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The Leonardo Furore Aquapetra combines the charm of the sea and the uniqueness of the amethyst gemstone, creating a mix of fresh shades and elegance at the same time.

The Leonardo Officina Italiana Furore collection is honouring the colors of the Amalfi Coast landscapes, where the Italian pen company is based. It is a magic place, where land and sea meet each other, so beautiful and fascinating that takes your heart, with bright and strong colors. The vintage look of its shape recalls the old classics, rounded at ends, well balanced both when capped or posted.

The fountain pen has a stainless steel or 14ct gold nib in different sizes and uses the standard international cartridge/converter filling mechanism (converter included).

And the story goes on… A family tradition. Leonardo Officina Italiana is a forge, a laboratory where experience and craftsmanship are mixed giving life to “pleasure”, the pleasure of writing. Over 45 years of experience in the field of writing instruments, handed down from father to son, from generation to generation. Today Leonardo Officina Italiana works on emotional and vintage projects, taking up the old loading systems, the materials and the working techniques that once characterized the craft of the craftsman. The Leonardo pens have a soul, a human warmth that only passion can give. The fountain pen carved into the material is certainly this detail that differentiates us on the world market. Each Leonardo collection is hand made in Italy.

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11 reviews for Leonardo Furore Aquapetra RGT Fountain pen

  1. English

    Lianne (verified owner)

    This is a gorgeous pen with a perfect (medium) nib. The colour combination is beautiful, and the pen feels so nice in the hand. I can’t choose between the Furore or the Momento Zero, and I’m glad I don’t have to! Both amazing pens, highly recommend.

  2. English


    Althought I have been trying to be a minimalist, I failed as I just cannot resist the beauty of this pen, It’s my fisrt Leonardo pen. I heard a lot aobut this brand,
    I decided to have a go. I love the beauty of this pen from the appearance to its function. Then I ordered another two Leonardo from Appelboom as I just love your service. I told myself, no more! But… who knows?

  3. English

    Peter Mylchreest (verified owner)

    OK, full disclosure: I’m not the biggest fan of this particular pen shape, preferring that of the Momento Zero. However, when I saw this material on screen I was completely spellbound and it was in my basket in seconds. In real life it is even more beautiful. A quality pen, supplied quickly and without fuss, I could just stare at it all day!

  4. English

    christopher selby

    This is my second Leonardo Furore and third Leonardo over all. It writes beautifully and looks stunning. Best value for money on the market.

  5. English

    Corinne Ewan (verified owner)

    First, I love the look of the pen. The colors are slightly muted compared to the pics on this page, but it’s gorgeous in person. It’s a delightfully smooth, wet writer with just the tiniest hint of feedback so you do lose control while writing. I thought the taper on the barrel might be uncomfortable or cause my grip to slip but I have not found this to be the case at all. My grip is very comfortable and secure and the threads are smooth if you like to hold your pens further back. It’s a fantastic pen, that I think is just the right size for all hand sizes and I think it’s a great price for the quality of the materials and attention to detail that Leonard puts into their pens.

  6. English

    Peter Mylchreest (verified owner)

    Leonardo never fail to impress me.

    I admit I am usually a Momento Zero fan but this iteration of the Furore model just screamed “Buy Me!”.

    From the moment I opened the box it was love at first sight. A beautiful pen that writes like a dream following the free Tune & Smooth service offered by Appelboom.

    Fantastic product, fantastic service.

  7. English

    Tony Proctor (verified owner)

    This Furore’s resin is reminiscent of beautiful coastal waters (aqua) over precious stone (petra). In bright sunlight the colors seem less saturated but in most lighting situations the photo on the Appelboom site represents the pen well. My young niece said it looked like a mermaid 🙂 The deep amethyst purple in the resin is more prominent either in my pen… or perhaps all pens when seen in person. The Furore is a great size pen with a classic design that will be comfortable in most hand sizes. The pen is well balanced whether posted or unposted. It is good to have the option of rose gold plating on this model because it compliments the resin well. This is a newer model Furore that has the thinner styled clip and has the engraving and number on the back of the cap. This is a well designed and beautiful representative of Its home country.

  8. English

    Michael Beer

    Not only is the Leonardo pen superb, but the execution of the order by Appelboom is very pleasant with a very good communications.
    They deliver the pen in perfect condition. The Stroopwafel are also helpful.

  9. English

    Massimo CARBONE

    It was love at first sight with this pen, but it was through a series of photo. When it arrived physically on my desk, yes, definitely, pictures corresponded to reality. Having already other Leonardos, I was not surprise in noticing that the pen sits great in hand and the nib, although a steel one, is very pleasant. I chose a stub 1.1 which makes this beautifully designed pen even more original.
    The material has definitely a charming effect, especially when you rotate the pen in good light conditions. Last but not least, the ratio quality/price is excellent,.

  10. English


    Amazing look of the body with exceptional nib. The combo of colors is unique and nothing similar available on the market. Even non fountain pen people have noticed the pen and asked about it!

  11. English

    Sarah in Massachusetts (verified owner)

    This is a beautiful color, and might be my favorite steel nib ever. Even in a fine, it’s beautifully wet and smooth. So pleased with this purchase.

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