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The second stop of Aurora’s Secret Journey to Italy is Volterra. Famous for its ancient Etruscan historical center, not everyone knows it is an important place for the extraction and processing of alabaster. Dating from 7 million years ago, the Volterra alabaster is the most valuable in Europe and each alabaster quarry has its own distinctive type. The processing of the alabaster is passed down from generation to generation, resulting an ancient practice that is the real secret of Volterra.

The ‘Aurora Il Viaggio Segreto Volterra’ has an 18kt gold nib and uses a piston filling mechanism.

The main sense and synaesthesia of this collection is Hearing. Each city is accompanied by its distinct music that will make you experience the atmosphere of the place, through a QR code inserted inside the box. Each Limited Edition comes with a precious watercolored bookmark, which like a postcard remains in memory of the fabulous journey.

Aurora, founded in 1919 in Turin, is an Italian brand in fine writing instruments. The passion for beauty, style and attention to quality up to the refined details, makes the company an international inspirer. Aurora presents the tradition of the Made in Italy, creating writing instruments in perfect balance between craftsmanship and technology with unique character.

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5 reviews for Aurora Il Viaggio Segreto in Italia: Volterra Fountain Pen

  1. English

    Ian Riela (verified owner)

    In my opinion, the pinnacle of the Viaggio Segreto in Italia collection. The only pen with Rose Gold trim in the collection, and one of the most fantastic Auroloides ever created. The alabaster material is mesmerizing, white, gold, sepia, and even an iridescent green/blue can be seen within its depths. Build quality and finishing are second to none, and the tuning of the stub nib I received is the best of any nib in my collection. This is one Aurora not to miss while it is still available.

  2. English

    Lao (verified owner)

    The pen is a 10 stars out of 5, Appelboom’s service is 10 stars out of 5, and the writing experience of this nib is also 10/5! The only thing that’s not quite 5/5 is the price!

    The Price: It is very expensive…however…this is very subjective. The pen itself made me feel expensive and rich, so to me, I think it looks and feels as expensive as it was. I do believe that its limited production has something to do with the price increase – this I don’t think is quite justified, but a brand can do whatever they want.

    The Pen Body: If they used a brass or metal piston instead of plastic (I assume it is plastic since the pen is very light), the added weight would make this pen super balanced. It is quite light and a very good length when posted. The resin is exceptionally beautiful – there are mixtures of cream, ivory, white, and chatoyant white and green throughout the design. This is definitely one of the most beautiful vintage looking pen that is truly unique. I don’t know of any other pen that shines green like this amongst these soft velvety ivory cream colors. While their Auroloide is just another form of plastic/resin, it definitely does not feel cheap. It does have a slight marble-esque feel to it and is very smooth. The rose gold is a lovely match to the cream colors of the body. The resin pattern continues all throughout the body – which I find to be MUCH BETTER than their black sections and black finials. As timeless as that design was, it just isn’t pretty. This pen is longer than their Optima model, so I appreciated that about this model over the Optima. One drawback to this pen is the cap does not have an inner cap. Your nib will dry out towards the tip – thus, causing darker ink when writing your first 1-2 sentences before the ink returns to normal color. (I haven’t tested this with this pen, but all my pens without an inner cap have this issue and it is a consistent observation).

    The nib: The nib is beautiful – the engravings are beautiful. Appelboom tuned this pen very well and it writes wet, so the Fine nib writes slightly like a medium fine – which I like. I think you can ask in the notes section for the nib to be tuned to be on the drier side, otherwise, nib tuning usually allows for the tines to be more spread out and provid easier ink flow (thus more wet). It writes super smoothly and I don’t find the feedback unpleasant at all. If you dislike Sailor feedbacks, this pen does not have a strong feedback, but it is there and it feels nice. The 14k Auroras might be the ones with the louder feedbacks.

    The Gift Box: At this price point…a lovely box is a great bonus and if they have one, I do expect it to be nice. Most pens at this price just have a basic large cardboard box, but Aurora goes above and beyond to create a lovely gift box for their beautiful writing instruments. However, apparently, some boxes are difficult to unbox and the inner felt parts can be ripped apart when trying to inspect to make sure everything is in the box. That is what I assume happened to my box…since the pen bed (where the pen lied in), the inner felt linings, and the bottom of the false bottom were all torn, smushed, and tattered upon arrival to me. I had to super glue everything in order to gently place the pen bed nicely into the box and close it securely. This was a poor presentation that I felt Aurora should have changed boxes for me if they inspected it before sending it out to Appelboom. HOWEVER…there’s the off chance that customs may have ruined the box for me – but I highly doubt they had a need to open the contents of the package. Although this did bother me, it’s not a deal breaker – the pen arrived safe and sound.

    Overall, I do recommend this pen if it is one of your very first Aurora pens. If this color suits your tastes, you’ll be very happy with the pen. If you do not care for this color, the green chatoyance, or a lighter pen, this might not be for you. What you’re paying over $600 for is the unique in-house nib and writing experience as well as the craftsmanship and artistry in making the unique resin body design.

  3. English

    Allison (verified owner)

    This pen is so beautiful, and one of the very few I can find that has a feminine touch with creamy color barrel and rose gold touches.
    It is light and well balanced, easy to hold.
    Super smooth nib, hard, broad grind writes similar to Pelikan M800 Medium.

  4. English

    Alistair L

    As soon as i saw this pen i fell in love, the design and style is my perfect pen, flecks of gold with that whisper feedback you get with aurora nibs.

    As always the service was impeccable from appelboom and Anabelle times the nib perfectly, i will only ever order my pens through appelboom because i know I’ll get a pen that writes like a dream it the box, more than you can say if you don’t get it checked out before ordering, I’ve ordered more expensive pens elsewhere and Ben left feeling disappointed with out the box nib performance.

  5. English

    Ian R. (verified owner)

    Getting right to the point – I don’t think there is a better or more stunning pen design available right now, and my only complaint is that the undiscounted retail price is too high. The subtle warm-hued material is wonderfully variable, slightly translucent, moderately chatoyant, and even sparkles in places – matched to the warmth of the rose gold trim and nib, this pen makes everything else look unremarkable and tasteless in comparison. The nib of course writes in that perfectly-tuned manner that all Aurora nibs do, with a feel and sound that I haven’t gotten in any other pen. For me – this is the ultimate pen.

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