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    The name Momento Zero, absolutely evoking, exactly means a new beginning, a start from scratch; the first pen made by a new company, based on experience and passion of a strong team. The Leonardo Momento Zero collection is inspired by the Italian vintage style, worldwide known; it’s a classic pen, well balanced with size and metal trims.

    The fountain pen has a stainless steel nib in different sizes (Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad and Stub) and uses the standard international cartridge/converter filling mechanism (converter included).

    And the story goes on… A family tradition. Leonardo Officina Italiana is a forge, a laboratory where experience and craftsmanship are mixed giving life to “pleasure”, the pleasure of writing.

    Over 45 years of experience in the field of writing instruments, handed down from father to son, from generation to generation. Today Leonardo Officina Italiana works on emotional and vintage projects, taking up the old loading systems, the materials and the working techniques that once characterized the craft of the craftsman. The Leonardo pens have a soul, a human warmth that only passion can give. The fountain pen carved into the material is certainly this detail that differentiates us on the world market. Each Leonardo collection is hand made in Italy.

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    13 reviews for Leonardo Momento Zero Blue Positano ST Fountain pen

    1. English

      Andy (verified owner)

      I find the Positano to be different from the rest of the other finishes.
      If you’re looking to stray from the common translucent type acrylic or that crushed ice finsh, this is your calling. It’s just basically a solid blue and white swirl design but the color depth is shallow and makes the pen look and feel more like a solid piece. With the “fine” nib, it has feedback but pleasant. By no means butter smooth but you’re given a balance of decent smooth with a tactile feel.

    2. English


      I really like this Leonardo Momento Zero fountain pen – It’s a very good looking pen that writes perfectly. I took the nib, and it feels smooth and the flow on the page. I Highly recommend it.

    3. English

      Deb H (verified owner)

      As I have come to expect from Leonardo, this pen is beautiful, has great fit and finish, and is an awesome writer. I bought an EF nib (my first EF from Leonardo), and it is more of a western F in my estimation.

    4. English

      Denis Duchesne (verified owner)

      This pen is not only very attractive; it is also a very good writer. I had ordered the pen with a medium nib but will swap with a fine nib now on order. The steel nib is very smooth with an even ink flow – I just prefer a narrower line. If one is looking for a nib with minimal or no feedback this pen is an excellent choice. On the other hand, if one prefers Platinum or Sailor nibs with feedback; this pen is not a good choice. I will certainly purchase other pens in the Leonardo range (Magico). This was my first experience with Appelboom, and I was not disappointed – communications were concise and clear.

    5. English

      Gad Arnsberg

      A high quality hand made Italian fountain pen for a decent price. Has a distinct appearance, fits into a normal sized hand, convenient grip, well balanced and above all buttery smooth in its writing – after being tuned and smoothed by Appelboom’s nib specialist. The latter did a marvelous job. The broad nib is a a gusher. I consider to try also a medium nib.

    6. English

      Sue R

      Lovely, solid feeling pen that hits all the sweet spots. Mine was not as good looking as some I’ e seen, but still very attractive.

    7. English

      Eric Fleury (verified owner)

      The Memento Zero is a wonderful and a great writting pen.

    8. English

      Marcelle Chabot

      This is a magnificient and reliable pen, even without considering its low price. First it is beautiful. The acrylic is superb. It is a fairly large pen which is comparable to my Pelikan M800, but not as heavy. The silver trim add an arctic accent to it, which I like. Second, the nib is large (#6). I have a stub and a medium, both fantastic, reliable. The medium behaves wonderfully on all kind of papers. The medium give a quasi fine line on, e.g., Tomoe River, Life, Rhodia; it is more of a true European medium on Apica. Overall, this is a must have pen, especially that it is affordable, that can be used as your everyday writing instrument. The rave reviews are not a fad, this pen is there to stay as an excellent, intermediary level pen, A truly gem pen! I would like to mention the excellent client service of Appelboom, which add to my experience.

    9. English

      Raheel Patel

      I bought the Broad Nib. As usual Appelboom’s packaging was perfect. Got the pen in perfect condition. Having inked it right away, the pen works quite well considering the Steel Nib. Has great balance and writes well. The pen is worth every penny.

    10. English

      Rakesh Varma

      I had previously ordered the Coral colour in Medium nib and this is Blue in Broad point. The pen is beautiful with blue swirls reminding me of the ocean. The nib writes well and the broad nib is able to shade the ink while writing. One disappointment is that the threads between the cap and body are not machined well. They cross thread. That means that while twisting the cap to close, the threads get caught and stuck. One then has to rewind the cap and retry. The thread cross threading should have been caught before the pen left the factory. It is not big enough an issue to return the pen, however it does detract from the overall pleasure of the pen.

    11. English

      Kenneth Ng

      When it arrived, the package was amazing. However, even though the pen had been checked and tuned by the specialist, it did not write out of the box.

      I immediately contacted Mr. Appelboom and got a response a day later: i could return the pen to have it checked a second time. After a few correspondences (each time taking few hours which is in itself amazing), I felt they really took the time to consider my issue.

      Mr. Appelboom confirmed the moment he received my package and had his pen specialist look at my pen the next business day. The pen was sent the same day.

      I am very satisfied now with the pen, it writes wonderfully. Of course the pen should not have been sent out in the condition it was in the first place. But they had no problem acknowledging the situation, taking care of it in the fastest way possible, answered to every of my email quickly. This is a company that i shall stick to in the future because i know that if something goes wrong i can rely on them.

    12. English

      Elizabeth Ingraham

      What a beautiful pen! The quality is superb—the materials, the finish, the nib, the balance—and it is a joy to write with. I am thrilled with this pen and still can’t believe that a pen this nice is available at this price. This was my first time ordering from Appleboom and I am so impressed with their service! They tuned and smoothed my nib, kept me informed every step of the way and shipped my pen quickly to the US.

    13. English

      Jeff Marquardt

      I purchased this pen and could not be happier. The resins that Leonardo use are beautiful. It is well machined. The clip and pen shape remind me of the Omas pens that are out of my price range. This is a great value in an Italian made pen. Leonardo hit it out of the park with this new design.

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