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The De Atramentis Document ink is exclusively handmade by Franz-Josef Jansen in Germany and comes in glass ink bottles of 35ml. The high quality Document ink of De Atramantis is waterproof and permanent. The non-acidic document ink does not contain iron-gall and is light-fast. The De Atramentis Document ink can safely be used in fountain pens. To prevent drying and clogging issues we recommend to use the ink on daily base.

De Atramentis is an ink factory in Germany, Hachenburg. For over 25 years, they make exclusive handmade inks according to original recipes.

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15 reviews for De Atramentis Document Ink – Ink Bottle (11 colors)

  1. English

    Eugenie Bell (verified owner)

    I’ve been using De Atramentis Document Inks for several years in a wide range of fountain pens. The inks write smoothly and cleanly on both quality and inexpensive papers. Because the Document ink uses nano particles, I occasionally flush each pen, but have to date had no problems.
    The Document Ink colors can be mixed together, lightened with the white ink, or thinned with De Atramentis thinner, without losing the document ink permanent and waterproof characteristics. An inexhaustible range of finely tuned colors is possible! Highly recommended.

  2. English

    Peer Wolkers (verified owner)

    De Atramentis Document Ink heb ik al jaren in gebruik voor schets- en tekenwerk met vulpen en aquarel. De inkt droogt heel snel en vlekt niet. Nog nooit een verstopte pen gehad (zowel in piston- als convertersystemen)
    Prima dus!

  3. English


    Prachtige kleur ,sneldrogend watervast en droogt niet snel uit in mijn Lamy convertor! Erg fijn product dit nu wil ik alle kleuren ;-))

  4. English


    Eerste permanente inkt die ik heb gekocht, werkt uitstekend in mijn Pilot Metropolitan, ook na een week niet gebruiken, ondanks dat ik gehoord had dat permanente inkt meer high-maintenance is

  5. English


    This red document ink has quite a good flow (which is unusual for document inks) and still very moderate feathering and bleed-through, even on cheap printer paper. I have not checked whether it is actually ‘bulletproof’ (e.g. by exposing to chlorine bleach). The colour is rather light, but without being feeble or orangeish. I do recommend this ink if you need a red document ink, e.g. for correcting student work.

  6. English

    livinus (verified owner)

    prima service van appelboom. uitstekend product (permanent!!!) voor vullen van vulpennen

  7. English

    Suwadee Phetrung

    Goede kwaliteit produkten. Goede pigment inkt

  8. English


    Dit is mijn tweede potje inkt alweer. Ik ben hier zeer tevreden over. En goed te gebruiken met waterverf of iets dergelijks.

  9. English


    Finally decided to place an order for this ink (Black) so I could use it in fine fountain pens. The order arrived well wrapped (Thanks!).
    Tested in a Lamy Studio LX and works awesome, tested for waterproofness and passed the test. Highly recommended, very pleased with my order and shipping.
    Definitely will purchase again from this store.
    Many thanks Mr. Appelboom!.

  10. English

    Strider (verified owner)

    So far, the ink works well in my Lamy Safari which I use for writing and sketching, after a week of use. I have the yellow and black inks in two Lamy safaris. Both are pleasing to my eyes on paper.

  11. English

    Jamillia (verified owner)

    I purchased the DeAtramentis Document Ink in black for use in school due to its water resistant quality. It is definitely water resistant! I’m currently using this in an EF nib and it writes smoothly and doesn’t seem to dry out too easily or clog the nib. The only critique that I have about the ink is that it isn’t dark enough for me. It can look like a dark grey at times. Other than that, I like this ink. I will be purchasing other document inks in the future and also trying to mix the colors.

  12. English

    Guus Balster

    After doing some research online I discovered this specific ink. It’s unique, offering a white permanent fountain pen ink which is also waterproof, lightfast and acid free. It doesn’t provide a fully opaque covering white, but you can build the coverage up by simply adding more layers. Absolutely recommended!

  13. English

    AD (verified owner)

    I have ordered this document ink recently but it came with a broken closure from the manufacturer. Mr. Appelboom was friendly to arrange another document ink that is well sealed. Overall, I enjoy using this ink and it is certainly a must for people who want to document or write something that is permanent. Thank you for this wonderful purchase!

  14. English

    Sandy Freitag (verified owner)

    Very good ink, highly recommended.

  15. English

    AGM (verified owner)

    De Atramentis document Inks are indeed waterproof, lightfast and acid-free.

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