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The Metaxas & Sins Stylos collection is different from every other fountain pen. It has a soul, it has jazz, it has a vibe… It has color! If branding does not define you, this is a writing intrument for you. If you are comfortable and confident enough with your taste, sensibility and style. The sensuous curves and how it feels in the hand is amazing.

The Metaxas & Sins Stylos collection is not mass-produced from plastic, but each piece is individually machined, colored (anodised) and laser-engraved from a block of solid aluminum. The fountain pen has a stainless steel medium sized nib and uses a cartrdie/converter filling system. 

Kostas Metaxas is an award winning artist-designer as well as an electrical and recording engineer. For Metaxas, designing feels euphoric. He enjoys working with various materials – metal, glass, ceramic, plastic and subverting technology, like using dental techniques to create jewelry and watches. Both the traditional manufacturing methods and the latest software or their combination work great for him. He thinks of the big picture first, then the details and the best methods to create them.

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2 reviews for Metaxas & Sins Stylos Green Fountain pen

  1. Tam

    I bought this after seeing a review. What caught my eye was the beautiful but unusual shape and the stunning green colour. It’s made from a piece of aluminium so it’s got a satisfying weight to it and the screw mechanism is very satisfying. The nib is surprisingly smooth and easy to write with. Despite the unusual shape it’s very comfortable to hold. A wonderful addition to my collection

  2. Michele

    I bought this pen after seeing it on this website. I hesitated between three colors but chose the green because it’s so stunning. It feels good in my hand, it writes well, and I like almost everything about it. The one thing that gives me a little trouble is that the converter doesn’t attach firmly and it takes a couple of tries to get ink in the pen, but I can live with that; perhaps I’ll try a different converter. It’s certainly not enough to prevent me from enjoying this pen. Excellent value.

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