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The name Montblanc has always been associated with precious gifts and keepsakes that reflect the pinnacle of artisanal prowess and traditional craftsmanship.

Please note that we only sell Montblanc items within Europe. You can also purchase Montblanc items from our store in Boston (physical and phone orders only).

We are not allowed to ship in the United States untill our online business account with Montblanc USA is approved.

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Montblanc has been known for over 110 years for its craftsmanship and exceptional quality. Due to their timeless design, these pens never go out of fashion. Whether it’s fountain pens, ballpoint pens, roller pens or pencils, Montblanc surpasses the competition when it comes to writing instruments. The high quality of the brand is underlined by their excellent guarantee conditions. You can’t go wrong with a Montblanc pen.

Product range

Montblanc offers a wide range of pens in order to satisfy all writing needs. The most famous model is the Meisterstück, but Montblanc has many other great options. Feel divine with a pen from the Great Character collection, or stand out with a pen from the Heritage collection. Browse our store and see which Montblanc pen fits you best.

Product categories

Montblanc has a lot more to offer than just pens. The superior quality standard and intriguing design can also be found in their watches, wallets, bags and desktop accessories. Discover all that Montblanc has to offer in our store.

Frequent Asked Questions

What is a Montblanc pen?

A Montblanc pen is a luxurious pen that is well known because of its great quality and timeless design. Montblanc produces fountain pens, ballpoint pens, roller pens and pencils. The most famous Montblanc pen is the Meisterstück model which was introduced in 1952. Since its release, the design has barely changed, making it a perfect example of the timelessness and longevity of the brand.

Which Montblanc pen should I buy?

Research has shown that writing with a good pen improves handwriting. Therefore, it is important to get a pen that matches your preference and needs. A fountain pen makes steering easier

and the ink comes out lighter. This allows you to write longer and puts less strain on your muscles than with an ordinary pen. If you want to write faster and prevent the risk of ink stains on your clothes, a ballpoint pen might suit you better.

Furthermore, all pens from Montblanc are of high quality. Which Montblanc pen you should buy depends mainly on taste and budget. Finally, it is important that the pen lies well in your hand. You can always visit our shop to see which pen gives the best writing experience.

How much does a Montblanc pen cost?

It all depends on the type and model of the pen. For example, flower pens tend to be more expensive than ballpoint pens. Furthermore, Montblanc has released a lot of different models over the years. The most expensive Montblanc pen is the ‘Mystery Masterpiece’ which was released to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the brand and was sold for a whooping 650.000 Euro. This pen was a collaboration with the jewelry brand Van Cleef & Arpels, which can be recognized by the fact that it is set with diamonds. The cheapest or most affordable Montblanc pen is the Pix model. The price varies between 200 and 300 Euro and was introduced around 1930. It is a high quality ballpoint pen, ideal for anyone who wants to enjoy outstanding quality for an accessible price.

Why is a Montblanc pen so expensive?

The reason that Montblanc pens come at a high price is because of several factors. The Montblanc pens are made with great craftmanship and are often made of expensive materials like silver, gold and precious resin. As a result, the pens are extremely durable. The combination of the quality and the timeless design make sure that the pens will last more than a lifetime, making it an ideal gift to pass on to the next generation.

Trivia / Did you know that

  • The logo represents the top of the Mont Blanc mountain?
  • Montblanc also makes watches?
  • The most expensive Montblanc pen is worth over 700k?
  • The nib of the Montblanc fountain pens are tested by hand in a quiet room?
  • The 4810 marking on the Meisterstück model stands for the height of the Mont Blanc mountain?


In 1906, Alfred Nehemias, a Hamburg banker, and August Eberstein, a Berlin engineer, started a company for fountain pens in Berlin under the name Simplizissimus-Füllhalter. In 1908 the name was changed to Simplo Filler Pen Company, and in 1908 the company settled in Hamburg. The name referred to the “Simplo” fountain pen with built-in ink reservoir, which was easy to use.

In 1910 an improved fountain pen was released with the name “Montblanc”. That name was registered as a trademark in 1910 and from then on used for all writing instruments of the company. In 1924 the “Meisterstück” fountain pen was released, the top model produced in various versions over decades. The best-known “Meisterstück” model, the 149, has been made since 1952 and has hardly changed since then. Characteristic is the number “4810” engraved on the fountain pen since 1930, a reference to the height of Mont Blanc. In 1934 the name of the company was changed again, now to Montblanc-Simplo GmbH. After taking over a leather goods manufacturer, Montblanc also sold leather goods accessories such as pen bags and notebooks from 1935 onwards.

In the 1980s Dunhill Holding took over Montblanc. This would later merge into Richemont, the luxury conglomerate that included the luxury brands Cartier, Vacheron Constantin, Jaeger-LeCoultre and IWC.

Montblanc’s product range was subsequently expanded to include accessories for men, such as cufflinks in 1996, Swiss made watches in 1997, spectacles, jewellery and a first perfume in 2001. Cosmopolitan Cosmetics from Wella was used for this. After the acquisition of Wella, Montblanc perfumes ended up at Procter & Gamble, but in 2010 they were transferred to the company Inter Parfums, which designs the perfumes of Burberry and Paul Smith among others.

Montblanc has also been making watches since 1997. They are made in two places in Switzerland. Initially, only the branch existed in the watch-making town of Le Locle. In 2007 Montblanc took over the watch company Minerva in Villeret. A special watch produced here is the Montblanc Meisterstück Heritage Pulsograph. Here you will find a pulse oximeter built in (“pulsograph”).

Warranty and service


Montblanc offers an international warranty for a period of two years from the date of purchase, covering defects in production and materials.


The Montblanc service guarantee is valid for a period of one year from the date of the maintenance work carried out and covers replaced parts and/or maintenance work carried out.

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