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    Montblanc Meisterstück Red Gold 149 Fountain Pen

    When buying the Meisterstück 149 fountain pen of Montblanc, you are buying one of the most famous luxury icons in the world. The history of fountain pens by Montblanc goes back to 1924. To this day, the Montblanc Meisterstück 149 still represents the pinnacle of craftmanship. Are you interested in buying this high-class fountain pen? Appelboom is the right store for you.

    What are the specifications of the Montblanc Meisterstück 149

    The legendary Montblanc Meisterstück Red Gold 149 piston fountain pen has an 18kt gold nib with rhodium-plated inlay. Both the barrel and cap are made of black precious resin inlaid with the Montblanc emblem with rose gold-plated clip and rings. The ink bottles of Montblanc are also available in our webstore.

    Experience the luxury of a high-quality fountain pen

    Ever since 1908, Montblanc is a leader in the world of luxury. The brand has become a symbol of status, reliability and quality. Many already have written with a Montblanc. All Montblanc products manufactured in Germany are of such quality that they may bear the familiar logo. Besides writing instruments, Montblanc also makes leather goods. Montblanc offers its products in a 2-year warranty.

    The benefits of ordering your Montblanc Meisterstück 149 online

    Appelboom is the online store for ordering high-quality luxury writing instruments. We are an authorized dealer of Montblanc. When ordering your writing instrument via our online store, you will receive the luxury good within one working day. Do you have any special wishes or needs? Or would you like to receive some more information? You are more than welcome to call us at +31 35 538 35 91.

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    36 reviews for Montblanc Meisterstück Red Gold 149 Fountain pen

    1. Spanish

      E. Fierro. (verified owner)

      Para los amigos que son Exploradores de Plumas Fuente les recomiendo esta “Obra maestra” ya que es sencilla pero sumamente elegante. Es mi primer MB149 y el nib Fino de rodio y oro rosa es lo mejor. Además personalizada con mi nombre. Gracias a Appleboom y su servicio al cliente por mantenerme al tanto del proceso de mi compra y envío, que solo demoró 4 días hábiles hasta México.

    2. English

      D. DeVries (verified owner)

      The Meisterstück is aptly named! This is my second MB149 but my first in the very beautiful rose gold. As befitting such a large pen I ordered it in the unique 3OB nib size. I am so impressed with this nib and the characterful line it lays down. If you are debating whether to get this large nib I recommend you do indeed, To me, on fountain pen friendly paper, the OBBB nib produces a line reminiscent of a 1.1 stub but with more character.
      The MB149 is the premier fountain pen from the world’s preeminent maker and the craftsmanship is superb. The pen fits very comfortably in the hand and writes a silky smooth line. I am delighted with mine and I’m sure you will be too.

    3. English

      Knut Vonheim (verified owner)

      Ordered this in OBBB as I had heard they could go out of production. Rumour only or happening, I do not know, but I wanted to secure on. Appelboom delivers again, with the usual efficiency and promptness! I was prepared to wait for months, but that turned out not to be necessary.

      Great nib on a great pen, writes big and fun, and the nib size and pen size feel proper and well balanced. Call me impressed!

      Thanks again to the Appelboom Team for a great customer experience!

    4. English

      Robert Van Hinsbergh (verified owner)

      Recently I bought a Montblanc Meisterstuck Red Gold 149 from AppeIboom. It has been one of my must have pens for a long time. However, the price tag has always curbed my enthusiasm. Finally, I bit the bullet and acquired one. It now takes pride of place in my collection. Its finish and quality are legendary and it’s not until you write and handle this pen do you fully appreciate its mastery as a writing instrument. I am so glad I purchased it. This nib not only looks impressive but glides over the page, the weight and balance are perfect for me posted or unposted. It makes you want to write and write well. It is easy to fill and I love that classic cigar shape with the gold accents, very classy. I am sure I will get years of joy using this very reliable stunning pen.

    5. English

      Paolo (verified owner)

      As others have reported, requesting an O3B nib results in a delay of about 4 months… but it is totally worth it. I have been curious about such a nib for a long time, until I finally decided to pair it with a red gold 149.
      The nib is smooth and I’m glad I waited for it.
      As I understand, the nib is made to order, and comes with a Montblanc service card with a writing sample from the nibmaster.

    6. English

      SJ (verified owner)

      It is well made and comfy to grab it. Not big at all to ladies hand. what a pleasure holding the sophisticated rosy gold one! Specially the Fed-Ex shipping was amazing. Just took 2 days once it came in US. It was great experience shopping with Appelboom. Thank you!

    7. English

      Vincent Wong (verified owner)

      Medium nib should be smoother. It is flexible. Huge ink capacity. The pen is light for it size so balance may be an issue for some. Posting is impractical as the cap falls off easily. Montblanc’s red gold tarnishes easily over time so polishing maintenance is necessary. Good pen overall but pricey and lack uniqueness. (Perhaps its recognition as a status symbol by some over zealous corporate exec’s necessitate the same design over time.) Out of the box, Montblanc nibs are not that smooth but get better with use.

    8. English


      I have been looking forward to it for a long time,and I am not disappointed at all.It truly is a masterpiece,the Meisterstuck.

    9. English

      Antonio Colangelo (verified owner)

      Ho acquistato questa montblanc 149 in oro rosa con un pennino O3B. La rarità del pennino ha richiesto una pazienza molto grande. L’attesa di circa 4 mesi però è stata ripagata. Il pennino è tra i migliori che ho mai provato. Inoltre il prezzo a cui ho potuto acquistare questa 149 è veramente imbattibile.

    10. English

      Robert N. (verified owner)

      My first time purchase of a Montblanc fountain pen immediately turns me into a fan! I take this as a milestone for my fountain pen interests to finally set foot on Montblanc. The Meisterstuck 149 is quintessentially the flagship model showcasing the first class quality of this luxury pen maker. The nib is indeed an impressive performer. The black precious resin pen body is a classic but a bit too boring and plain to my taste. I am seriously considering my next Montblanc acquisition of a Meisterstuck Solitaire for a bit more sophisticated pen body design. Shopping at Appelboom is a pleasant experience. From ordering to delivery, everything went smoothly. I am becoming a regular customer now.

    11. English

      M. Streifer

      After a wait of over six months due to MB supply issues, I was delighted to finally receive my 149 pen with rose gold trim and a broad nib at Christmas time. Although the long delay was frustrating, holding and using my long-coveted pen has been a dream come true. The nib is perfect and is a joy to write with, plus it is just the right size and weight for my hands, given my arthritis issues. It has quickly become my preferred pen for daily journal writing. I am grateful to Appelboom for their excellent service as they strove to fulfill my order despite the unanticipated delivery delays. I highly recommend both the pen and Appelboom.

    12. English


      Excellent pen for daily writing but a little too large if one plans to write for more than 2 or 3 pages at a time (unless you have very big hands). But perfect for signature pen. For long session writers with medium or smaller hands, 146 might be a better choice. 149 has very smooth nib but might needs to be toned to your liking. One should consider getting medium or broad if you plan to adjust it later on.

    13. English

      Brian Li (verified owner)

      I ordered the 149 as my own birthday gift, but it end up on backorder and waited almost 4 months until it arrive.
      The pen itself writes perfectly out of the box, and really nothing I can complain about on its performance. I got the EF and it actually wites a pretty fine line unlike many european brands that EF writes like medium.

    14. English

      Kurt (verified owner)

      Thanks for appelboom’s great service as always. I’m generally not a big fan of MB pens due to its being luxury brand. But after using it for a time and comparing it with sailor and visconti pens, I found the 149 is the real writing instrument for work instead of an iconic ornament.

    15. English

      tony Marchman

      thanks for a great pen love shopping with you looking forward to more buys

    16. English

      Van Vu

      I was not very keen on the black pen, but its large number 9 – 18k Rose gold nib and trim won me over.
      It is an oversized pen, and the classic cigar shaped is something that you need to view and hold in person to appreciate the quality and its beauty.
      I filled its reservoir via the smooth inbuilt piston which the Montblanc fountain pens are well known for. When placing this pen on paper, it writes smoothly with pencil like feedback and is a wet writer. However, the 18k gold medium point nib is stiff, as there is no soft feel to it.
      It is very well balanced and comfortable to hold, given that I have a small writing hand. Its section is thicker than the majority of the fountain pens that I own, but after a few pages of hand writing, I have yet to experience any fatigue.
      This pen is beautiful, and I do not regret of purchasing it. It will remain as one of my most used pens for everyday writing.

    17. English

      Yigit Cilek (verified owner)

      Before I bought this pen, I’d sent a couple of e-mail to Appelboom. They responded me really quickly. They shipped this pen really fast and secure. Thanks you Appelboom for your service. I will definitely buy the Montblanc Meisterstück 149 Platinum Trim EF nib when it will be restocked.

    18. English


      Well done Appelboom! Great pen, speedy DHL delivery and fantastic services! Looking forward to shop again soon! Highly recommended!

    19. English


      I’ve been looking for companies that offer broader nibs and factory specialties. My BB 149 writes more like a stub but I love the way that it writes. The nib exchange by Appelboom was smooth and speedy. This was also the best price on a brand new MB I could find anywhere. Great transaction for a pen I am loving. Highly recommended.

    20. English

      Stanislav Tsatskin (verified owner)

      What an amazing pen with the OB nib !!!!!
      Very smooth, springy, and wet.

      The line variation is automatic with OB nib.

    21. English


      Very pleased with both the pen and the service that I received from Appelboom. I would not hesitate to buy from Appelboom in future.

    22. English

      Drew Powers

      For the very beginning of my interactions with Appelbloom I had the highest levels of customer service & professional. Answering my questions on nib selection, delivery & follow up. I would highly recommend Appelboom to any fountain pen enthusiast! Very competitive pricing too.

    23. English

      Felix Enriquez

      Functional, beautiful and excellent pen.

    24. English

      John R. Hudgins

      The Montblanc 149 OB arrived long before I expected and was a wonderful surprise! The pen is perfect, the nib is ideal for me and is buttery smooth. I usually have to refine a nib, if not completely re-grind to the style I prefer. But this one is already ideal, smooth and easy to glide over the paper.
      Your service and attention to my order was exemplary. I will certainly purchase from you again in the future.

    25. English


      I enjoy writing with the Yellow Gold and Platinum version of the 149 / 146 so much that I had to complete the series with the Red Gold pens. Both are fantastic as expected. Ordering from Appelboom was extremely easy. Joost – thanks for taking care of me!!

    26. English


      Ordered the 149 with Rose Gold trim several months ago. The 149 is an incredibly well made. Lighter in weight than expected, but very solid feeling. Ordered with the Medium nib size. Writing experience is excellent, no skips, no issues. Service from Appelboom was excellent. Price was the best I could find from an Authorized dealer. Happy customer here.

    27. English

      Juan Flores (verified owner)

      I bought the 149 with the oblique medium nib and althought it took a few weeks to be delivered (at no fault of Appelboom) this pen is a keeper. The 149 is about the same length as the 146 but it is wider, if you have small hands it might be a bit uncomfortable to hold. I write with the pen posted and I feel the pen well balance and comfortable to write letters. The nib is very smooth and I had no problems with skipping. I am currently using Montblanc Royal Blue ink and I have not tried other ink brands with this pen yet. Comparing the performance of the 146 to the 149 I find both of them to be great performers, they are both piston fillers and write beautifully.

    28. English

      Alessandro  (verified owner)

      I bought from Appelboom 3 149 with BB nib (gold, red gold and platinum trim) and 3 149 with O3B nib (gold, red gold and platinum trim).

      All of the 3 BB nibs are very smooth but are different in width due to the handcrafted manufacture. The platinum is the widest, the red gold it’s a bit narrow compared to the platinum and the yellow gold i’ts in between (small difference that you can appreciate during writing).

      The 3 O3B nibs are super smooth and also different in width due to the handcrafted manufacture but now the red gold is the widest, the yellow gold it’s a bit narrow compared to the red gold and the platinum i’ts in between (small difference that you can appreciate during writing).

      It’s a pleasure to write with all of this nibs and the stubbish quality of broader Montblanc nibs add character to your writing.

      Thanks to Appelboom for good comunication and fast delivery of this beautiful pens.

    29. English

      Christian Lafleur

      I had this pen for just shy of a week now, writing almost exclusively with it. Before I ordered it, I was nervous about the size, as many reviews were stating it is too big for anything but signatures. That is false! I find the size makes it the most comfortable pen i have to write with fling long periods. I have more fountain pen than I need, from Sailor profit to the Visconti Oversized, but this one is by far the most comfortable to write with. The black resin with red gold is a very classy subdued statement. After a quick rinse, the pen performed flawlessly. The big #9 nib is a thing of beauty that I catch myself staring at while writing. From the store to my house in Canada took only four days. My experience with Appelboom was very pleasant and I would not hesitate to buy from them again.

    30. English

      KyungWon Lee (verified owner)

      It is the best balance among the pens I have used so far. Design is pretty and durability is good. I’m using an EF nib, and it’s splitting well.

    31. English


      This pen continues to impress me after several months of use. I go back and forth using this 149 and a Platinum 146, and each time I pick up the larger one I want to stay with it. Quality feel and appearance, well beyond any of the other (many) high-end pens that I own.
      But more importantly, I wish to praise Appelboom for their communication, rapid service, attention to detail and obvious integrity. If only all retailers could do so much!

    32. English

      S M (verified owner)

      “There are hundreds of reviews on the Montblanc 149 published on the internet of arguably the finest writing instrument ever made. Suffice to say that the design, quality and impeccable finish of this instrument is an example for other manufacturers to follow in the making of superlative fountain pens. My pen is the Montblanc 149 in rose (red) gold. The fact that this design has stood the test of time, says enough about its unique positioning in the wonderful world of fountain pens. One standout feature is of course the OBBB nib ordered with my pen which writes beautifully. The nib is smooth with wonderful ink flow. The nib balances superbly with the heft of this pen. The nib was retrofitted by Montblanc prior to being shipped to me by Appelboom. Appelbooms’ service is outstanding. The pen reached me in approximately ten days. Without doubt, I shall go back to them for my future orders. Rest assured – you shall not regret it, if you choose them as your supplier…..!!

    33. English

      Michael. A (verified owner)

      If you’re looking at this pen on Appelboom, you most likely already know what a Montblanc 149 is. There is no need to introduce this pen.
      My experience with this pen has been pretty great.
      The price tag is repulsive, but that’s too be expected with Montblanc.
      You pay a premium for the brand, and a quality writing instrument.
      If you’re thinking about a Montblanc, but you’re caught up over whether it’s "worth" it or not – you should understand that the feeling of writing with this pen is what you’re paying for. Driving a Honda Civic is alot different than driving a Sportscar. This pen has history, it does the job, and it’s size gives the user a sense of power. For me, the girth is the perfect size that I look for in a pen. I love using it in University. It never fails me, and the Oblique medium that I ordered with it adds a bit of flair and fun to every pen stroke. And finally, Appelboom always does a great job with cusomter service and shipping.

    34. English

      S. D. (verified owner)

      The Montblanc Meisterstück 149 is beautiful in shape, weight, and writing experience. I bought the rose gold finish—it’s classy, understated and quite gorgeous. The balance is perfect, I could write with this pen for hours and not feel fatigue. The piston filler sucked up ink the very first time, no need for refilling two or three times to assure a full fill. The OBBB is magnificent. It provides even flow, awesome line variation without making huge puddles of ink because of the size of the nib—the ink flow is perfect. I would appreciate any tips on how to best hold this pen because based on how I hold it, it can start with a slight railroading. I am sure that this has to do with the angle at which I am holding the pen, and not the pen itself. There is an angle at which it is butter smooth — at a slight angle— I would appreciate any suggestions about best usage tips. I can’t wait to discover everything this creature can do! Thank you to Appelboom for excellent service.

    35. English

      Torin Cooper (verified owner)

      This is simply a phenomenal pen, both in how it is designed and how it makes you feel to hold it in your writing hand. I cannot recommend the 149 highly enough!!

    36. English

      John P.

      I am truly impressed with this wonderful Meisterstück Red Gold 149. The red gold really is striking in richness and compelling even though I usually avoid gold trim. The contrast of the red gold with the deep black luster of the resin is beautifully balanced and captivating.
      Montblanc are masters of detail from the bold inlaid snow cap to flawless engraving on the band and especially the nib. The magnificent #9 nib (EF on mine) gives just the right feedback while also being smooth, precise and consistent. I can easily write all day with this 149 very comfortably. It has been in almost constant daily use since arriving (a full Rhodia tablet and part of a Mnemosyne filled!) and I love writing with it.
      Appelboom quickly has become the only source for Montblanc and other brands for me. It’s a pleasure to order and I appreciate the personal interest, attention and excellence that is delivered so quickly to me in the US.

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