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Brand: Diplomat

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Forged in fire, designed for innovation. Introducing Diplomat’s Aero Flame collection! This pen is crafted to showcase the versatility of metal, and there’s no better way than to pair it against the elements. Unlike the other Aero pens (whicha re made of aluminum), this edition is made of stainless steel, which gives more weight to the pen. Each pen was individually set under a blowtorch, ensuring a unique style on every fine writing instrument. Because of the size and the grooves, the process is quite time intensive. Clear lacquer was applied during the finishing touches to offer a stunning sheen on the bodies of each pen. The hues and textures are truly original, and any pen lover is sure to appreciate the craftsmanship.

In 1900 the Zeppelin airship began its first test flight under the aeronautical leadership of Earl von Zeppelin. Based on this event and the design of the airship Diplomat introduces the Aero pen to the market. The Diplomat Aero is characterized by groove-like depressions on the barrel and cap which lends the pen next to its classic form a modern spirit. The Diplomat Aero is made of anodized aluminum and is especially designed ergonomically. The clip harmonises well with the shape of the Diplomat Aero.

Since 1922, the name Diplomat has stood for sophisticated writing instruments. Driven by excellence in quality and a spirit of innovation the manufacture for turned fountain pens developed into a leading manufacturer of premium writing instruments. The Diplomat pens still manufactured in Kierspe, Germany. 

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