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The Diplomat Elox is based on the ever popular Aero model. Its distinctive feature are the contrasting coloured bands that are evenly spread out along the cap and barrel. The name Elox comes from the word ‘eloxieren’, German for anodising.

The Diplomat Aero fountain pen has a steel (optional 14ct gold) nib in Extra Fine, Fine, Medium and Broad. The pen uses an ink cartridge or a converter.

Since 1922, the name Diplomat has stood for sophisticated writing instruments. Driven by excellence in quality and a spirit of innovation the manufacture for turned fountain pens developed into a leading manufacturer of premium writing instruments. The Diplomat pens still manufactured in Kierspe, Germany. 


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8 reviews for Diplomat Elox Black Orange Fountain pen

  1. English

    David Ingham

    As usual the delivery from Appelboom arrived in a very nicely wrapped package – accompanied by two Stroopwaffels which I immediately enjoyed.

    The pen is an elegant thing to hold and looks magnificent. The texture of the coating also makes the pen easy to hold and the section accommodates my fingers beautifully.

    I ordered a steel fine nib and the writing experience is excellent. I inked the pen with Yu Yake and this compliments the colours of the Elox delightfully.

    I am not a prolific writer and use my fountain pens at work when taking meeting notes etc. However, I can imagine a long writing session with the Elox being a very pleasant experience. I should try!

    A word on the quality of the pen – Excellent.

    I have already recommended diplomat pens to several of my work colleagues they are exemplary writing instruments.

  2. English

    Chris Barnes (verified owner)

    The colors are what drew me to this pen. But the pen is amazing. The pen has a weight that feels really well, it feels like absolute quality, and so far I have no complaints with this smooth writer.
    Thanks Appelboom, from a very satisfied customer in the USA!

  3. English

    David Nelson (verified owner)

    The Diplomat Black with Orange rings Elox with the Fine steel nib is exceptionally smooth writer. It has a weight that feels good in the hand, not too light or too heavy. The cap is a snap cap that has one of the most pleasant clicks of any fountain pen. The appearance is very distinctive and pleasing to the eye.

  4. English

    Azriel GROSS (verified owner)

    very nice looking pen and writes well. well worth the price.

  5. English

    Nick (verified owner)

    The build of this pen is excellent. The cuts are precise and the capping/uncapping action is oddly addictive. The overal weight of this pen is lighter than the Aero, which makes it more usable as a daily writer. The extra fine nib lays down a controlled fine line, somewhere in-between a Japanese extra fine and fine, depending on the ink used. It has quite a bit of feedback. Overal an excellent all around writer.

  6. English

    Margreet Dupont

    Geweldig mooi design wat ook nog eens niet saai is. Schrijft heerlijk. Aanrader!

  7. English

    Mark B (verified owner)

    This pen is excellent in almost every way. It’s attractive. It feels great in the hand (lighter than the Aero). Most important, it is an outstanding writer (like every Diplomat I have used). I ordered a Broad nib, which has been enjoyable. The feed maintains a consistent, generous flow. The nib is smooth on any paper, with a pleasant hint of feedback. The pen is a predictable, satisfying writer. At the list price, it’s a superb value.

  8. English

    Gad Alon (verified owner)

    I bought the pen from Appelboom a few weeks ago and have been using it ever since. The purchase process was excellent as usual. The pen is very beautiful and impressive with a high quality finish. Wonderful writer, with no stops or hard starts whatsoever. At my request the nib was checked by Applebaum before shipping and it is indeed very smooth. To sum up: A successful and enjoyable purchasing process. The pen is highly recommended, A suitable size and a wonderful and impressive writer instrument.

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