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The Stylograph collection is based upon the original and timeless Conklin models from the 1930's. Conklin has successfully adapted a classic vintage style to satisfy the current trends of the 21st Century, combining modern materials with traditional designs to create a stunning new collection. Reminiscent of the Art Deco era, the Conklin Stylograph collection is crafted from rare, difficult to create, and beautiful handmade resins. Each pen is crafted by hand from exclusive rods of solid resin, ensuring that no two pen finishes are a-like. The Conklin Stylograph Collection is an ideal choice for those who prefer a larger pen, but still wish to stay true to the classic style and feel of the vintage Conklin pens during the 1930s. The cap stopper is engraved with the 'Conklin Est. 1898' logo, the clip features the legendary 'Conklin' trademark name, and the cap band is engraved with the unique Conklin 'C' with complimentary Conklin crescent style shapes.

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