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Diamine ink is a water-based ink perfect for any brand of fountain pen. It is completely non-toxic and offers probably the widest range of quality fountain pen ink colors in the world – in both traditional and contemporary shades. The glass ink bottle consist 80ml of high quality Diamine fountain pen ink.

The Diamine Ink Co have been ink manufacturers since 1864 and have upheld their reputation for producing the finest quality of fountain pen inks.

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26 reviews for Diamine Ink – 80ml Ink Bottle (101 colors)

  1. English

    Maks (verified owner)

    I bought 80 ml of Royal and Majestic Blue incs. These are good blue inks. I really like to play around with different pens – from drier to gushers – to get different tones of blue and other effects of such inks. My go-to blue inks (non-permanent) are Diamine Royal Blue, Diamine Majestic Blue, and Waterman Serenity Blue. Definitely recommend trying these out.

  2. English

    Christopher Uy

    Diamine creates some of the best inks. My personal favorite is black green which is dark enough to be my daily driver, runs smooth, and overall is great! Price is also very good.

  3. English

    Daniel (verified owner)

    Sargasso Sea is a dark blue color with a red/purple undertone. It is one of the blue inks that do lean towards red instead of green.

    From what I see so far, Sargasso Sea has less sheen than Majestic Blue, which I like.

    If you want to color-match your pen with an ink, I would use Sargasso Sea for pens that are dark blue and do not tend towards teal or turquoise.

  4. English

    Leen Kleijwegt

    Het is zo plezierig om pennen of inkt bij de firma Appelboom te bestellen!

  5. English

    M. L. Pors (verified owner)

    Of course Diamine is known for its good inks and the great amount of available colours. This ink pot is very vintage looking and sits well on any desk, but is also small enough to be stored in a drawer. The opening is wide enough to insert every pen I know of. I purchased Diamine Onyx Black and it is the blackest black I’ve ever written with. Great ink!

  6. English

    Robert Amato

    My son had purchased this ink and loved it, so after checking other reviews I ordered it.
    It is a very nice dark green that fits in with my black and darker blue propensity.
    Very nice.

  7. English

    Annemieke (verified owner)

    Net als de andere kleuren die ik van Diamine heb, is dit een fijne inkt. Hoewel de kleur soms wat anders uitvalt dan op het scherm, ook afhankelijk van in welke pen je de inkt gebruikt (en het papier), is dit altijd een goede aankoop.
    Daarnaast is de service van Appelboom als altijd goed en snel.

  8. English

    Anubhav Kumar Jain (verified owner)

    Excellent ink quality with perfect viscosity . Suits all pens and nib sizes. Doesn’t smudge . Quantity lasts generations

  9. English

    Marisa Jesus (verified owner)

    The most beautiful colours of ink. Great quality! Love them all

  10. English


    Awesome inks. My favourites! Wish I could have all the colours!

  11. English

    Rak Kim (verified owner)

    I love Majestic Blue. A must have!

  12. English

    Dr. Hatem El Shafie (verified owner)

    Diamine Ink: Teal
    Nice ink with very good flow and shading.
    Diamine inks in general have a good balance of quality with price.

  13. English


    Diamine inks are always great to write with and at a very decent price.
    On top of that Appelboom gives TOP service!

  14. English


    now I am using this blue/black and it’s great

  15. English

    Norbert Beck

    The ink have a nice colour, writes good but when you start write after one, two days you have a other colour, just like a frosted sepia or somewhat and the comes the shinnig writers blood colour.
    For me a no go

  16. English

    HARRIS (verified owner)

    This ink is so great that I forgot I have another two similar bottles, and I ordered one more. No problem, in my book. Exceptional quality for what’s spent.

  17. English

    HORIA STANCIULESCU (verified owner)

    Yes, there may be many other fancy(er) inks available, but when you have an addiction, bigger numbers are better! Diamine Ink rules! Take it from the guy who has about 80 of them…

  18. English


    This ink is a very solid choice. Their colours range very widely and often are full colour-which is to say that they do blend some but they hold colour across staging well. A medium acting ink (not dry/not wet)

  19. English

    Martijn Kouwenhoven (verified owner)

    Diamine inks are extremely affordable with excellent properties. This bright orange is one of my favorite colors and will make you smile anytime you write with it. I’ve actually used this color a lot of grading (while working at an elementary school) and the children seemed to like it a lot as well.

  20. English

    Shubhanshu Chawla (verified owner)

    The diamone 80ml bottles are a v good deal, and while many big dealers have stopped keeping them, thumbs up to Appelboom for still having them. These inks are my second favorite inks of all times.

  21. English

    Andy Nagels (verified owner)

    Nice bright red color, perfect for making corrections. It’s what I bought it for and I’m happy with the end-result on paper.

  22. English

    Raoul Mulder (verified owner)

    Erg mooie tint blauw, gedistingeerd!

  23. English


    I bougtht a lot of colors, Diamine inks very economical and I really like the service of Appelbloom.

  24. English

    Aman Agrawal (verified owner)

    Such a large range of colour and each colour is great. Evergreen,amber,and Pacific blue my favorite.

  25. English

    Dominic Robinson (verified owner)

    I bought this ink and it blowed away my expectations. I thought since the ink was much cheaper than most of the other ink in the market, that it would be just a temporary choice until I got around to buying a more high end ink. I was wrong. This ink is nothing but amazing. The color is good, shading is great and, although the drying time isn’t too amazing, it is more than satisfactory.

  26. English

    Michael  (verified owner)

    Personally, I find Diamine inks one of my favourite brands of ink. Truly, you get a huge variety in colours, all for an amazingly low price. I believe Diamine ink works out to be some of the absolute cheapest inks by volume!

    Some colours that I enjoy are:
    – Majestic Blue (a very deep royal blue with a beautiful red sheen);
    – Red Dragon (a very angry! red)
    – Twilight (a very beautiful blue-black)
    – Syrah (a gorgeous maroon)

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