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The Elements Series from Magna Carta uses a pneumatic filler, capable of taking in inks with the least possible fuss. Simply pull out the plunger, dip the pen in ink, press down the plunger while covering the air hole with your thumb, uncover the air hole, allowing the ink to flow into the pen and the pen is ready to write.
Magna Carta’s Element pens are equipped with a #6 steel nib covered in 24 kt PVD gold.

Magna Carta Pens was founded in 2014 in Mumbai and is the first brand which produces Luxury Pens in India. The business is run by eight family members, all engaged in the creation of the pens that they hope you will possess one day. Each pen that they craft, not only bears their tender loving care, but is also backed by their honour, individually and as a family. The Magna Carta family believes in staking their reputation in every piece they create.

“You don’t own a Magna Carta pen, you are merely its custodian for the next generation.”

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