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First came the Montegrappa Samurai – an audacious experiment in sculpture, mechanical engineering and imagination that slashed through the conventions of pen design. Now comes Viking: the newest instalment in the Montegrappa Warriors family – a bloodline of writing instruments that runs riot over everything that has gone before. Welcome to the new realm of luxury interactive miniatures. Montegrappa Viking possesses precious metals, high craft and alpha personality in abundance. With Montegrappa’s game-changing Power-Push filling system onboard, it exudes strength inside and out. Only those who truly master their art may attempt impossible feats such as these. A new frontier has been marked out who shall challenge the might of Viking?

The Viking Pen

Viking is one of the most extraordinary production pens ever conceived, featuring the same exhaustive detail, technical prowess and action-figure charm as 2018’s Samurai. Fusing Norse history and mythology, it is, in every sense, a super-pen that blurs the lines between accessory, tool and sculpture. Once again, Montegrappa claims the high ground.

With a body made entirely from precious metals, Viking’s twist-action torso and articulated arms bring a new dimension to the concept of pen as objet d’art. As a sequel and companion to the award-winning Samurai (2018), Viking’s arrival confirms a new lineage of luxury action figures. Pearl white hand-enamelling illuminates his winged helmet, while brilliant vermeil accents of 18K Yellow and Rose Gold detail his regal armour, boots, hair and beard. With tassets cut from Italian leather and a broadsword cast from Sterling Silver, Viking is a prince among pens. Viking’s narrow edition size and high precious metal content make it a target not only for collectors of writing instruments, but also objets d’art, military and pop culture ephemera. It is the quintessential executive toy for all those entranced by the art of war.

  • 121 silver examples reference the 121-foot (37m) length of the Roskilde 6: an 11th century Viking longship reproduced for a presentation case of carved durmast oak.
  • Six 18K Yellow Gold pens also pay tribute to the ancient 100-man vessel. Each weighs in at 525g (18.5 oz), including gold componentry weighing 470g (15 1/9 t oz).
  • Vikings have been tightening their grip on the popular psyche in recent years, with Marvel’s Thor, History Channel’s Vikings and Rick Riordan’s Magnus Chase novels riding high.

Italy’s first pen manufacturer, Montegrappa, began manufacturing pens in 1912 in its factory in Bassano del Grappa – a picturesque town along the Brenta River, which flows through Alpine foothills in northeastern Italy. Utilizing natural celluloid and precious metals, Montegrappa combines traditional methods such as die-casting with more recent innovations as low-relief engraving to form their precious art objects. Whether they use colors reminiscent of the master painters or ornamentation suggestive of Baroque palaces, the Italian heritage and romance is infused into each product.

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    Killer Daniel

    “Ladies and Gentlemen, I must sing the praises of the Montegrappa Viking Sterling Silver Fountain Pen. It is a magnificent instrument, crafted with the utmost care and precision. The sterling silver gleams with an almost celestial light, beckoning the hand to take hold and write. And write, one shall! The ink flows with a grace and fluidity unmatched by any other pen I have had the pleasure of using. The nib, of the finest silver, glides across the page with a surety and finesse, leaving behind a trail of words that is nothing short of magnificent. I have never written with such ease and enjoyment as I have with the Montegrappa Viking Sterling Silver Fountain Pen. I highly recommend it to all those who would put pen to paper and craft the written word with the utmost of care.”

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