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The fires of Mordor have awoken once more! Montegrappa releases a small revival of the original Lord of the Rings Limited Edition from 2019. This edition of the pen is also created from sterling silver, but it has been enriched with ruthenium, yellow gold and a fiery artisanal resin core. Its name: Doom, named after the mountain where the One Ring was both created and destroyed.

The Montegrappa Lord of the Rings Doom pen features:

  • Sauron’s all-seeing eye at the top, set in the tower of Barad-dûr
  • A removable gold-pated replica of the One Ring, including the original Tengwar script
  • The weapons of the nine: Sting, Andúril, Legolas’ bow, Gimli’s axe, Boromir’s sword, Gandalf’s staff and the Daggers of Westernesse
  • The door to Bag End
  • A leaf of Lothlórien
  • Gollum
  • The ring of Barahir, with it’s green stone
  • The crown of Gondor
  • A piece of interlinked mithril
  • The tree of Gondor
  • The Tower of Orthanc
  • An Elvish cloak
  • An Elven crown
  • The fires of Mount Doom captured in the Montegrappite material
  • A gold nib with Tolkien’s monogram

Only 137 fountain pens and rollerballs will be made, in reference of the 1.37km (4,500ft) height of Mount Doom. 

Italy’s first pen manufacturer, Montegrappa, began manufacturing pens in 1912 in its factory in Bassano del Grappa – a picturesque town along the Brenta River, which flows through Alpine foothills in northeastern Italy. Utilizing natural celluloid and precious metals, Montegrappa combines traditional methods such as die-casting with more recent innovations as low-relief engraving to form their precious art objects. Whether they use colors reminiscent of the master painters or ornamentation suggestive of Baroque palaces, the Italian heritage and romance is infused into each product.

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