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The new KWZ ink is called Sheen Machine II, the colour is green with a high red sheen effect visile especially on good quality smooth papers.

The ink has an unique original formulation that secures the pens from clogging despite having very high saturation and concentration of the dyes. The ink is not staining the transparent plastic materials that majority of the pens are made of. The text written by the ink is not sticky (the pages don’t stick to each other), there are no feathiring, bleedthrough or ghosting effects. As all of the standard inks, this is not waterproof one as well.

The KWZ ink comes in 60ml glass ink bottles.

KWZ (pronounced Ka Veh Zeh) Ink is a small company that produces handmade fountain pen inks and is based in Poland. It all started for Konrad Żurawski as a hobby in 2012 with producing iron-gall inks and now there are over 100 different inks available!

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2 reviews for KWZ Ink Sheen Machine II Ink Bottle

  1. K. Iwa

    More difficult to handle than a sheen machine 1.
    Some papers were not sheening. It looked like a dark green.
    I recommend to use good paper.

  2. Leo (verified owner)

    Beautiful sheen that shines on most papers. Flows well and easy to maintain.

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