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Terre d’Ombre is a brown, “burnt earth” colour ink, adorned with fallow tones as well as reddish highlights. Beautifully intense, Jacques Herbin Terre d’Ombre is a sophisticated and warm writing ink.

Without overload or artifice, with a sober and elegant brightness, Jacques Herbin Essentielles inks echo the shades of watercolor colors. They are the accomplices of any amateur or connoisseur of the arts of pen and graphic arts, artists and travelers. The high quality ink made in France comes in a glass bottle of 50ml.

Established in Paris in 1670 —when King Louis XIV was 32 years old— the Maison Herbin initially specialised in the sealing wax, fine stationery and ink trade, and imported shellac from India.

In 1798 the Maison changed tack and put its faith in the future: whilst continuing to produce wax and engage in the paper and color (pigments) trade, it launched production of its own writing ink on the initiative of Jacques Herbin, member of the fourth generation.

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    My long quest for a perfect dark sepia ink may be over. I had found a great dark sepia with the Maruzen Athena Sepia ink but you must order it from Japan and it is getting increasingly expensive to do so. After trying many different sepia inks (e.g. Iroshizuku, Diamine, Sailor, Noodlers, Robert Oster, Lamy, Pelikan, Montegrappa, etc), I have concluded this Herbin Terre d’Ombre comes as close to ideal as I have found. It is a dark sepia with wonderful shading so that it cannot be confused with an almost black ink. Like the other Herbin inks in this collection, it writes very smoothly and does not feather in good paper. Another great sepia ink is the Herbin Caroube de Chypre, which has a slightly more red hue. But the Caroube is a shimmering ink with gold glitter that can clog up fine nibs and not really meant for everyday use. So, the Terre d’Ombre is my choice for everyday use.

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