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Imperial glory returns to the awe- inspiring Warriors series, as virtuoso handcraft reanimates Ancient Rome’s ultimate fighter. Following the award- winning Samurai (2018) and Viking (2019), Gladiator is part writing instrument, part working miniature: a salute to one of history’s most beloved combatants. Crafted from precious metals, Gladiator revisits Rome’s grandest extravagance with lavish artisanal detailing and mechanical cunning. Editions of 105 elite-grade fountain pens in silver – and five in gold – feature articulated arms, a hinged visor and a paper knife fashioned like a Gladius sword. Prepare to be entertained.

The Montegrappa Gladiator Pen

Ancient Rome’s ultimate fighters are the subject of Gladiator, a new non plus ultra fountain pen created by Montegrappa. Handcrafted from precious metals and armed with first-class
writing componentry, the limited-edition design offers collectors and business warriors the consummate power pen. The new edition marks the latest chapter in the Italian manufacture’s
prestigious Warriors series: an imprint previously populated by Viking (2019) and Samurai – recipient of a Robb Report Best of the Best award for 2018.

Gladiator is part writing instrument and part working miniature, offering owners action-figure functionality to complement lavish craftsmanship. Perfected over a period of nearly five years,
the new edition has a detachable torso, with articulated arms and a hinged visor that reveals both man and fighting machine. On its most accessible iteration, vermeil detailing highlights
symbols of imperial pomp including the Aquila Romana and SPQR motto, lending glamourous accents to the silhouette’s gritty, burnished-silver finish;

  • 105 sterling silver pens are made. Gladiator bookmarks 105 BCE, the year historians record as marking the beginning of Rome’s public Gladiator Games. Enormously popular in their day, the empire’s ludi were extravagantly expensive affairs – featuring as many as 10,000 fighters and 11,000 beasts at their peak;
  • Although conceived as a writing instrument for regular use, Gladiator also serves as object d’art for office or studio exhibition. Each example is accompanied by a grandiose, 32 cm model
    of Rome’s fabled Colosseum, with display plinths supplied for each component. A replica Gladius sword is included for opening correspondence, and a pen roll made of vegan leather
    is provided for transport to other arenas.
  • The mechanical bravado of Gladiator is matched by its internal engineering. Power-Push is a hydraulic charging system exclusive to Montegrappa that offers owners revolutionary one- step filling. Supplied on only a narrow selection of the manufacture’s most advanced models, the rare mechanism feeds ink to an 18K gold nib engraved with Ancient Rome’s imperial standard;

Italy’s first pen manufacturer, Montegrappa, began manufacturing pens in 1912 in its factory in Bassano del Grappa – a picturesque town along the Brenta River, which flows through Alpine foothills in northeastern Italy. Utilizing natural celluloid and precious metals, Montegrappa combines traditional methods such as die-casting with more recent innovations as low-relief engraving to form their precious art objects. Whether they use colors reminiscent of the master painters or ornamentation suggestive of Baroque palaces, the Italian heritage and romance is infused into each product.

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