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The Aurora ink is very deep and pure. The ink comes in glass bottles of 45ml in blue, black and blueblack.

Aurora, founded in 1919 in Turin, is an Italian brand in fine writing instruments. The passion for beauty, style and attention to quality up to the refined details, makes the company an international inspirer. Aurora presents the tradition of the Made in Italy, creating writing instruments in perfect balance between craftsmanship and technology with unique character.

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16 reviews for Aurora Ink – Ink Bottle (3 colors)

  1. English

    Cagri Demir (verified owner)

    Well behaved basic fountain pen ink, ideal for everyday use. Also good, reliable seller, like an old friend…

  2. English

    Saurav Sinha

    This is an excellent example of a true blue ink, it’s not the Royal Blue kinds but a darker shade. Performs very well in combination with Aurora pen for me. Leaves a hint of copper sheen when using a broader or stub nib.
    Packaging by Appelboom was secure and no trouble with the safety of the bottle.
    Be careful while opening for the first time, it full to the BRIM!!

  3. English


    I have found Aurora inks to be the best inks for vintage pens as well as modern fountain pens. At times when a modern fountain pen is having flow issues by simply switching g to Aurora the flow and performance issues are rectified. I have yet to have a fountain pen which is filled with Aurora ink perform poorly. Aurora is especially excellent in vintage pens as I have found that this ink will not gum up the feeds or if a lever filled pen the latex sac. I highly recommend these inks.

  4. English

    Val (verified owner)

    A very solid black ink, lubricated, wet and realy black. High quality with all foutain pens. One of my favorite ink.

  5. English


    Het is een simpel potje met inkt. Het uiterlijk doet mij niet zoveel omdat je daar niet mee kan schrijven. Maar wat een diep matte zwarte kleur inkt. Geen kleur schakeringen van andere kleuren of dat het schittert, het is gewoon wat het moet zijn en dat is zwart. Precies wat ik zocht, hulde Aurora.

  6. English

    Frans van Essen

    When you have a fountainpen that is not willing to write smoothly, and has too much resistance, when you have the feeling that the nib of your pen resists to do what you want it does, well then try this fantastic flowing “lubricating” ink, and you wil enjoy your pen again! And, of course, with a perfect intense colour, quickly drying, with some shading en without bleeding through the paper. Very pleasant!

  7. English

    Rak Kim (verified owner)

    Great black ink. Wet, true black, with a bit of shading.

  8. English

    Yunkyung Song (verified owner)

    I have used Parker Quink and Pelikan 4001 black so far, but Quink was not deep black enough and the Pelikan had not enough flow for my fountain pen. Aurora black meets my needs perfectly. Highly recommended.

  9. English

    Friedrich (verified owner)

    This is a review for the classic Aurora blue ink. This ink behaves well inside fountain pens and comes out as a nice “royal blue”-ish color, looks great on the page.

  10. English

    Vanja Sesartic (verified owner)

    First time I’m testing Aurora blue and I’m very positively surprised!

  11. English


    Very deep black, no shading, very wet, dry fast.
    What else?

  12. English

    Amrita Sengupta (verified owner)

    Aurora black ink is very intensely black, and equally smooth to write with. With extra fine and fine nibs, its perfect as never feel stopped on the page.

  13. English

    Bernardo Simões (verified owner)

    Deep black, highly recommended

  14. English

    Bernard  (verified owner)

    Nice deep black ink. Good flow and fast drying. Definitely recommended.

  15. English

    Eric (verified owner)

    Pairs very nicely with the new Aurora flex nibs. I definitely recommend it.

  16. English

    Cho (verified owner)

    I have Aurora EF pens and Pilot F pens. The ink works well on them. Rich flow, great color, no feathering or drying out. and Fast shipping. Highly recommended.

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