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The Classic collection by Graf von Faber-Castell is elaborately finished in the unusual combination of fine metals and wood.

The fountain pens, roller-ball pens, propelling pencils and ballpoints in the Graf von Faber-Castell Classic Collection are designed as matchings sets and available in several variants. All four are available in reddish brown Pernambuco wood, matt black ebony, dark brown grenadilla wood or in a platinum-plated version. All three precious woods, i.e. Pernambuco which is normally used for violin bows, the very dark ebony as well as the grenadilla wood are extremely hard and durable, and correspendingly difficult to work. The natural variations in grain and colouring mean that every writing implement made from them is unique.

The fountain pen is equipped with a practical cartridge/converter system and a bicoloured 18-carat gold nib with iridium tip.

In 1761, Kaspar Faber started to produce pencils in Stein, near Nuremberg. When the fourth generation,Baron Lothar von Faber, took over the company in 1839 he turned the pencil into a true quality product and the world’s first branded writing instrument. Over the centuries, he and his descendants created remarkable products. The result is the Graf von Faber-Castell Collection, a range of extraordinary writing instruments and accessories. They embody “Luxury in Simplicity” by combining selected materials, functionality and superb aesthetics.


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3 reviews for Graf von Faber-Castell Classic Wood Pernambuco Fountain pen

  1. Kat S

    Graf Von Faber-Castell’s nibs never disappoint. The pernambuco wood is lovely and the pen has a nice weight to it despite it’s slim profile. The understated elegance of the classic collection design paired with an exquisite writing experience makes this a pen I am very happy to have in my collection.

  2. Sandy Bae

    After reading reviews about the pen’s weight I was a bit worried but with the cap off I find the pen not too heavy. It is pretty thin, but works well with my petite hands. The design is superb as is the packaging.

    Appelboom’s service is again excellent

  3. Robert Lai

    This pen is made to perfection. My fine nib writes as I would expect. Not excessively wide as some other German pens.

    Writing with this pen and its wooden body gives you the feeling of writing with a pencil. Not surprising, as GvFC is a pencil maker. The nib is springy, and interacts with your hand. Ink flow is moderate – not gushing, not dry. Smooth nib with slight feedback – like a pencil. It is comfortable to write with for hours at a stretch. The cap doesn’t let the ink dry out. I left ink in mine for 3 weeks unused, and it still writes instantly.

    For those who complain that there’s no piston filling at this price, just realize that you don’t want to put a rare and precious wood into your ink bottle!

    I love these pens so much that I have another one with the Grenadilla wood.

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