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The Meisterstück Glacier Solitaire collection is inspired by the mystical glaciers of the Mont Blanc mountain, standing for Montblanc’s dedication to high quality products and their attitude towards exploration and adventurous spirits.

The barrel has a special engraving and is covered by a translucent blue lacquer, representing the geometrical refractions of ice crystals.

Click here for the rollerball refills and here for the fineliner refills of this Montblanc pen.

Montblanc is since 1908 a leader in the world of luxury. It is a symbol of quality, reliability and status. Many already havewritten with a Montblanc. All Montblanc products manufactured in Germany are of such quality that they may bear the familiar logo . Besides writing instruments, Montblanc also makes leather goods. Montblanc offers its products in a 2-year warranty.

Appelboom is authorized dealer of Montblanc.

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8 reviews for Montblanc Meisterstück Glacier LeGrand Blue Fountain Pen

  1. English

    Hector Moreno

    This was my 4th Mont Blanc and 1st fountain pen. Obviously what first attracted me was the color, shape and light weight. It only took a couple of days to get used to it, and after a year I can’t stop using it. My favorite by far.
    Shopping for my next MB, this time I want to try the fine nib.

  2. English


    Gorgeous colour, broad nib was in stock, had to have it! Joost provided great service as always. Lovely.

  3. English

    Chinedum (verified owner)

    This pen was my first Montblanc pen and prior to this I was only interested in the 149, but being that I just purchase a Sailor King of Pen which is a similar product I decided to go with a different model. I settled on this because the blue color was aesthetically pleasing and the chrome finish immaculate. In hand this pen is well balanced both posted and unpowered and the writing experience is great. It has a 14k Montblanc gold nib that has feedback which I like. This is a piston filler which means it holds a lot of ink and has an ink window to tell you when it is getting low. This pen is great if you want something similar to the 146 but is more of a statement piece and would stand out. Great pen and great customer service, a worth it purchase for any fountain pen enthusiast.

  4. English

    Waed kak

    The colour is cool, nib is outstanding, very fast delivered. Mr. Appelboom was very kind and friendly.
    It is highly recommended

  5. English


    I am a huge Montblanc fan and when this pen came out, I knew it was going to be the next pen in my collection. This pen lived up to its expectation. It’s as good as it gets. If you are use to 146, you will know how this works. But what made this exceptional is the color. Seeing it online does not do it justice.

    On a side note: I appreciate Appelboom’s service. I originally ordered it in F nib which they didn’t have at the time. Appelboom’s did a great job to get my pen as soon as possible with my preferred nib. Appelboom’s service is top notch.

  6. English

    THR (verified owner)

    The grey toned blue color is truly amazing, hands down the most beautiful 146 color for regular line ever!

    The shipping is about 2-3 weeks and I am totally fine with it, thanks for the great service Appelboom!

  7. English

    Max G.

    What attracted me to this MB 146 is its lovely pale grey blue color and silver trim, not to mention the beautiful nib. I checked with Appleboom if the fountain pen was available in BB nib size. They assured me it was. After the order was placed I was notified that the pen was sent to Montblanc for nib exchange so that BB nib can be installed. The turn-around time was supposed to be 2-4 weeks. However, took more than 2 months for the pen to be finished by Montblanc and sent to me. It’s basically a MB 146 in a different color and trim and with a nib specifically made for this pen. It works and writes like any other MB 146 but it looks beautiful. Silver colored trim suits well the pale grey blue color and, the BB nib writes beautifully. It does have a bit of stubbish character, very consistent ink flow, and no flexibility at all. The only thing I wish MB did differently was to install the piston knob in the same color as the rest of the body.

  8. English

    Peter (verified owner)

    Wonderful pen and super Appelboom service.

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