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In 1966, the 2000 was designed for Lamy by Gerd A. Müller (who may be most famous for his Braun electric shaver design), and reflected a revived postwar Bauhaus school centered in Ulm, Germany. This limited edition of Titanium was produced in 2009.

The 2000’s barrel and cap are made from a lightweight, durable fiberglass-reinforced polycarbonate resin from Bayer known as Makrolon. They have a brushed texture that resists fingerprints and grime, as well as providing a secure grip. The texture also helps to make the seams virtually invisible where the filler knob and the point unit attach to the barrel. The material also ages relatively gracefully.

Lamy is an independent family-owned enterprise which was established in 1930 by , former Parker employee, C. Josef Lamy in Heidelberg. The Lamy brand has existed since 1952 and proved its innovative prowess in the very first year with the completely novel Lamy 27 fountain pen series. And in 1966 the distinctive style of Lamy Design was born with the Lamy 2000.

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44 reviews for Lamy 2000 Black Fountain pen

  1. English

    Michał (verified owner)

    I bought the Lamy 2000 with a fine nib few months ago. The nib is a hidden masterpiece with an old German style grind, which is very pleasant for the eye. It performs great, never skips. The only downside is that it is a very wet writer and more on the medium line width. It can be an issue causing bleedthrough on cheap copy paper, otherwise it writes smoothly. The body of the pen is a warm to the touch makrolon and it is quite robust (I have already dropped it on a sidewalk by accident and it left only a small scratch).
    I love just about everything about this pen and I feel it will be my long time companion.
    Also, I would like to thank Appelboom for an excellent customer service, great packaging and overall great buying experience.

  2. English

    Hiten (verified owner)

    Amazing Pen!! At Appelboom it is available at the best price. I don’t think anywhere else you will get it at this price.
    The product deliver also very good. I received the pen in 3 days after it was shipped.

    Anyone looking to buy this pen must check here first!

  3. English

    Darryl Jones (verified owner)

    This is a great pen. I now have 3 – one stainless steel, one medium nib, and now a fine nib. It might be the only fountain pen you’ll ever need, and if you only ever buy one fountain pen, this is probably the one to get. The pen arrived from Appelboom amazingly quickly, within a few days of the order. I couldn’t be happier.

  4. English


    I tried my 2000, and I decided to buy one for my collection. Now when is my possession it become my daily writer. Since 1997 I use my Pelicans in daily basis but this Lamy 2000 with EF nib is absolutely amazing. The second reason I’m in love with that pen is that it was produced in the same year as me, 1966!

  5. English

    Shreyas Gupta (verified owner)

    No one can go wrong with this pen’s order.

  6. English


    Wonderful pen. Also very competitively priced by Appelboom. The build quality is excellent. Also dealing with Appelboom was a pleasure. From the time the order was placed till i received the pen communication from Appelboom was prompt. They responded to all my queries patiently. Definitely recommend Appelboom.

  7. English

    R. Kim (verified owner)

    Fountain pen with a timeless design from 1966. I love how it looks, feels, and writes.

  8. English


    This understated classically designed pen has an exquisite functionality. At first glance it looks like a simple fountain pen. But… the section and the piston grip are seamlessly joined to the barrel. The tapered section’s seamless join to the barrel allows for a long section where people with different sized hands can grip the pen, the brushed surface allows the pen to be held without slipping. It also holds a lot of ink. More, the pen is beautifully light weighted so that it can be used posted or unposed without back weighting the pen. Yet, the best thing for me is the 14k (m) nib which writes very wet and oh so smooth (like no other pen). I bought this pen as a gift for someone else; I was so impressed I am going to buy one for me.

  9. English

    Ruchika Goel

    It is a cult pen best in this price range. Finishing and nib is awesome. If you can must add this into your collection. Just remember that this pen take only bottled ink

  10. English

    Armando (verified owner)

    After much research I decided to buy the M nib option of this pen. My writing is on the smaller side, but I have a tendency to rotate my pens after a few sentences. Therefore, I thought that a M nib would help me stay in the good graces of the lamy 2000 “sweet spot” people talk about. Honestly, this pen is very forgiving and not once have I rotated the pen while writing to the extent where there are issues with the writing.

    The weight of the pen is marvelous, fits perfectly in a pants pocket. I am a student, and the high ink capacity has been very appreciated. Looking to purchase another one with EF nib very soon!

  11. English

    Lau Yan Wai

    My third Lamy 2000; my first two being a broad and extra-fine. The medium nib is a dream to write with. Glassy smooth, and lays down a wet saturated line. Piston and smooth and functional. Everything about this pen just works. Aa perfect everyday carry.

    Also, excellent service and fast shipping from Appelboom. Pen arrived half way across the world in tiptop condition in short order.

  12. English

    Hari  Gopalan (verified owner)

    I like this pen and think it has a good build quality at a decent price.
    The one thing I would like future potential purchasers to keep in mind is with regards to the nib size. I bought an EF tip and wish I would have bought a ‘F’. Err on the side of the larger size 🙂

  13. English

    Terence Tan (verified owner)

    I purchased the Lamy 2000 with fine gold nib after researching this pen online. I like how solidly made this pen is. No creaky joints and the finish is literally seamless.. I noticed that though the pen looks compact, it doesn’t feel small in hand. The issue some online reviewers have with this pen is the so-called small sweet spot of the nib. I find that it’s not that the sweet spot is small, but rather that it’s easy to inadvertently rotate the pen when I start writing. I think this is because the nib is largely hidden so it’s hard to see nib rotation without looking closely. The pen itself is round so you can’t tell rotation by feel. The trick is to feel for the small steel springs that hold the cap to align the pen to avoid rotating the pen.

    The writing experience is smooth and wet without being too wet. The gold nib is slightly springy which I like. The piston filling just exudes class and holds a good amount of ink. I am very happy with this purchase.

  14. English

    Eleanor R (verified owner)

    I was given this pen as a gift by my son. It is a streamlined piece that is a good writer. It takes time to figure out how to hold the pen to get the effect I want. It has been fun to use and I enjoy using it. I can see how this pen has been in MOMA for many years.

  15. English

    Daniel R (verified owner)

    I purchased this pen, as it is a classic in a gold nib. It is a wet writer and writes beautifully. I asked for the pen to be tuned and smoothed and all I can say is wow! It has a very understated look but captivating all the same. It is on the light side but long writing sessions are quite easy. I do not get as much line variation as I hoped but I do get some. I would describe this as a springy nib and provides pleasant feedback. It was a good purchase and Joost is a wonderful person from which to buy.

  16. English


    Absolute topper! De klassieke tijdloze vulpen die ik iedereen kan aanraden. Mooi design en Ergonomisch zeer comfortabel om mee te schrijven.

    Ik heb deze pen met een broad nib besteld. Deze schrijft “rijkelijk”, daarom raad ik de medium nib aan voor dagelijks gebruik

  17. English

    Johnny Hu (verified owner)

    The Lamy 2000 is the perfect workhorse pen. The piston operates smoothly and carries enough ink for a very long writing session. As for the writing, the nib performs without any issues and writes smoothly.

  18. English

    Vinod Rajan (verified owner)

    Undoubtedly, the Lamy 2000 is an iconic writing instrument and has stood the test of time since its launch in 1966. I got the Lamy 2000 EF from Appelboom during the Fountain Pen Day sale. The transaction was smooth, and the delivery was super quick. The pen arrived in a neatly packed box with some stroopwafels which was a surprise! The pen itself is packed in Lamy black gift box along with the warranty card. Out of the box, my pen writes smooth and glides on paper. I am simply loving it. Thanks to Joost and his team for providing such a great service. It’s a 5 on 5 from me!

  19. English

    Bertrand Addor

    Being pretty new to fountain pens, I was intrigued at first by the hooded nib, I did not like it that much. But I decided to give it a try after reading several reviews. It proved to be a good choice.
    The balance and the weight (neither too light nor to heavy) make the pen comfortable to write with for prolonged periods, without tiring the hand. The grip section is good too, the “small ears” are not a problem for me.
    The pen has written perfectly out of the box, it glides smoothly even on average quality paper. The ink flow is excellent, rather on the wet side. The medium nib is a generous one, tending to be broad, it is apt to emphasize the qualities and properties of the ink used.
    I recommend this great quality pen at a fair price.

    Excellent service from Appelboom, I will be a return customer.

  20. English


    Simply one of the best pens out there. I was dubious upon reading the reviews about it, and it took me a long time to buy my first 2000, I then bought three more… This is not the flashiest pen but once uncapped,, it’s a beautiful shape. It is light, holds plenty of ink, is comfortable to use (no, you won’t feel the little “ears” holding the cap in place), is easy to disassemble and fully clean. I also own the steel version but ultimately found it a tad heavy for everyday use.
    I shall add that Lamy offers second-to-none customer service, probably one of the best in the industry. It’s like owning a Rolls-Royce, minus the price.
    On a final note, always a pleasure dealing with Appelboom, very responsive and helpful. It’s my fourth purchase with them.

  21. English

    Martin Daly

    I already own the Stainless Steel version of the 2000 with a med nib.
    The Makrolon version is a much nicer version due to it being lighter, with a perfect balance. I bought the fine nib this time as I found the previous medium to be too wide. It writes buttery smooth , gliding across the paper. Appelboom were very prompt in responding to all my correspondence, and the my order arriving sooner than I had hoped for . It was my first order from Appleboom and I most certainly shall order again.

  22. English

    Michael (verified owner)

    Ik heb even twee maanden gewacht met het schrijven van een review; even kijken hoe het na de wittebroodsweken. Daar kan ik heel kort over zijn; fijnste pen die ik tot nu toe heb gehad. Heerlijk smooth en de pen ligt erg prettig in de hand. Overtreft mijn verwachtingen.
    Ik betrap mezelf erop dat ik zoveel mogelijk ermee wil schrijven. Boodschappenlijstjes worden ineens een feest. Dikke aanrader.

  23. English

    Paul Kruisinga

    There are a lot of reviews about this pen. All written and said about is pen is correct. cool design and less is more, writes great, workhorse, worth every penny.

    If you are looking for a good looking pen with a gold nib for daily work (and more) you can’t go wrong. I bought one with a Fine nib, as all my other pens are with a medium nib

    Should have bought one earlier.

  24. English

    Robert J McNally

    When my wife gave me this pen for our 10th anniversary, I was ecstatic. There smoothness of even the finest nib was awe inspiring, the sleekness where I can grip it anywhere comfortably is genius, and the ease of filling and cleaning is to easy. I’m already considering buying another, and I NEVER buy two of one type of pen. God bless you for reading

  25. English


    This is a tough, no-nonsense, and timeless pen build for the purpose of writing very well.

  26. English

    Geraldine Gonzales

    The Lamy 2000 is my first “expensive” pen. Bought in 2016 it remains one of my favorites because of the simple yet elegant design, durability, huge ink capacity and beautiful writing experience. Highly recommended every fountain pen lover should have one.

  27. English


    I’ve owned this pen for about 5 years now and i still think it is beautiful, it truly is one of the best fountain pens you can get for classic looks and consistent performance!

  28. English


    How do you rate something that is designed to not be ‘flash,’ that values function over format?

    By it’s own criteria. This pen is a reliable writer that does EVERYTHING it is designed to do well.

    DESIGN: bauhaus inspired simplicity with continuous lines has lasted over 50 year’s (1966). I enjoy the Makrolons’ feel, the precision, and its silver/black contrasts.

    QUALITY: I have only had my pen for 3 years at this point but it has held up easily with periods of daily use. The nib is consistent and the body is tough, resisting detectable marring. The piston will need maintenance at some point but there are many videos online and the pen appears fairly easy to disassemble and reassemble.

    OVERALL: Daily writer that can escape notice from afar, and feel special every time I pick it up. Good value for me and my use case.

  29. English

    Le Bouffon Pennen

    I got this pen for Christmas after seeing all of the hype, and now I see why! The pen is one of the best writing in my collection and quickly became my EDC. Thank you!

  30. English

    Rabbani Rosli

    What else to say about this amazing pen that hasn’t already been said? I am one to use an eastern fine / western extra fine, these sizes are quite notorious for being scratchy and have a tad more feedback than one might like. I own TWO in , so far it has been nothing but buttery smooth!

    The hooded nib allows for the design of the body to be thicker towards the middle, while being thinner towards the ends, allowing people of different hand sizes, different grips, to be able to hold the pen however they like, comfortably! PLUS points for ergonomics!

    Writing experience aside, did I mention the body is made from freaking Makrolon? It feels amazing in the hand, very warm to the touch, the brushed finish gives the body a little bit of texture which I enjoy very much. It really feels nothing short of premium.

    Overall, I think it’s cheap enough for someone who wants to venture in to the realm of gold nibs, yet getting a lot more premium features than the price would suggest.

  31. English

    Jérémie (verified owner)

    This pen is a pure delight for every day use. The nib (OM) is very smooth, wet and very nice and comfortable to use when use to the “sweet spot” with beautiful lines variation. A simple, timeless and elegant design, a true classic! The quality is irreproachable. Overall, I think this pen is more pleasant to use than some of my more expensive pens. I definitely recommend this pen without any hesitation!

  32. English


    The Lamy 2000 is a work of pure engineering and function. The balance on the pen is perfect and the feel in the hand is magnificent. It is light, but heavy enough to feel like you have a quality instrument in your hands. The ink window is very subtle, but does it’s job well. The piston filler is quite smooth and the tolerances of the turning know are so minute that you can barely see that it’s even there! The metal section in the front of the pen really makes for a comfortable writing experience (from a weight and grip perspective; helps to balance the pen and the brushed stainless steel does not get slippery). The design is an appropriate, understated, and classy look for any occasion. Lastly, even though the nib was not as fine as I was expecting, it wrote perfectly out of the box and is very smooth for an EF nib. This is definitely a workhorse pen for those who need something that will get the job done in style.

  33. English


    The Lamy 2000 is the least attention grabbing iconic pen to have in your daily carry. It’s the pen you’d want to show off to those who understand, while remaining discreet to those who don’t. It stealthily boasts of an amazing writing performance, impeccable build quality, and a luxuriously solid feel. The price? It’s the best in its range.

  34. English

    Peter Valk

    Het design van deze pen doet me niet zo veel maar de pen schrijft geweldig. Goede inkttoevoer en super soepele penpent. In andere reviews heb ik gelezen over een kleine sweet spot maar ik heb daar niets van gemerkt. Voor mij is de hele penpunt een sweet spot.

  35. English

    Jip van Kuijk (verified owner)

    A great pen with a great nib, it has a tight/small sweet spot but it’s an extremely smooth writer. A highly recommended pen for daily use! It holds quite a lot of ink, so no need to fill it up often.

    It’s also VERY affordable and a great pen with a gold nib for an amazing price.

  36. English


    The Lamy 2000 FP is an understated classic. The medium 14K nib is smooth and pleasant but the piston is not the best. It was sluggish out of the box and needed a bit of silicone to tweak. The Lamy 2000 is a daily workhorse pen that does the job quietly and efficiently. I am looking forward to purchasing the Lamy 2000 in the fine or EF nib.

  37. English

    Jan Smetsers

    I already owned a Lamy 2000 with an EF nib. As the Lamy 2000, together with the Pelikan Souveran M800, is my favourite pen I also wanted one with a F nib. This pen really is top class, not only in performance but also in design.
    Every fountainpen enthousiast should own one!

  38. English


    Absolutely love this pen! Butter smooth BB nib, glides over paper like the hover board from back tot he future. Thanx to appelboom, all my pen buying experiences have been phenomenal.

  39. English

    Kunal Gupta

    Ordered the Lamy 2000 from Mr.Joost and he was very quick to ship.
    The nib is pretty soft considering its of 14K Gold. Its a dream writer at this cost. A must have as an everyday writer.

  40. English

    Aman Agrawal (verified owner)

    Lamy 2000 with Broad nib .Smooth,elegant and unparellel. इसके जैसा कोई नही ।बेहतरीन और लाजवाब हमेशा ।

  41. English

    Arnab Sarkar

    If you are in the world of fountain pen then probably you have heard the name of it. This pen introduced in 1960, is still so fresh and versatile. From design to writing quality it is just phenomenal.

  42. English

    Daniel Duclos (verified owner)

    Lamy 2000 has stood the test of time. Streamlined iconic Bauhaus design, nice writer and not that expensive for a piston filler gold nib pen. Despite its quirks, it is a great pen and worth the investment.


    – Timeless Design, understated and elegant.
    – Smooth reliable nib, pleasant to use
    – Makrolon body warms to the touch
    – Well balanced in hand, posted or unposted.
    – Easy to disassemble and maintain
    – Hooded nib keeps it wet and ready to write
    – Excellent price / quality ratio


    – Yes, there is a narrow sweet spot to this pen. You need to write the way the pen wants you to write, and not the other way around.
    – Ink windows are not that practical, but better than none, I guess.
    – Section can be a little slippery, I hold it near the "ears", little metal clips on the side that click when you cap the pen (it is a slip cap).

  43. English

    Jan Smetsers (verified owner)

    I bought this pen with an Extra Fine nib as I write quite small. This turned out to be the perfect choice for me.
    The Lamy 2000 fountain pen is a real pleasure to write with as it writes really smooth. It fits my hand perfectly (average size) and the design is iconic. Strongly recommended!

  44. English

    Ruud Gras (verified owner)

    I bought the Lamy 2000 with a fine nib some month’s ago. I was a bit worried about a sweet spot I read about. But using the pen is a real joy. The pen is sturdy, easy to fill and it writes like a dream. So I am very~happy using the Lamy 2000.

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