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Rakucho Birds and Cherry Blossom: when bird song feeds imagination

The Rakucho is an imaginary bird flying in paradise. Represented as a couple, it suggests the hope of a long and happy marriage, accompanied by a mutual desire for eternity. Cherry blossom petals are inlaid with mother of pearl and polished for a refined finish. The trunk of the tree in the background is painted using the oh-hi-nuri, a traditional painting of cherry blossom bark.

These legendary creature pens are created by famous Master chiefs of the Kokkokai group of artisans. The techniques used in this pen are  raden inlay, taka & togidashi maki-e. Signed by Masahiro Yamada.

The fantastic No. 50 18 karat gold nib is incredibly large and dwarfs the nibs on all other writing instruments. It is therefore nicknamed the ‘No. 50 Jumbo’.

This fountain pen has an eyedropper filling system. It uses the same ink stopping function as the original Namiki eyedropper pens from the 1930’s, which regulates the flow and prevents leakage.

Available from November 15, 2020.

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