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The Diplomat Excellence A pens are one of Diplomat’s premium writing instruments of stately presence and generous proportions.

The Excellence A collection features several editions with Guilloch rhombus, Guilloch black with chrome, Guilloch chrome, Marrakesh, Black laque with polished chrome or gold plated accents, complete chrome pen, a black laque pen with chrome cap, Lapis matt black, or the Saphire blue pen.

The Excellence A fountain pens have a steel nib (several sizes) or you can choose a 14 kt gold bicolor nib (several sizes). The pen uses cartridges or a converter. 

Since 1922, the name Diplomat has stood for sophisticated writing instruments. Driven by excellence in quality and a spirit of innovation the manufacture for turned fountain pens developed into a leading manufacturer of premium writing instruments. The Diplomat pens still manufactured in Kierspe, Germany. 

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6 reviews for Diplomat Excellence A Lapis Black Waves Guilloche Fountain pen

  1. English

    Waleed  Rasheed (verified owner)

    This pen is magnificent, it is really amazing when subjected to light, writing is very smooth it deserves this price

  2. English

    Paul Yates

    Love the sinusoidal lines etched along the pen body and cap. These lines reflect light as you rotate and move the pen, giving a beautiful effect. The threads on the cap are exquisite – feels perfect removing and putting it back on in a quarter of a turn. Stretching to find a negative, it squeaks a little when re-attaching the section – that is when the o-ring is compressed.

    The weight and balance in my hand is great. This is my favourite pen.

  3. English

    Lisa Pottinger (verified owner)

    This is one beautiful pen. I spent the first five minutes after unboxing turning it around and marvelling at how the light changes the look of the striations on the barrel. It’s gorgeous. It is well balanced in the hand and writes flawlessly unposted (my personal preference) but it also posts deeply and securely. Diplomat is well known for the high quality of their nibs and this medium nib is smooth but with a little tooth/ feedback. This is my third Diplomat Excellence and I can’t recommend this pen enough. It’s amazing. My order arrived earlier than I expected and once again, Appelboom’s meticulous care with wrapping the pen makes every order feel like opening presents on Christmas morning. It just adds something extra special to the customer experience. The nib checking tuning option as part of the service when ordering also reduces the chances of getting a poorly tuned nib when your pen does arrive. All round a good experience.

  4. English

    Dennis Vukovic

    This is a hefty pen, yet it is well balanced and fits nicely in my hand, and I got used to it very quickly. The wave pattern is eye-catching. The long grip section allows me to hold the pen a little further from the nib (my preference). The twist lock mechanism of the cap makes it easy and quick to start using the pen. However, the finely tuned steel nib is what I enjoy most; it writes first time every time. This pen is another example of Diplomat craftsmanship and is a pure joy to write with!

  5. English

    Many Ayromlou

    The pen is beautiful. Everything about it oozes style. It is on the heavier side. It’s pretty much all metal. I like my pens on the heavier side, so it’s great for me. It comes with a converter. I believe the description on Appelboom (atleast as of May 2022) is incorrect. There are, as far as I know 2 or 3 generations of this pen. This is — almost certainly — the A+ version with the screw cap. The cap is another feat of engineering/design. It only takes about a third of a turn to uncap. Simply amazing.

    And did I mention the steel nib. This is true in general for pretty much any Diplomat pen (I own 2 Aero’s and this excellence A+), the steel nibs are as good as the best gold nibs out there. They are well tuned at the factory. It’s the platinum standard in steel nibs. Gold nibs will get you a bit more bounce generally.

    Just buy the pen (Steel or Gold nib), you will not be disappointed.

  6. English

    Lawrence Whicker, MD

    This pen is visually striking. The waves pattern of metal catches and reflects light and is a real eye catcher. The black body material between the metal as well as on the section has a nice grippy feel that does not slide in the hand. The diplomat nib in gold is always a very smooth writer. Overall a very good purchase.

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