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In 1858, Jean-Baptiste Bichelberger chose the small town of Etival-Clairefontaine to set up his paper mill. Taking advantage of the rags supplied by the local textile industry, Clairefontaine grew to become one of the most important factories in the industry.

Clairefontaine began to manufacture their famous stationery products in 1890. Clairefontaine is currently the only European manufacturer making its own paper for its own products. This guarantees not only consistent product quality, but also controls the environmental impact of the manufacturing process. Clairefontaine is now managed by sixth generation family members.

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Clairefontaine was founded in 1854, in the city Étival-Fontaine, France. They produce handmade papers, notebooks and stationary using acid-free paper and actively support the growth and development of French forest by managing several hundreds hectares of fir and spruce trees.

Product range

Clairefontaine specialises in handmade paper products in any form and kind, besides offering a small selection of fine arts and handcrafted products such as staplebound notebooks, wirebound notebooks, diary, address books, music notebooks, text books, school diary’s, office accessories, boxes, paper bags, wrapping paper and leather goods.

Product price

Price typically lies between $2,- and $60,-


  • The company is a part of the Exacompta Clairefontaine group.
  • In 1997 Clairontaine acquired notebook brand Rhodia, to fuse and make Clairefontaine-Rhodia.
  • Besides making papers, they recently expanded to making fine arts and handicraft products.
  • Clairefontaine is currently the only European company making its’ own paper for their products.


The original paper mill factory was founded in 1854 by Jean-Bapiste Bichelberger who decided to put up paper windmills for production. This same factory has been producing paper ever since. Paper mills are factories that make paper from vegetable fibres such as wood pulp, old rags and other ingredients which make it possible to produce in a more eco-friendly and sustainable way. Instead of making a whole lot of paper at once, in paper mills the pages are made one by one, by hand. To manage the papermaking, Clairefontaine as stated above, is managing several hundreds of hectares of fir and spruce trees in the Vosges Mountains. The company is still in family hands, for already six generations.

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