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The extraordinary Lamy Imporium Titanium Fountain pen boasts an exciting combination of functional design, sturdy structure and first-class materials, all beautifully finished with the use of top quality PVD coatings. This combination gives the Lamy Imporium Titanium Fountain pen its unmistakable appearance and produces a luxurious feel when writing.

Lamy is an independent family-owned enterprise which was established in 1930 by , former Parker employee, C. Josef Lamy in Heidelberg. The Lamy brand has existed since 1952 and proved its innovative prowess in the very first year with the completely novel Lamy 27 fountain pen series. And in 1966 the distinctive style of Lamy Design was born with the Lamy 2000.

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, , , , ,

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Extra Fine (EF), Fine (F), Medium (M), Broad (B), Oblique Broad (OB), Oblique Medium (OM)

3 reviews for Lamy Imporium Titanium Fountain pen

  1. English

    Dennis Jose Delgado

    It had a very lovely and streamlined design. Also, it’s a bit hefty, so I use it unposted, even if my hand is big. The nib is so smooth and never goes dry! Simply amazing! Thank you, Appellboom! Loving it!

  2. English


    The Imporium is a very well made, high-quality pen. If you like the design, as I do, and you like the Lamy gold nibs, then it’s well worth it. My only nit is that I wish the pen were either a little bit longer, or posted deeper and more securely, as it’s a little short for my large hands. Otherwise, I love it.

  3. English

    Olivier Boulvin (verified owner)

    I like the design, the feeling in hand and the nice soft nib.
    I chosed the oblique medium and I must say it’s a pleasure to write with.
    Very good pen!

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