee story

  5. English

    Alan Rossi

    I received my new Namiki Yukari Royale fountain pen a few weeks ago and have been using it ever since. Its performance is flawless and it is a beautiful example of Japanese craftsmanship.

  6. English

    José Luis (verified owner)

    This pen has been my Holy grial for many years, but its price always delayed its purchase.
    I have finally decided to make the effort and buy it and I do not regret anything.
    The pen is amazing, it writes in a way that I love (like the Pilots I have) and its weight and presence make it an impressive writing instrument.

  7. English

    Christian A.

    I was fortunate enough to be able to take advantage of the generous FPD sale the store offered and was blown away by the professionalism of the staff during such a chaotic sales time for pen retailers. They kindly informed me that the item had to be back ordered and that they would do their utmost to get the pen to me in a reasonable timeframe. The pen arrived shortly thereafter and was everything I expected and more. I am very satisfied with the overall purchase experience and hope to visit the store sometime soon.

  8. English

    Robert L

    I have been longing for an Ururshi lacquer pen for some time. I have a few from other makes, but Namiki to my mind is at the top of this game. This pen is absolutely gorgeous. The red is not a garish lipstick red as may appear in the pictures, but a subdued, darker red. That’s what I wanted! The finish and construction are immaculate. The weight is right – not too light, nor to heavy. The size is comparable to a Montblanc 149, in my view. The nib writes with no resistance or feedback – even dry on paper (I haven’t had the heart to ink up the pen yet). I highly recommend this work of art.

  9. English

    Joseph Linao

    Purchased this pen a few weeks ago and I have been reaching for this pen every single day. It is such a joy to use. The weight and size of the pen is perfect for my hand. The nib was checked and tuned by Anabelle to perfection. One thing to note, conventionally, Japanese nibs tend to write one size down compared to European nibs. I ordered a Medium and to my eye, it writes just like a European medium nib. Thank you Appelboom!!

  10. English

    Albert (verified owner)

    This pen is simply awesome. Well worth the wait. What a beautiful design. I bought the broad nib which is very smooth and ultra wet.

    It comes with the Namiki Blue ink which is a perfect combination

  11. English


    My Yukari Royale has an EF nib, that I initially found too scratchy. This disappointed me, as the price would suggest excellence. But, I did find the shape and heft to be very satisfying, so I stuck with it. After a while I started adjusting my grip to the pen’s sweet spot, and this completely changed my first impression. I understood that the nib wasn’t suffering from misaligned tines, or anything of that nature, it is just very responsive. The nib and the body transmits the tactile sensation of putting ink on paper in a very nuanced manner, and it seems like I can feel minute details in texture of the paper as the nib travels across it. This might just be in my head, but it still changes the way I write into a slightly slower, but much more focused and deliberate technique, that I find thoroughly enjoyable. If you’re at that point where spending this amount of money on a fountain pen doesn’t completely freak you out, I can’t recommend the Yukari Royale enough.

  12. English

    Christian Lafleur (verified owner)

    After a lengthy wait period, I finally received this beauty. The wait was under stable, as urushi coated pens, for the last few years, have been getting harder to get. The pen itself is extremely understated, even in the red urushi. I find it to be so well balanced in the hand that the slight weight increase over a plastic pen is barely noticeable, even for lengthy writing sessions. The nib I chose is a medium nib, and it is butter smooth. While pricey, I find it to be worth it, as I got a solidly built pen that I don’t have to baby and will last years, versus a plastic pen that you always have to be careful. It also came with a lifetime warranty, so extra peace of mind.

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