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After numerous requests from fountain pen lovers, Leonardo proudly introduces the Furore Grande. This is the larger version of the popular Furore model, inspired on the famous fiord located on the Amalfi Coast, and named after the small village of Furore, part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997.  

The fountain pen has a 14kt gold or stainless steel nib in different sizes (Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad, 1.1 and 1.3 Stub) and the feed is made of ebonite. There is also an ‘Elastic’ nib to choose from, adding extra flexibility to your writing experience.

The Furore Grande uses a piston filling mechanism with a capacity of 1.5 ml. 

And the story goes on… A family tradition. Leonardo Officina Italiana is a forge, a laboratory where experience and craftsmanship are mixed giving life to “pleasure”, the pleasure of writing. Over 45 years of experience in the field of writing instruments, handed down from father to son, from generation to generation. Today Leonardo Officina Italiana works on emotional and vintage projects, taking up the old loading systems, the materials and the working techniques that once characterized the craft of the craftsman. The Leonardo pens have a soul, a human warmth that only passion can give. The fountain pen carved into the material is certainly this detail that differentiates us on the world market. Each Leonardo collection is hand made in Italy.

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9 reviews for Leonardo Furore Grande Blue Hawaii ST Fountain pen

  1. English

    Anna (verified owner)

    Thank you Appelboom for make it possible for me to have this fountain pen in such a great price 🙂 I can say I am committed customer here. Please please open the store in the UK :).

    This fountain pen writes like a dream – so smooth and juicy. I got it in the broad nib. It shows ink colour a lot. Ah and these resin colours – blues, deep blues and sand – just like Hawaii.
    I am now thinking about new Leonardo pen. It is seconds away from placing the order.
    Appelboom didn’t disappoint again . thank you so much!

  2. English

    Sebastian (verified owner)

    The pen looks really beautiful and comes with a black bottle of ink. For a big pen it is also not too heavy.
    The section is a bit bigger than on a Momento Zero, which is another plus in my eyes.
    The friction fit nib is smooth and with the ebonite feed it always writes wet enough. I have a medium size nib and can write in reverse in finer lines without scratching on the paper.
    The only nitpick I have is that the knob for the piston sometimes comes loose and slightly wiggles, but this is not a big deal.

  3. English

    Leo (verified owner)

    Nicely weighted, beautiful pen. Easily one of my favorite pens. The light blue parts is somewhat transluscent, and against bright light you can see the ink level.

  4. English

    Annie Miranda (verified owner)

    This pen feels so good in my hand. It’s larger than most and I appreciate that. I ordered one with a medium nib and a custom grind to a .7mm stub very similar to the Esterbrook Gena nib. It writes so smoothly and creates a beautiful line. This pen can hold an amazing amount of ink. I highly recommend this pen to anyone who loves Leonardo Officina products especial if you like oversize pens. It is lovely. Thank you, AppelBoom for the opportunity to purchase this beauty and for the custom grind!

  5. English


    Beautiful pen with large size. Write smoothly and consistently. Large ink capacity. Highly recommended.

  6. English

    Luis Lopes (verified owner)

    I just recently found the Leonardo Officina Italiana pens, and the deep I go, the more satisfy I am with the beauty, quality and writing performance of these pens.
    The Furore Grande Blue Hawaii is 10th in my collection and I am sure will not be the last.

  7. English


    Extraordinario plumín, No rasca, ni se producen cortes o saltos en el flujo de tinta. Ideal para el uso cotidiano, con largas sesiones de escritura. No se cansa la mano y la ergonomía es perfecta.
    Además la pluma tiene una tonalidades de azul muy bonitas.
    Totalmente recomendable.

  8. English

    Philippe (verified owner)

    Beautiful pen, great quality. The fine steel nib is perfectly tuned. Warmly recommended.

  9. English

    Daniel (verified owner)

    The Leonardo Furore Grande Blue Hawaii is a nice looking pen for medium and bigger hands. The “Blue Hawaii” resin is a beautiful mis of dark and light blue stripes as well as sand colored stripes that evoke the feeling of a beach in Hawaii. The stripes are not just plain color, but have an interesting structure to it.

    The “Blue Hawaii” material is also available on the regular Momento Zero model. I prefer this over the “Dark Hawaii” that is available on the Momento Zero Grande.

    Color-matching inks would be for example: Leonardo Blue (which I’m currently using) or Diamine Florida Blue for a ligther Blue.

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