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The KWZ standard inks are based only on dyes that are easily soluble in water. The result is that the ink does not have virtually no water resistance. The KWZ ink comes in 60ml glass ink bottles and is available in 40 colors.

KWZ (pronounced Ka Veh Zeh) Ink is a small company that produces handmade fountain pen inks and is based in Poland. It all started for Konrad Żurawski as a hobby in 2012 with producing iron-gall inks and now there are over 100 different inks available!

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21 reviews for KWZ Standard Ink – Ink Bottles (40 colors)

  1. English

    Dennis Wang

    I recent ordered the kwz honey ink and received a courtesy email from the company that it was not in stock but they have put the order in and very thoughtfully sent me an email to informed me and asked whether I would like to have alternate color or not.

  2. English

    Mieknouw (verified owner)

    First of all, I love “wet” inks. They just write smoother. These ink’s (and I almost have all standard inks of KWZ) are “wet”, have a good colour, some with good shading, no shimmer. In my Mont Blanc and Onoto pen’s its the best ink. The bottles are big and wide, which makes it easier to refill the converter. Its a very good value for money!

  3. English

    V Ganesh (verified owner)

    Realise I’m late to the party but this a such a lovely ink – versatile color and shades like a dream. I’ve inked up some of my more challenging “dry” pens with this ink and it makes them so much more pleasurable to write with (example – Pelikan M200 with an EF nib)!

  4. English


    Leuke speelse kleur inkt die je in het dagelijks gebruik ook kunt gebruiken. Het goud is vrij subtiel aanwezig. De groene kleur is geen standaard groen, maar een beetje grijs wat meer neigt naar de groene kleur. Al met al een leuke inkt.

  5. English


    Recent heb ik 2 KWZ standaard kleuren toegevoegd aan mijn assortiment. De KWZ inkten zijn super van structuur en kleurstelling. Daarbij is de flow uit elk van mijn pennen heel erg goed. Terwijl mijn Mont Blanc een drogere flow heeft, wordt ook deze vulpen beter door KWZ inkt. Mijn nieuwe Onoto Scholar Rosso heeft dezelfde kleur als de KWZ grapefruit en ook hierbij is de inkt perfect voor de nib.

  6. English

    T.L. Wright-Brickhouse

    Absolutely pleased. The smell is perfect and so is the color. The ink is very well behaved. I didn’t expect to like it this much. I purchased another color of KWZ ink many moons ago and the bottle came cracked (didn’t discover until much later) and it was always sooooo messy filling my pens. I thought it was the ink and never purchased another bottle until now. I must say I am not disappointed and will be adding many more colors of this brand to my collection.

  7. English

    Rizwan Bashir

    Grapefruit – this is a lovely Orange Red colour, I am not a big fan of pure red but this colour is the perfect combination of both,

  8. English


    I believe KWZ inks are one of the best. I like the design: a big bottle with a large opening which makes it easy to refill my pen.
    KWZ is also a “wet” ink. It write perfect in all my pen’s from Mont Blanc to Onoto to Montegrappa. I have now several colors and I want to collect all of them. At this moment my favourites are: Thiefs Red and Cappuccino.

  9. English

    Leo (verified owner)

    Very wet flow that can keep up with flex nibs. And smells good too!

  10. English

    Aneel (verified owner)

    Seeing Old Gold in a review years back I instantly took a liking to it. I feel it it to be more of a dark mustard; the expensive kind of mustard. It shades really well, and will look great with a springy to flex nib. It has become one of my favorite inks.

  11. English


    Bright and refreshing ink, similar to Marine. I like the color very much.

  12. English


    A beautiful purple ink with a sweet name: Gummiberry.
    Flows nicely in my TWSBI Eco (F). A joy to look at too in the transparent pen.

  13. English

    Friedrich (verified owner)

    This is a nice ink. KWZ has a lot of blues and this is a good one–it’s rich, a little turquoise, looks really good on the page.

  14. English

    Katja Engelkamp

    See my other review for general compliments about KWZ inks.
    I was looking for a real good turquoise for 2 years. Most of the turquoise inks happen to be too light and too shady (or too much outline) for my taste. I ‘needed’ a more saturated turquoise that wasn’t too blue or too green and this is the one! Very happy that I found it!

  15. English

    Katja Engelkamp

    I am a huge fan of KWZ inks. Online the vibrant colors, the absolute great bottles (every nib fits in), however I managed to knock one over once, the viscosity / flow is absolutely fantastic and I’m one of those that love the typical smell of the inks.

    This color is spot on. I looked for ‘the perfect green’ for my Scribo Feel Verde Prato for 1,5 year and this is it. The color is a great match and the shading is beautiful. I’m very happy with this ink.

  16. English

    Jill Bonneau

    I purchased several bottles of KWZ and have loved every one. Grapefruit is my absolute favorite with Grey Plum coming in a close second. The flow is good no matter which pen I ink up with it from one of my vintage Parkers to a Montegrappa. I will be adding more to my collection of inks soon.

  17. English

    Friedrich (verified owner)

    KWZ Azure #3 is a very good blue–a rich, medium shade, without the strong purple or teal undertones of some bluee inks. Not blue-black, not a light blue, but somewhere in between. If you are looking for a classic blue, this one is a good choice. Note that the ink does have a relatively long dry time.

  18. English

    Clement. L

    I own now around 10 different bottles of KWZ’s inks (such as Honey, Walk over the Vistula and grapefruit but never tried their IG series) and I have to admit that for a small scale production “Domowej roboty” their inks are certainly no slouch !

    Very saturated, most of them have a nice shading and overall they’re well behaved inks. The price is very fair given the 60 ml quantity. The opening on these bottles are large enough so that any pen of any size can be dipped in.

    As for the vanilla smell, some inks are smellier than others, but you really need to put your nose over the page to smell it on the paper, and it tends to disappear few days after the ink has dried.
    Don’t shy away from these inks because of their humdrum labeling, they’re really worth the money.

  19. English

    Alastair Moore (verified owner)

    Warsaw Dreaming is a wonderful black, it doesn’t give you the hard black that you get from some inks but this is more of soft black. I’ve tested it in a number of pens and across many different papers and the results have always been good.

    Thief’s Red is currently my favourite red; like it’s a nice medium red that’s good for all occasions. It’s more red than the Cherry and if you’re used to the Herbin reds you will find this a stronger colour.

    Grapefruit is a fantastic bright orange, it’s a deep orange, in my opinion its a stronger colour than the Diamine orange but not as deep as the Cult Pens Deep Dark Orange. When it dries it leans towards orange/red with the emphasis on orange.

    All the KWZ inks are excellent quality and value and at the prices charged you can afford to experiment; I would say if you want to try out colours you won’t go wrong with KWZ.

  20. English

    Barbara (verified owner)

    I have both Honey and Green Gold, they write well in my Lamy 2000 M (a rather wet nib). I personally love the vanilla scent but might be a problem for sensitive noses.

  21. English

    Fabio Gasperoni

    KWZ (Maroon #2) is a very well behaved ink and has beautiful colour to it (and a weird odour, though not pungent nor displeasing). It looks somehow like dried blood (but in a good way!). I started using it on a Kaweco Sport BB steel nib, which are said to be slightly dry, and it complements it perfectly being a wet ink in my opinion. Although being a red(dish) colour, it is dark enough to be used as a daily ink, as an alternative to brown/chestnut colours.
    The shading is somewhat like Sailor Jentle ink (Oku-Yama), which is a more reddish color.

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