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A passion for nature’s wild, untamed beauty is the inspiration behind the WILD: Baobab Limited Edition by Montegrappa.


The story behind this Limited Edition

These beautiful pens are made in collaboration with National Geographic explorers and photographers Uri and Helle Løvevild Golman. Together we believe our power to preserve the planet is founded in our own strength and capacity for love: “What you love You will protect.”


In December 2017, Uri Løvevild Golman came within inches of his life when he and his wife Helle were savagely attacked in a marketplace in Libreville, Gabon. What should have been the penultimate expedition of a 5-year project, instead became the toughest journey of them all.

It was love that led the Golmans to Africa, and love that saved Uri’s life.


As Uri continues his rehabilitation, the couple has founded an ambitious conservation project: the WILD Nature Foundation. Their journey is one that Montegrappa is proud to accompany and honour with a special, Solidarity Edition release.


About the pens

These pens are available in editions of 999 fountain pens (with 18K gold nib), rollerballs and ballpoints, each carries a WILD Explorer expedition badge and the mantra “What you loveYou will protect.”


The contrasting pen parts are carved from Montegrappite – an artisanal resin formulated exclusively for Montegrappa.

While the organic textures evoke the moods of Africa’s Baobab tree and nature’s beautiful imperfections, the striking pocket-clip is both eye-catching and symbolic of the energy that drives the couple’s mission. The Snowy Owl feather motif is inspired by a full-length tattoo on Uri’s forearm and is a poignant symbol of his love for Helle.


A set of seven postcards accompanies each pen. Spectacular, high-quality images of fauna from each of the world’s seven continents are elaborated with recollections and reflections from the photographers themselves.


The people behind the pens

Italy’s first pen producer, Montegrappa, began manufacturing pens in 1912 in its factory in Bassano del Grappa in Italy. Utilizing natural celluloid and precious metals,Montegrappa combines traditional methods such as die-casting with more recent innovations as low-relief engraving to form their precious art objects. Whether Montegrappa use colors reminiscent of the master painters or ornamentation suggestive of Baroque palaces, the Italian heritage and romance is infused into each product.

The WILD: Baobab Limited Edition supports the work of Uri and Helle Løvevild Golman, founders of the WILD Nature Foundation – a nonprofit created to intensify their fight to rescue virgin habitats.

Uri and Helle are an awardwinning photography team, notorious for seeking out animals that are extremely difficult to find. Uri’s book, Tiger Spirit, won WWF’s Panda Book Award in 2011.


Montegrappa is a founding partner of the WILD Nature Foundation. Created in 2019, its goals are to document and advance the protection of the world’s wild animals and nature.

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