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The Faber-Castell converter is suitable for the Ambition and E-motion collections and other fountain pens that use standard international cartridges.

Faber-Castell aims to provide a pleasurable writing experience for the user by combining attractive designs with functionalism. The innovative writing instruments of Faber-Castell are created from high quality components, with the recurring visual feature of wood most noticeable in their ranges – a feature that symbolises Faber-Castell’s worldwide core competence. Their styles vary from classic to futuristic, simple to more decorative, ensuring that there is a pen to suit everyone’s tastes. We think that these elegant products are particularly suitable as presents. With 250 years experience behind the brand you can be sure you are receiving the highest quality when you purchase a Faber-Castell Design pen.

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16 reviews for Faber-Castell Converter

  1. English


    Works perfectly for me, fits also on my other brand fountain pens, good quality and good price also very quick delivery time.

  2. English

    Aaron Yuen

    It meets all my expectations. I find it difficult to make any complaints about it.

  3. English

    Yuta sakurai (verified owner)

    Very smooth and firmly made converter!!

  4. English

    Pedro Pinto (verified owner)

    This is a really great standard international converter. It has better fit-and-finish than most converters on this price range. The ink flow, as far as I can tell, seems to be very good, absolutely no flow issues. I’ve used it on a Kaweco Dia2 and a F-C Loom and worked perfectly on both.

  5. English

    Nils Oscar Hansson

    A milky plastic converter that fits an work well with my Muji fountain pen. I can recommend it. Price + Performance = Excellent.

  6. English

    Vinod Rajan (verified owner)

    I had ordered this during the sale and it got delivered to me in India within 4-6 weeks. Excellent product and value for money. I enjoy using this with my FC Loom. Thank you Appelboom.

  7. English

    Claudio Bardelle (verified owner)

    I got this converter as the Ambition OpArt’s barrel is that tiny bit too narrow to fit a Pelikan standard converter I had lying around. It does its job perfectly.

  8. English

    Robson Chan (verified owner)

    This is a standard international converter that works on most pens. As mentioned by a few, this converter works on Montblanc Starwalker fountain pens (which Montblanc officially say cartridges only). I bought this for my StarWalker Doué and it fits perfectly.

    That being said, the section on the StarWalker was not designed to be dipped into ink. I recommend filling the converter directly with ink and then insert it into the pen.

  9. English


    Great value converter that fits pens which take the international standard cartridge.

  10. English

    Crescencio  (verified owner)

    This works in Montblanc Starwalkers, 2019 version too. The piston is smooth and works effortlessly. You can grease it with 100% silicon grease if you want to, but it doesn’t really need it.

  11. English

    Jip van Kuijk (verified owner)

    I use the converter in a Montblanc Starwalker 2019.

  12. English

    Jet Jonker (verified owner)

    This converter works great for fountain pens that take standard international cartridges. The only negative I have for it is that with one of the three fountain pens in which I use one of these converters, I needed to put quite a bit of pressure before it fitted onto the pen properly. However, this was only for the first time, and neither of the other two converters had this problem.

  13. English

    Annemieke van Ipenburg (verified owner)

    In een klap een dozijn converters besteld, voor diverse vulpennen. Een prima standaard converter die zonder problemen in de verschillende vulpennen past, ook in de minder bekende merken.

  14. English

    Ivan K (verified owner)

    Using with the same vendor’s pen.
    Need to move back and forth to take the full "tank".

  15. English

    Jolanda Rosmalen – Werts (verified owner)

    Een goede converter voor gebruik in bijna alle vulpennen die standaard internationale vullingen gebruiken Goed, stevig en gemaakt om jarenlang probleemloos te gebruiken.

    A good converter to be used in almost all fountainpens that work with standard international cartridges. No flimsy materials and this converter will last for years,

  16. English

    Michael (verified owner)

    If you’re looking for a solid standard international converter, the Faber Castell converter is a great choice. It seems to be a very standard Schmidt K2 converter, and has served me very well.

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