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The Edison Collier Garolite is a special edition made with laminated glass-reinforced thermoset composite. Many people will want to call this G10. But G10 is a specific type of Garolite. There are G7, G9, G10, G11, and many other types with differing qualities. This is CE Garolite. But for the purposes of a pen, there will be no functional differences in the various types of Garolite.

Garolite is typically used for circuit boards. But most people know of its use for knife handles or gun stock handles, since it is very stable, very durable, and extremely wear resistant. It typically patinas to a darker color, leading to some nice character over the long term.

Along with this excellent wear resistance, Garolite is also lightweight. This Garolite version of the Edison Collier is about 3 grams heavier than an acrylic version (26g vs 29g), so there really isn’t a perceptible difference.

The Edison Pen Co. Collier is a no-nonsense cigar-shaped pen, with a very distinct exlamation mark clip.

The Edison Pen Company was founded by Brian and Andrea Gray in 2007 and named after the inventor Thomas Alva Edison, who was from the same city as the Grays. What started out as a self-taught production process on a manual metal lathe, has grown to become one of the biggest US fountain pen brands.

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