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The legendary Montblanc Meisterstück GT 149 piston fountain pen has an 18 K gold nib with rhodium-plated inlay. Both the barrel and cap are made of black precious resin inlaid with the Montblanc emblem with gold-plated clip and rings.

New since 1924: The Meisterstück 149 fountain pen is one of the best-known and most famous writing instruments of our time. Hand-crafted in the best European tradition, its 18 K hand-ground gold nib with platinum inlay, three gold-plated rings, gold-plated clip and deep black precious resin barrel make this luxurious writing instrument a legend among fountain pens.

The ink bottles of Montblanc are available in our webstore.

Montblanc is since 1908 a leader in the world of luxury. It is a symbol of quality, reliability and status. Many already havewritten with a Montblanc. All Montblanc products manufactured in Germany are of such quality that they may bear the familiar logo . Besides writing instruments, Montblanc also makes leather goods. Montblanc offers its products in a 2-year warranty.

Appelboom is authorized dealer of Montblanc.

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34 reviews for Montblanc Meisterstück GT 149 Fountain pen

  1. English


    The EF nib is very smooth for its fine point, with a properly adjusted flow, and writes really, really well on all paper. The grip and pen is gurthy and is something you should try for yourself.

    Appelboom is to be commended for the prompt responses, quick service, and expedient delivery! Not once, nor twice. But every time you place an order and consistently over time – again and again and again! I love it, I trust it, and I can rely on it!

    Great product, great vendor, and great experience1

    I think there should be a 4th criteria for purchase experience on the ratings 🙂 5 stars!!

  2. English


    I bought Montblanc 149 in BB 6 months ago. I have been writing with this fountain pen ever since. I requested the nib to be checked prior the despatch. And oh my god – it is so smooth and juicy. I love every single ink I am putting in this pen, I can enjoy its quality and colour every moment.
    The Appelboom service is amazing. Such a friendly and helpful staff. I hope they are going to open their branch in London as I probably will be their daily customer, if they do. Thank you so much Appelboom for such a lovely pen and your constant hyper care about the customer. You are the one of not many companies that they didn’t forgotten what is important. Thank you Appelboom! You are the legend!

  3. English

    KSteventon (verified owner)

    After much consideration I eventually ordered this pen with a fine nib. I am so pleased that I did, the writing experience is excellent, the pen is wonderfully smooth and there is plenty of ink flow.
    For such a large pen it still manages to feel comfortable and well balanced in the hand.
    The service from Appelboom was excellent as expected, the pen was delivered just two working days after I placed the order.
    A great pen and great service.

  4. English

    Guadalupe Hernandez-Escobedo (verified owner)

    La pluma tiene un diseño icónico de gran versatilidad dando oportunidad a realizar los trazos que se desean realizar. Particularmente, las formas de cada una de las letras que son escritas dentro de cada uno de los documentos o escrituras realizadas. En general, la pluma es de gran diseño y excede los requerimientos de escritura.

  5. English

    Mirna (verified owner)

    It’s not always guaranteed that an expensive pen will write out of the box. I’ve had it happen a few times so I was very nervous about this pen, especially since I didn’t see the option for Annabelle to tune it. I ordered off my phone so I could have missed the option somewhere. I was delighted when the pen wrote perfectly without any issues. It’s everything I thought it would be. Also, even though my order didn’t initially come through, Joost took care of it. My pen came gift-wrapped AND it came with two delicious Stroopwafels. I would definitely order again. My only regret is that I didn’t try the italic nib but I’ve never written with one so I didn’t want to risk it.

  6. English

    Jennifer Freeman

    A classic beauty. A great writer. The pen is so comfortable in my hand. It’s girthy and great if you like girthy pens. I also can comfortably use the 146, but the 149 is great for my medium to small hands. I love my handwriting with the pen. The EF is smooth and thicker than my Japanese EF and F pens. It’s the broadest Western nib I can use. Highly recommend this one.

  7. English

    Dr Bhagyaranjan Jena (verified owner)

    Very prompt delivery
    Fine writing instrument
    Will update review after using for some time

  8. English

    Mikko Korhonen

    This is The Pen. In daily use since 1995. Enough said.

  9. English


    If you love your Sailor KoP then add this iconic pen of Mont Blanc. It is also known as El Presidente. Order from Appelboom Penen. Their service is flawless.

  10. English

    Francisco Nettel Rueda (verified owner)

    The pen fits very comfortably in the hand, the weight is very well balanced with the pen uncapped which is the way I like to use my pens. It has a very big nib and the medium nib produces, in my opinion, a typical trace width for this size (e. g. compared with Montegrappa’s medium). It writes very smoothly, although so far I have only tried it with the Montblanc Petrol Blue ink. My first impression was that the nib was overflowing, but reading some reviews of this ink I think that the overflow is more on the ink than on the nib. I will try it with some other ink options.
    The black resin is beautiful and the pen as a whole has a look of understated elegance.
    Again, the purchase experience with Appelboom was outstanding. If you are interested in buying a pen, I strongly recommend to start here.

  11. English

    Albatool N Al Fnais

    Excellent wrting instrument comparing to other high quality fountain pens

  12. English

    Gerald Taylor

    It’s an icon. I adore the shape, size, feel, materials, and look of this pen. One small nitpick I have with this and my 90th anniversary rose gold 149 is that the nibs are really dry out of the box with lots of hard starts. I should have requested an adjustment from Anabelle (in house nib specialist extraordinaire) but I was too impatient. Please learn from my mistake. 🙂

  13. English

    Tianxiang Zhu (verified owner)

    This pen series is my favorite pen series. I used have platinum 149 and I just bought a gold plated version from Appelboom. The gold coated version is really the classic and emblem of the Montblanc fountain pen: It is huge, gorgeous and it fits my hand so well.Also the nib writes very smoothly just like other Montblanc pen series. The price is also competitive and reasonable for its design and quality. Even during the pandemic, Appleboom can still offer it and deliver it to you very quickly. It was a really enjoyable purchasing experience.

  14. English

    Rene Damm (verified owner)

    For 700 bucks you get a rattly, cheap-feeling, bland-looking pen that wouldn’t look misplaced in the shovelware section of a supermarket. And apparently not good enough of a markup for MB so now they even removed the ink bottle that used to come with this pen. Plus even got rid of the print on the box. Minimum bang for maximum buck.
    For 700 bucks you can also get an M700 with beautiful gold-overlaid, hand-crafted silverwork. Or a stunning Homo Sapiens made in part from Lava and a feel in the hand like no other. Or you can get nearly 4 Custom 912s for that — also plastic pens but unlike the 149, they feel good and solid and well-made (and it’s 1/4th of the price).
    The one saving grace of the 149 is the nib. I got the O3B nib (sole reason I went for the pen) and the nib is something. The nib is relatively hard and flow isn’t great but I can lie, as much as I dislike the what Montblanc is doing with the rest of the pen and the price tag, that nib does put a big smile on my face.

  15. English

    Nathaniel Elam (verified owner)

    The pen arrived really quickly. I had ask for nib smoothing and tuning, and I was not dissappointed. This pen writes beautifully! Highly recommended, fantastic customer service!

  16. English

    Shailendra K. Mandal

    I bought Mont Blanc Meisterstuck 149 (Nib size BB) from Appelboom. During this unprecedented lockdown situation, I finally got a chance to take out the MB-149 from the box and write. Unfortunately, while writing with MB-149 I discovered that I am not able to write smoothly for which MB is known. The ink flow is a problem. I immediately contacted the Appelboom over email and I got a very positive response from Joost Appelboom and he asked me to send the MB 149 to him for further checking.
    I am trying to get it checked in India otherwise I will send it to Appelboom for service and Joost agreed to look in to the issues. I must appreciate the Appelboom for his personal touch during and after the sales.
    I really like the design of the pen and its majestic nib but unfortunately I am not able to feel its flow in writing at present. I hope very soon I will get it checked. I highly recommend purchasing from Appelboom considering it’s before, during and after purchase response.

  17. English

    Tim Colman

    Great pen! The service was excellent. Although an international purchase the pen arrived promptly in perfect conditions. Montblanc is the finest pen I have ever used.

  18. English

    R McIntire

    The MB 149 is the most recognized and imitated fountain pen anywhere. However, there is nothing that surpasses the original Montblanc quality and performance. Appelboom helped me get a BB nib which is difficult to find in the US and I thank them for their help and rapid international delivery.
    My 149’s double broad nib writes bold and wet. The 149 is extremely smooth writing and a real joy to use. The 149 is also lighter in the hand than I expected and it does not tire my hand during longer writing sessions despite its impressive physical size. It makes a superior signature pen and is used as such around the world.
    It is certainly a luxury class pen. If you are a collector, an experienced fountain pen user, or looking for a very well regarded business or graduation gift, I think you will appreciate the 149 for its quality, reputation and impressive performance. I do.

  19. English

    Mohamed El mkhennter

    I ordered a Mont Blanc Meisterstuck 149 from Appelboom.
    Before making my final decision, I have been guided via direct contact on messenger. The responses I got were very clear and consistent.
    I placed my order during the lock down and despite this exceptional situation I received my order on time and in good conditions.
    I definitely recommend Appelboom for their exceptional quality of services, their competitive price and free delivery.

  20. English

    KyungWon Lee (verified owner)

    Nib is beautiful, and writes smoothly.

  21. English

    Alexandru Lita (verified owner)

    Fantastic to have this legend fountain penq ???? with me.
    Now if you look in some historical photos from different periods of time you will notice in the hands of important persons, diplomats and state presidents, having this in your hand makes you a part of history.
    This is a big fountain pen there is no doubt , putting aside with my 146 looked huge.
    Ordered in B nib and couldn’t be happier

    Appelboom again delivered this to my door within 24 hours after receiving in stock, perfect service as usual, five stars
    Top service and communication, highly recommend.

  22. English

    Avatar (verified owner)

    Very nice pen. Classic design, Large #9 size nib.

  23. English


    I just have a few fountain pens and this pen is the jewel all of them. The pen is smooth and comfortable to use. The ink capacity is huge with elegant and classy look.

  24. English


    What I like the most is the nib, smooth and wet. The pen itself has a timeless appearance.

  25. English

    Tianxiang Zhu

    Montblanc Gold Plated 149 is my best lover. I bought this fountain pen with an EF nib. The pe itself is very beautiful and it writes with a very smooth feeling. Many pen shops do not have the special nibs like EF in stock and they have this pen in stock and offer you a very fast speed: It only take 3 days to ship into the US in a very secure wrapping.

  26. English


    Pen werd snel afgeleverd! De service was uitstekend. Hele mooie pen verder, erg tevereden mee!

  27. English

    Alperen Gorgun (verified owner)

    It’s a real classic, elegant pen. No need to write long, it’s perfect.

  28. English

    Hector Rivas (verified owner)

    This is my third pen bought from Appelboom

    Appelboom always offer excellent price, secure beautiful wrapping and fast shipping. After years collecting Montblanc pens, finally I got my grail pen, the 149. This pen is smooth, its iconic shape with gold accents represents the perfection.

  29. English

    Frederick (verified owner)

    This is my first Meisterstuck 149, and the 5th pen bought from Appelboom. Appelboom always offer beautiful price and secure wrapping. The 149 gives a powerful feeling due to its larger grip section & 18k nib, but not too heavy to control because of well balanced. This 149 B is a little bit of less smoother than 146 B, but after one week writing, it become more smoother.

  30. English

    Clifton Hutchison (verified owner)

    The MB149 is well balanced when not posting the top cap and seems to give me more control due to the larger gripping area. I feel it is best to write without posting the top cap because it makes the instrument a little tail heavy. Ink flow is consistent and wet and I am presently using Montblanc Permanent Blue. I have read other reviews of how this pen is over priced and not to the same level as other lesser priced pens, but it writes beautifully and shows real quality.
    Appelboom’s service was nothing short of excellent and the pricing I obtained was the tipping point for me to purchase from them. I could find no other authorized Montblanc dealer that offered the same services for their asking price. The pen was delivered to the United States in three days from the purchase date and I will not hesitate to use Appelboom for all my future writing needs.

  31. English

    Alessandro (verified owner)

    When at the end of the last year i asked to an important italian online authorized reseller of Montblanc that i was interested to buy two 149 with BB and O3B nib he told me (after one week from my request) that the BB nib maybe was possible with a nib exchange and the O3B nib was non longer in production…

    I discovered the Appelboom store watching some video about fountain pens on youtube so i decided to make him the same request and only few minutes later Appelboom respond to me said that this specialty nibs were not in stock but can be ordered and will be available in ten working days.

    Since that i’ve made two order from Appelboom and now i have 3 149 with BB nib (gold trim, red gold trim and platinum trim) and 3 149 with O3B nib (gold trim, red gold trim and platinum trim).

    The first order arrived in 4 weeks (but was Christmas time) and the second in only 2 weeks.

    Thanks from Italy to Appelboom to let’s possible all of this.

  32. English


    Finally I got my grail pen, Montblanc Meisterstuck 149. I bought this pen with Fine nib and it writes beautifully. The nib is quite soft and springy but it’s not a flex nib. I was looking for this pen for quite sometime and was not able to purchase it due to its premium price. There is no denying that Montblanc pens are expensive and there are cheaper options around. However you are paying for the brand recognition hence the high price.
    I bought it from Appelboom at a very decent price (including 15% discount). 149 is the flagship model of MontBlanc and it sports a 18kt dual tone gold nib. The beauty of Montblanc is that they have a wide range of nibs from EF, F, M, B, BB, OM, OB, O2B and O3B.
    The pen cap adorns 3 gold plated center bands and unique serial number on the clip. It’s a piston filler pen and holds a lot of ink.
    It’s a traditional cigar shape classic design. The pen though made of precious resin feels solid and it has a very satisfying heft to it.

  33. English

    walter brenner (verified owner)

    I have bought two 149, both from Appelboom.

    You may be debating whether to buy this item. Only you can decide but here were my considerations:

    – High quality of build, from nib to piston to cap, very very well done.

    – Lighter than it looks. Heavier pens may feel impressive for 5 minutes but this is one you can write with for hours.

    – Many nib options all time tested and superbly crafted. There is even a nib exchange program. Mine are BB and OBBB but you can suit your preference.

    – Finally I can say I have them on my desk at work and home all day and evening long.

    For price and customer care I would only look to Appelboom.

  34. English

    Benjamin Hughes (verified owner)

    This is a pen I had to think long and hard about getting. I knew, on one hand, that it would be perfect for me. I knew I liked the feel in hand of the 149, and I had tried an O3B nib on someone else’s 149 and loved it. Price was the only thing that held me back. When I finally pulled the trigger I ended up with a pen that has become a favorite of mine. The nib is very smooth , and has tons of lovely line variation due to it’s shape. To get the O3B nib the pen has to travel to Montblanc for a nib exchange, which to me seemed like a daunting process, however Appelboom made it easy and did it for me, something I really appreciate. Overall it is an expensive pen, but I haven’t regretted my purchase. Furthermore, Appelboom’s excellent service has won a repeat customer! -B

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