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The Lamy Z55 14kt Gold nib is suitable for all the Lamy fountain pens that has a stainless steel/gold nib (except for the 2000). The nib slides smooth on the feed of the fountain pen for easy replacement of the damaged nib.

Lamy is an independent family-owned enterprise which was established in 1930 by , former Parker employee, C. Josef Lamy in Heidelberg. The Lamy brand has existed since 1952 and proved its innovative prowess in the very first year with the completely novel Lamy 27 fountain pen series. And in 1966 the distinctive style of Lamy Design was born with the Lamy 2000.

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9 reviews for Lamy Z55 14kt Gold Nib

  1. SAURAV SHARMA (verified owner)

    Lamy z55 M GOLD NIB is good gold nib with bit of bounce ans softness.It is different from Lamy steel nibs which are good nibs but hard as a nail. The gold nib writes a bit wetter and thicker too.All in all a nice addition to my fountain pen collection.

  2. Gabriel Fell

    a Nice addition to the old and reliable Lamy Safary. a little bit overpriced.

  3. Jean Francois (verified owner)

    The LAMY GOLD NIBS are a great discovery! They are agreeably wet, they write smoothly, they give some bounce and feedback, they even give some line variation.
    Since they are separately available, I have mounted a LAMY Z55 GOLD NIB on all my LAMY PENS, they give a totally new and wonderful writing experience. They are so great that for my daily work, I use only my LAMY PENS!

  4. Anonymous

    Smooth writing. Great shipping!

  5. Pratya Rujiralai (verified owner)

    I replaced this nib on my Lx. Its smooth and wet flow than Lx nib.
    Love it when used with sheen ink, the line variant is beautiful.

  6. Thomas Hoats

    I purchased a Z55 EF gold nib to replace an F steel nib. A gold nib writes wetter than a steel nib does. Consequently an EF nib produces a line that is nearly the width of a steel F nib, which is the perfect width for me. The gold nib lays down enough ink to show the true color of whatever I am using, while the steel nib leaves a washed out line. There is a slight amount of bounce with the gold nib that makes writing with it a pleasure. I am very happy with my Z55 gold nib purchase, it is easily worth the purchase price.

  7. Greg (verified owner)

    Got two of these from Appelboom. They exceeded my expectations. The nibs write with silky smoothness, generous ink flow, and have a nice springy feel

  8. Steph

    This nib definitely is a classy upgrade to any Lamy pen. It‘s springy and gives a sliding feeling while writing. Very nice! Also thanks for Applebooms great customer service and nib customisation.

  9. Shana (verified owner)

    I ordered the EF nib and got a nib that produces a medium-sized line. Very frustrating. I am not sure how Lamy could allow this level of nib inconsistency for such a price point. Buyer beware.

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