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Kyo-no-oto fountain pen inks are made in Kyoto Japan. They are crafted according traditional Japanese dyeing techniques. The Kyo-no-oto ink colors are traditional Japanese ink colors that has been used since Heian era, roughly 1000 years ago, which are the expression of its rich history and profound culture for a long time. The water-based Kyo-no-oto fountain pen ink comes in 5 different colors in 40ml ink bottles.

Nureba-iro has been used for the name that represents a women’s glossy black hair just like feather of crow.

Imayou-iro is a safflower red color that had been getting attention in Heian era which means what Japanese ancestors called ‘modern color’. It had been preferred by women

Koke-iro was made being inspired by one of the Japanese aesthetics ‘Wabisabi’. It is located in the garden of Kyoto with the glimpse of culture of Kyoto.

Yamabuki is the plant rosaceae kerria genus. This color means a brilliant red tinged gold just like Yamabuki. This color has been used since ancient times.

Moon floating in the dark sky, the Kyoto city with silent moonlight. Aonibi is the combination between pale black and indigo. It represents dignified atmosphere in the deep pale night sky.

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4 reviews for Kyo no oto Ink – Ink Bottles (7 colors)

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    Love these inks! Aonobi is a powdery indigo colour whereas Urahairo is more of a blue grey. Both are good shades and beautifully subtle which is to my taste. I have heard that some find them a bit dry in use but so far it is not my experience (in a Custom 823) with no hard starts or skipping/flow issues. I am a sucker for packaging design and really love the box and art work on these.

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    Guus Balster

    This ink is named after the colour of Adzuki beans.
    It is a beautiful quality ink in a stunning dark red burgundy/ wine colour.

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    This is a well performing ink in a very pleasing, soft, medium blue color. Lots of shading. One of my most preferred blue inks. Relatively good value.

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    Davoud Rafatjah (verified owner)

    I tried a sample of the above mentioned inks and here are my impressions.Paper: Clairefontaine and Tomoegawa (traveler’s notebook 013 on Appelboom). Temperature 24-27°c.Pens: Kaweco dia2 M, Montblanc 1912 F. platinum 3776 M.The ink is on the dry side but is very well lubricated, so it runs very smoothly on those papers. Drying time is good. Dry ink means less ink so less time for drying. No feathering or ghosting or bleed through witnessed. No Sheen either: the colors are crisp. No water resistance= easy flushing and cleaning.
    Kyo-no-oto Ink Aonibi is my new favorite blue-grey. I can’t get enough and it will be in my next order. Similar colors are rare. Sailor ink studio # 340 and #341. Sailor Souboukou. Diamine Prussian blue, indigo, denim, i don’t own the diamines so i am not sure.

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