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In 1900 the Zeppelin airship began its first test flight under the aeronautical leadership of Earl von Zeppelin. Based on this event and the design of the airship Diplomat introduces the Aero pen to the market. The Diplomat Aero is characterized by groove-like depressions on the barrel and cap which lends the pen next to its classic form a modern spirit. The Diplomat Aero is made of anodized aluminum and is especially designed ergonomically. The clip harmonises well with the shape of the Diplomat Aero.

The Diplomat Aero fountain pen has a steel (optional 14ct gold) nib in Fine, Medium and Broad. The pen use a ink cartridge or a converter.

Since 1922, the name Diplomat has stood for sophisticated writing instruments. Driven by excellence in quality and a spirit of innovation the manufacture for turned fountain pens developed into a leading manufacturer of premium writing instruments. The Diplomat pens still manufactured in Kierspe, Germany. 

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13 reviews for Diplomat Aero Matte Orange Fountain pen

  1. English

    Bojan Rimanic (verified owner)

    The pen is made of aluminum with groves that makes great tactile filing and offers ‘fidgeting’ possibilities. I am not huge fan of the converter pens, I much prefer the piston-filling mechanism, but I have nothing against them either.
    On the nib front, what a pleasant surprise. I like smooth nibs and this one is really, really smooth. The size of the pen is just right for my hand, and it is the same length as Pelikan M805. I chose the M nib, and the pen is writing beautifully out of the box. It is tuned just right, not too wet, not too dry, just perfect.
    Would I buy this pen again? Absolutely! If you are thinking about it, just go ahead, the pen is really good. I took the opportunity on the pen-day and got it a a great price, but even at full price, it’s still worth it.
    As for the Apppelboom service, they are second to none, always professional, knowledgeable and ready to help even on weekends and I can only thank them for the nice buying experience.

  2. English

    Harpreet Kochar (verified owner)

    The most attractive feature of this pen is the lovely Zeppelin shape and the immaculate machining. Clip and the cap closing mechanism are very user friendly and seem will last me long. The writing section feels occasionally slippery but still not as much as a lamy 2k. Cartridge converter fillilg is international style so you are good to go with that. Nib is as such a good performer. I had an EF Jowo which performed on a dry side but on adjusting the nib was writing superbly well. Got it on Fountain pen Day sale which was very comfortable on wallet.

  3. English


    I fell in love with this pen when i first saw it. I had to have it. It looks even better in real life and it feels so good in my hand. This is a pen for life.

  4. English

    Fredrik Graf (verified owner)

    As the title says, opening up the box and taking out the pen was a surprise, a pleasant one. The pen looks better in real life than on images. It feels very good in the hand. It was slightly heavier than I thought, which added to lay very well in my hand and even the anodized:esque grip section felt like it gave me the control and good grip I wanted.
    The nib is really nice. It’s very smooth and has just the right amount of feedback. Even though it’s a steel nib, this is one of the better ones I have tried. The cap is a good snap cap and means your pen is ready to write directly. It also posts quite nice and there is plastics in the cap to prevent scratching.
    I am very pleased with this pen and it is just such a little joy having it in my sight and picking it up and fiddle around with. The grooves on the side of the barrel is a pleasant feedback. Great pen.

  5. English


    I got this pen with a medium nib.

    The pros:
    – The hate it or love it design. I obviously love it.
    – The nib is FANTASTIC. I’m talking about the steel one here. It’s as good as any gold nib I’ve ever owned.. Stiff, but smooooth. Very “felty”, close to the feeling of a well-tuned Lamy 2000. At the price, it’s a no-brainer.

    The cons;
    – It’s a CC filling mechanism but hey, at the price,, can’t have everything. Some people will consider this a plus.
    – For the some very strange reason, I couldn’t get my most shading ink (Noodler’s Apache Sunset) to shade when used with this pen. I never quite figured why, as it is a wet writer. Very strange.
    – My biggest gripe is a tiny detail: the barrel keeps unscrewing at the slightest twisting motion. I found I was constantly tightening it and it annoyed me (that and the shading issue, which might just have been my nib) to the extent that I sold it. But I kind of miss it now… It’s a pen with a soul.

  6. English

    Dr Luis Alguero

    Great looks with original design.Striking colour,Smooth broad steel nib , always wet (my main gripe with many other good pens).Writing is easy, smooth, pleasurable The cap clicks solidly and easily.It is a pen you enjoy both for its striking looks and for the quality and ease of its writing.

  7. English

    Daniel R (verified owner)

    I bought this pen as my daily writer in a fine steel nib. It is a great writer and the color makes it a conversation piece. I had Joost tune and smooth the nib and Appelboom did not disappoint. The nib is smooth but very firm. For general notes and writing it is a perfect tool. It is comfortable and a joy to use. I highly recommend this pen.

    This is not the first pen I have purchased from Joost and it will not be the last. He is a pure pleasure to work with.

    The pen gets 5 stars and Joost gets 5 stars!

  8. English

    Daan Van Hoof

    Dit is een van de eerste pennen die ik heb gekocht en ik heb er zeker geen spijt van! Het ontwerp met alle groeven is super mooi zonder te opvallend te zijn en de pen licht heel goed in de hand door het gewicht,maar toch is hij niet te zwaar. De pen punt is gewoon fantastisch, diplomat diet echt iets speciaal met deze JoWo punten want ze voelen nog beter dan hun standaard punten. Dit is zeker mijn beste pen met een stalen penpunt, of misschien zelfs mijn beste pen.

  9. English

    Mark H

    This is one of the first pens that I bought. It goes everywhere with me. A fine nib that can be scratchy in other pens was smooth in this pen right out of the box. The weight and balance has been well researched and is a pleasure to write with even when posted. I thought the color might wear off but, it will not. I have carried this pen a LOT and other than a few scratches that I put on it, the finish is still great. I would definately buy another.

  10. English

    Raheel Patel

    Got the Diplomat Aero with a Broad 14ct Nib and Having inked it immediately I was glad that I had bought it. The Nib is absolutely amazing and a must buy.

  11. English

    freshmaker (verified owner)

    The most important part of the pen – I ordered a Steel nib with a Fine tip. It’s very smooth, with just a hint of feedback, and it’s incredibly pleasant to write with. In fact, it’s rare that I get a pen that writes so well out of the box. I asked for someone to test the pen before shipping it to me, so my thanks to Appelboom!

    The nib and feed are friction fit into the section, so you can just pull them out for easy cleaning.

    Build quality is top notch. The cap doesn’t wobble or feel like it’s going to come off. The threads that hold the barrel to the section are also metal on metal, yet they don’t make any noise whatsoever and feel very solid.

    I love the snap cap. It’s the most satisfying click I’ve ever felt and heard from a pen. It makes a click sound when capping the pen, but uncapping the pen is silent and effortless.

    At one point I left the pen unused for a week, came back and uncapped it – it wrote straight away.

  12. English

    Enzo Fattori (verified owner)

    This pen is very nice looking one, at the beginning didn’t work so well (very dry and scratchy) i used a Pelikan Edelstein Mandarin ink, i flush the pen, i put the normal Lamy blue ink and was a fantastic change, right now write smooth like many video reviews told and is a pleasure write with this pen.
    The design and the color are great, very hard finish, not so heavy and very nice to hold. The nib after this little "wash" and change of ink was very smooth, not Pelikan M200 smooth, but very close. No flex, rigid and big nib.

  13. English

    LeeK (verified owner)

    A fabulous pen! I inked the pen right away with the Diplomat Royal Blue ink that I purchased at the same time, and find it hard to stop writing, cap the pen, and put it aside. It is that nice.
    This is my sixth Diplomat fountain pen and the first Aero. I have been holding out for an Aero until the orange comes along. I wanted a color that is unique enough to do justice to the unique shape of the pen, and the orange had far exceeded my expectations. The color is hard to describe, nowhere as shiny (in a good way) as my Parker Duofold Big Red, my Montblanc Rouge Et Noir, or Graf von Faber Castell Intuition terracota. The coating is a darker orange whose color changes with the lighting (but does not reflect). The picture on the web site must have been taken under good light, and shows a lighter orange. On my desk, under filtered light, it is more of a darker orange which I think is better, more classy. The two tone (dark grey at the clip, the tip and the section, orange for the rest) match well. In short, I couldn’t say enough about how nice the colors and their combination look. Most of you read this will know about the unique shape, so I will skip that. Still, there are two things stood out: first, this is a metallic pen that feels incredibly light so it delivers a good balance of being durable while light; second, the section, despite being metallic, is very easy to grab. No slip, and I don’t get tired in long writing sessions.

    The one I ordered came with a 14K nib. This is my second Diplomat with 14K nib, and this one writes better than the other 14K nib (an Excellence A). All my Diplomat steel nibs write equally smooth as their gold nibs, but the gold nib is softer and more pleasant to write with (totally subjective). For its price, the Aero Orange is hard to beat among German pens with god nib. Fabulous pen, great pen, I can’t be happier.

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