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Diamine ink is a water-based ink perfect for any brand of fountain pen. It is completely non-toxic and offers probably the widest range of quality fountain pen ink colors in the world – in both traditional and contemporary shades. The plastic ink bottle consist 30ml of high quality Diamine fountain pen ink.

The Diamine Ink Co have been ink manufacturers since 1864 and have upheld their reputation for producing the finest quality of fountain pen inks.

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35 reviews for Diamine Ink – 30ml Ink Bottle (101 colors)

  1. English

    WILLIAM jr NG (verified owner)

    Diamine inks generally has a nice flow, burnt Sienna, indigo, and twilight are no exceptions. Love them. Thanks Appelboom

  2. English

    WILLIAM jr NG (verified owner)

    I always order my fountain pen supplies from Appelboom. Trying out diamine inks and was very satisfied with all of them.

  3. English


    A very nice shade of blue, particularly in the Platinum Chartres Blue. Just great ink, as all the Diamines.

  4. English

    Shana (verified owner)

    This is a flat, medium-saturated dusky teal ink. Not the most exciting color personally but that’s no fault of the ink. Quick dry time. In my Kaweco EF it was a little on the dry side, so I would recommend inking in a wet writing pen. Good customer service by Appelboom, as per usual.

  5. English

    Maurice Steenhuis

    Great ink for daily writing. Works fantastic on rhodia or midori paper.

  6. English

    Ahmad Zahzah (verified owner)

    I grew up in a coastal city. This lovely ink takes me back to the sea. No sheen. No shimmer. Just the fantastic shades of the deep, relaxing seawater.

  7. English


    I’ve purchased fiev bottles of Diamine: Amber, Merlot, Teal, Oxblood and Jade Green

    Amber is really nice, when it dried the colour is nice for an eye. It is dark enough to be visible on white paper. I’ve tested it with the stub 1.1 nib.

    Merlot – really looks like red wine!

    Teal – nice shade, good contrast on white paper.

    Oxblood – I had very high expectation to this one. In the end it is nice but personally I’ve expected it to be more reddish. However it looks like blood, and there is something scary in it.

    Jade Green – this is my discovery! A good one! Good looking bright colour, like a green apple. This one is very good together with Amber and Oxblood. They match to each other very, very well.

    The inks bottles in my opinion should have a bit wider cap. Big pens may not match. In any case, in this price it’s very good

  8. English


    Mooie, zwarte kleur. Goed voor dagelijks gebruik! Blij mee!

  9. English

    Jan Strnisko (verified owner)

    Nice green more on dark side, really recommended. Dry/Medium wet with Brock NB 6 fine nib. Good ink flow, For the price from my point of view a best green on darker side you can buy. Bought 30 ml bottle for test for sure will buy a bigger bottle next time.

  10. English

    Jan Strnisko (verified owner)

    Really nice dark red color without color variation. Used in Lorenzo Officina Italiana Momento Zero Prugna with EF nib. Buy a 30 ml ink bottle for test. Next time will buy a 80 ml ink bottle. For the price from my point of view one of best dark red ink. Highly recommended.

  11. English

    Shixian Chou

    I have always wanted a strong red that was not one of the red/browns. This is it!

  12. English

    Jan Strnisko (verified owner)

    The Amber color is a really nice amber. I strongly recommend it. The only drawback of the color in some lights is visibility if you are using F or EF nibs, But this is not a problem of the ink itself and for sure will buy it again.
    Used with Fine Bock Iridium Nib.

  13. English


    Deze Diamine Sapphire Blue is een zeer goede inkt: geen ‘feathering of ‘bleeding’ zelfs op gewoon papier! Ik heb bovendien als linkshandige geen enkel probleem met de inkt, ze droogt redelijk vlug.
    De 30 ml potjes zijn handig in gebruik en zo kan je meerdere inkten in kleine hoeveelheden uitproberen.
    De inkt heeft een mooie blauwe kleur.

  14. English

    Pasquale Siciliano (verified owner)

    I like Diamine Inks very much because of their quality and the huge number of colors they offer.
    Red Dragon is a deeper but also vibrant red.

  15. English

    Friedrich (verified owner)

    I got the Diamine Sapphire Blue ink. Diamine inks are generally very high-quality, especially for the price, and this one is no exception. This ink has a strong, bold color and looks great on the page.

  16. English

    Nicole (verified owner)

    A very nice shade, flows well, but not too much, and works great for correcting on cheap paper

  17. English


    This is a great green ink even suitable for office work.

  18. English

    Daniel (verified owner)

    Diamine Ancient Copper is a really nice ink that appears as a mix of dark red and dark brown. In areas with less ink it is dark red and in areas with more ink it appears a bit more brown. Think of it what the name suggests: ancient copper.
    I’m currently using it in the Leonardo Momento Zero Grande “Golden Rule” which also has dark red color tones, mixed with black and gold.
    Use the inexpensive 30ml ink bottles from Diamine to try out an ink without buying a full 80ml bottle.

  19. English

    Alexandre Valério (verified owner)

    This review is based on the Teal colour I ordered.
    It’s a nice colour but it seems to feather and bleed more than expected on Moleskine and regular paper, even with a fine nib.
    The bottle is made of plastic (unlike the Diamine Shimmer bottles), with a slim bottle neck, which makes it difficult to ink wider pens.
    It didn’t come with a paper box, so I’m going to store it in a drawer to protect it from light.

  20. English


    I recently purchased the two colours in the title, and I could not be happier. The red is a lively colour that does not tend to pink or orange. It is exactly what a red should look like. The Green is extremely good as well. There is only one minor problem: the bottle neck is rather small so it is quite challenging to refill the pens without making a little mess. Other than that, I absolutely love them.

  21. English


    Lovely deep bleu color witch gives my every day writing some nice depth. The only tiny downside is that it comes in a plastic bottle. But that also makes these inks affordable so no complaints about that.
    I think I will get myself a bigger bottle of Denim.

  22. English

    Miguel Franken (verified owner)

    One of my all time favorite inks, it is dark enough to easily read back. But still has some shading. It has great flow in all of the pens I use it in.

  23. English

    Miguel Franken (verified owner)

    A nice and dark green ink. It’s has been perfect for schoolwork, where it is dark enough to use but has just enough green to give it some character. It might be a bit on the drier side, which is great for non fountain pen friendly ink

  24. English

    Miguel Franken (verified owner)

    A lovely rich colour, with some great shading. My only complaint would be the 30ml bottle. It might be hard to fill some of the larger pens when the bottle is half full.

  25. English

    Simone Klomp

    Fijne betaalbare inkt in potten, makkelijk vulbaar in de vulpennen. Er zijn 101 inkt kleuren beschikbaar, dus keus genoeg.

  26. English

    E da Costa (verified owner)

    Lekkere natte inkt in veel verschillende kleuren. Inkt is nat maar niet TE nat. De flesjes zijn plastic, een mooi, vierkant formaat en om deze redenen ideaal voor als je op reis gaat.

  27. English

    Daniel (verified owner)

    Diamine Sherwood Green and Delamere Green are dark green inks. Both are well saturated.

    I currently use Diamine Sherwood Green in a pen with a medium nib that writes a bit more on the fine side. Since it is a saturated ink, the pen lays down a solid dark green line.

    The difference between Diamine Sherwood Green and Delamere Green is that Sherwood has a warmer tone, while Delamere is a colder green.

    Both inks fit to the color of the Leonardo Momento Zero in the Green Alga resin.

    Diamine Sherwood Green and Delamere Green are a bit darker than Diamine Woodland Green, Pelikan Edelstein Aventurine and Montblanc Irish Green.

  28. English

    Daniel (verified owner)

    Diamine Matador is a beautiful dark red. I would describe it as a strong and saturated color with only little color variation when writing with it.

    I find Diamine Matador to be similar to Diamine Red Dragon, with Matador being a little bit brighter.

    Comparison with some other Reds, Oranges and Browns from Diamine:

    – Diamine Matador is brighter than Diamine Red Dragon and Ancient Copper.

    – Diamine Matador is darker than Diamine HoHoHo, Poppy Red, Autumn Oak and Pumpkin.

    Diamine Matador, Red Dragon and Ancient Copper can serve as color-matching inks for the Leonardo Momento Zero Grande “Golden Rule”.

    Use the inexpensive 30ml ink bottles from Diamine to try out an ink without buying a full 80ml bottle.

  29. English

    Daniel (verified owner)

    Diamine Red Dragon is a beautiful dark red. I would describe it as a strong and saturated color with little to no color variation when writing with it.

    I find Diamine Red Dragon to be similar to Diamine Matador, with Matador being a litle bit brighter.

    Diamine Red Dragon is darker than Diamine Matador, HoHoHo, Poppy Red, Autumn Oak and Pumpkin.

    Diamine Matador, Red Dragon and Ancient Copper can serve as color-matching inks for the Leonardo Momento Zero Grande “Golden Rule”.

    Use the inexpensive 30ml ink bottles from Diamine to try out an ink without buying a full 80ml bottle.

  30. English

    Crescencio  (verified owner)

    Diamine Ink – Oxblood:

    This color reminds me of rust color with a bit of brown in it. This color shows up well in finer nibs. I trust Diamine inks in cheap and expensive fountain pens.

    So far this flows well. If you have issues like hard starts adding a drop of dish soap, like Dawn, to the bottle lubricates the ink which typically helps with hard starts.

  31. English

    Crescencio  (verified owner)

    Kensington Blue – this blue reminds me of Pilot’s Asa Gao and Diamine Asa Blue but without sheen; perhaps a mix of the two would produce a color similar to it. The ink flows well and I trust Diamine inks in my cheap and expensive fountain pens.

  32. English


    I bougtht a lot of colors, Diamine inks very economical and I really like the service of Appelbloom.

  33. English


    Ik heb de diamine oxblood besteld en wat is dit een mooie donkerrode kleur! Fijne inkt, vloeit heel soepel uit mijn vulpen met fijne punt. Ik ga zeker nog andere kleuren bestellen in de toekomst. Bestelling was er ook snel. Zeer tevreden.

  34. English

    Jolanda Rosmalen – Werts (verified owner)

    Diamine inkt is er in vele kleuren en is veilig te gebruiken in alle vulpennen. Een bijkomend voordeel van Diamine is dat deze makkelijk uit de pen te spoelen is en je kunt kiezen voor een grote inktpot (80 ml) of deze kleine van 30 als je een kleur nog niet kent.
    Ook de shimmering inkten van Diamine zijn fantastisch om te gebruiken!

  35. English

    Barbara (verified owner)

    Absolutely love the Diamine inks! Bilberry is a rich, dark purple that works well on every paper tested and is now one of my daily go-to inks. The first but not last Diamine ink for me! The 30ml bottle is convenient when you already have a rather large stash but need an excuse to keep adding to it.

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