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The Conklin Pen Company was established in 1898 and is regarded as one of the most significant and innovative manufactures from the golden era of fountain pens. Today, the Conklin Pen Co., continues this tradition of innovation and excellence by offering unique writing instruments of the highest quality. Based on the original designs of early models, all Conklin pens are manufactured by artisans dedicated to producing writing instruments worthy of their legendary name. All Conklin pens have a life-time guarantee.

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Conklin is regarded as the most significant American manufacturer to arise out of the Golden Era of the fountain pen, as it still produces life long pen-friends. They create bold and elegant, timeless designs. Recently the brand has re-introduced a few of their classic designs with a twist; modernised designs, new materials and a new mechanical composition.

Product range

Conklin produces fountain pens, ballpoint pens, ink, cartridges and nib units.

Price range

Price range lies between $3,- and $300,-


  • While most manufacturers stepped away from the alternatives to cartridge/converter fillers, Conklin still produces the crescent filler pens that made them famous.
  • Endorsed by Mark Twain, the Crescent Filler was considered to be one of the first truly practical self-filling mechanisms for fountain pens. It allowed the pen to be filled with one hand.
  • All pens have a life long guarantee.


Where are Conklin pens made?

Originally, Conklin pens were produced in the US but nowadays are manufactured overseas, mostly in Italy.


The Conklin Pen Company was established in 1898 by Roy Conklin, an innovator from Toledo, Ohio USA. Conklin’ had been working in the pen industry since 1891 and invented the very first automatic filler mechanism, which was the main reason for their early success.

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