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The name Momento Zero, absolutely evoking, exactly means a new beginning, a start from scratch; the first pen made by a new company, based on experience and passion of a strong team. The Leonardo Momento Zero collection is inspired by the Italian vintage style, worldwide known; it’s a classic pen, well balanced with size and metal trims.

The fountain pen has a stainless steel nib in different sizes (Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad and Stub) and uses the standard international cartridge/converter filling mechanism (converter included).

And the story goes on… A family tradition. Leonardo Officina Italiana is a forge, a laboratory where experience and craftsmanship are mixed giving life to “pleasure”, the pleasure of writing.

Over 45 years of experience in the field of writing instruments, handed down from father to son, from generation to generation. Today Leonardo Officina Italiana works on emotional and vintage projects, taking up the old loading systems, the materials and the working techniques that once characterized the craft of the craftsman. The Leonardo pens have a soul, a human warmth that only passion can give. The fountain pen carved into the material is certainly this detail that differentiates us on the world market. Each Leonardo collection is hand made in Italy.

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20 reviews for Leonardo Momento Zero Blue Hawaii ST Fountain pen

  1. English

    Herman katz

    Love this pen, it’s what I take with me when I travel somewhere tropical. Reliable writer and juicy smooth nib.

  2. English

    Oleksii Babaskin (verified owner)

    I adore this pen, and you have to see it in person to see the extent of its beauty. I found the Fine nib to work best for me, and I will probably be obtaining another Momento Zero [ maybe in a different color as well 🙂 ].

  3. English

    Sean Meseroll

    I bought this pen based upon the great reviews from Pen Addict and Gentleman Stationer. The Leonardo Momento Zero does not disappoint! The nib glides across the page and the ink flows smoothly onto the page. It’s so smooth that it almost feels as though you’re writing with a rollerball. The Momento Zero is also comfortable to hold. Indeed, I can write with it all day. Great pen!

  4. English

    Stefan Heeren (verified owner)

    My first ordering experience at Appelboom is a good one.

    The pen looks fantastic (Chatoyance!) and feels great in the hand, both posted and unposted. The pen is light but feels like a quality product. The writing experience is really very good on Rhodia paper. Normally I use Fine and Medium nibs, but this Broad writes with almost no resistance and is wetter than my other pens. This makes it less suitable for standard cheap office paper due to bleed through.

    Some minor negatives I would mention is that the ink level cannot be read without opening the pen and that the end of the converter touches the thread of the blind cap while shaking the pen, which can give a ticking sound.

  5. English


    This was my first purchase from Appelboom, and I could not be more delighted! I considered purchasing the gold nib, but ultimately opted for the steel fine nib with the optional tube and smooth. The results far surpassed my expectations – it writes better than many gold nib pens I own! The resin body is gorgeous and it feels balanced when posted, although I tend to write with it unposted.

  6. English

    Leo (verified owner)

    Such a great value for a beautiful pen. Pictures dont do the resin on this justice.

  7. English


    This pen is such a joy to own. Not only is it amazing looking and changes in different lighting, but the nib is super smooth. I purchased in a Broad nib and it writes smoother then some of my other pens with gold nibs!

  8. English


    The package is each time a pleasure to unwrap and I like the personal note from the Nib specialist!
    This pen is even more beautiful in real life than on the pictures.
    The pen exudes luxury and elegance! It is my first Leonard pen and certainly not the last as it writes incredibly smoothly! Thanks Appelboom pennen! I have another fantastic pen in my collection!

  9. English


    This is a beautiful pen, and at a great price.
    I really like that Appelboom fine tune the nib free of charge before despatching it.
    Really nice. Thank you

  10. English


    A beautiful pen. Tuned to a high quality by appelboom, and the look and design is incredible.

  11. English

    Peter Mylchreest (verified owner)

    Well, I suppose most people would love to go to paradise. However, if this idea is unrealistic, do the next best thing and bring Hawaii to you.

    The Leonardo Momento Zero Hawaii is simply a fantastic pen. Although it looks good in the promotional pictures, in real life is is a thing of beauty. The colours and depth of the resin are unbelievable and really bring to mind the colours of Sea, Sky and Sand, fitting the Hawaii theme perfectly.

    I opted for the FREE nib tuning service offered by Appelboom, another bonus. Although I expected this process would mean a slight delay in getting my pen, I was astounded when a beautifully tuned writing instrument arrived at my house within 48 hours of placing the order!

    If you’re looking for a quality fountain pen and first class service, look no further.

  12. English

    Jan Bosak (verified owner)

    I got this pen in Extra Fine and asked Appelboom to tune it. This pen is beautiful and excellent writer. I love it.

  13. English

    Juerg Steudler

    I usually buy black and silver pens, so this somewhat colorful for my taste. But this pen is not only very handsome, It also provided me with one of the smoothest writing experience I have ever had. It’s almost too precious for everyday use, so I mostly use it on special occasions.

    It’s a very good choice, if you:
    – like colorful but classy and beautiful materials
    – like a smooth nib with nice ink flow
    – like a reliable writer

  14. English


    I’ve had this pen a little over a year now, and I’m still as much in love with it as I was when I bought it!

    The body is made from a striped material, in shades of blue, turquoise and sand. The cap in the picture actually gives a better impression of this striped effect than the body. The material looks awesome and in my opinion is definitely worth the price difference compared to its marbled brothers.

    Good to know: the name of the company and the number of your pen are engraved in the barrel. It’s not very obvious, but if you don’t like stuff written on your pen, this is not your pen.

    This *is* your pen if you like:
    – large(r) pens
    – beautiful materials
    – (re)filling your pen without taking it apart
    – a smooth nib with good ink flow
    – a reliable everyday writer

    By the way, the nibs for this pen are really affordable, so if you want to experiment with a different size (or try out a stub nib!), you could just get a new nib and keep using the pen!

  15. English


    Since the first review I watched I wanted to have this pen. It’s beautiful resin and design blew my mind. But I also read negative opinions about random quality of nibs.
    Then I found out about Appelboom and that they can tune and smooth the nib when you buy a pen from them. And so, after some hesitation (pen is not cheap) I bought this pen from Appelboom.

    When I got the pen yesterday I immediately wanted to try it out. I quickly inked the pen and wrote first word… To say I was disappointed is to say nothing… I was shocked how scratchy and dry this nib was. There is no way Appelboom tuned my nib. I am very disappointed with this. In this situation my first purchase from them is going to be my last.

  16. English

    Crescencio  (verified owner)

    I got this pen in Fine and asked Appelboom to tune it. They tuned it so that it had just a touch of feedback and honestly, it is the nicest fine nibbed fountain pen I have. Appelboom did an amazing job at tuning it.

    When it comes to the pen, the body itself is absolutely beautiful. The end of the body unscrews so that you can refill the pen without having to unscrew the entire assembly apart. I would definetly buy this again.

  17. English

    Candice Zee (verified owner)

    I also own a Positano with a fine nib and couldn’t help myself but to also purchase the Blue Hawaii. The material is so beautiful and mesmerising.

    I was hesitant about the broad nib after reading some not so favourable online reviews but thought that I would request a Tune & Smooth service at NO EXTRA COST!!! No issue at all, what a wonderful nib. Thank you very much Joost.

  18. English

    Arthur (verified owner)

    The acrylic used for this pen is simply stunning and has a lot of depth. There are at least three different colors/patterns, representing the sea, sky & sand, blending seamlessly, but not in any particular order. I imagine that this material has a lot of variation, which would make each pen unique.
    I appreciate the "Tune & smooth" option that Appelboom offers.
    My EF steel nib is quite smooth & wet.

  19. English

    Sinan Toprak (verified owner)

    When I ordered my Momento Zero, Joost was so helpful for the nib selection by answering all my questions. My pen arrived in short couple weeks (because it was backordered from Italy) with a nice and tasteful package and all necessary information. But the pen was even more stunning than the pictures provided. Beautiful Hawaii Blue reflecting all ocean, sand and sky colors. Mine is a fine nib which is finer than a Pelikan fine and very smooth writing experience that I am very happy with it. In the future I may try different size nibs too. It is a converter system but you don’t have to open the barrel to fill the converter. it can be filled by just unscrewing the end of the barrel and use the nob there (unless you want to see how much ink is filled) so it feels like a piston filler, which is innovative I think. Overall Appelboom impressed me very much I will definitely order from them again.

  20. English

    Jeremy Bernstein (verified owner)

    I just received this beautiful pen and am very happy with it. The resin on my pen is much more complex, bluer, and lighter than the pens in the images — I was expecting a more dark-blue, grey with lighter stripes up the length of the pen. Mine is, well, different, but it’s also gorgeous.

    The pen is built very well — the screw-in converter sits securely in the section, and the section screws quite deeply into the barrel. The section threads are very smooth and don’t interfere or bother whatsoever when writing. The cap unscrews after exactly 1 turn, it’s perfect. The pen has a nice heft to it — it’s not heavy, but it "there" and feels solid in the hand. The cap posts deeply and securely, if you’re into that, without changing the balance of the pen significantly.

    The EF nib is a generous EF, but reverse writing is possible (a little scratchy, but flow is good) with an ultra-fine line. I personally wouldn’t mind a thinner line, but it’s no thicker than a German EF.

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