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The Benu Pen company is a small Russian company, based in Moscow, which makes handmade writing instruments in streamlined shapes in vibrant color combinations. The name Benu comes from the ancient Egyptian deity linked with the sun, creation and rebirth. Benu is a symbol of constant changes, recurrence and renovations.

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This Russian pen manufacturer successfully weaves a bold and unusually creative look together with a fine and elegant writing instrument. This beautiful hand craftsmanship is conducted in several Moscow-based production facilities and are all unique in their outcome.

Product range

Benu’s collection mostly consists of handcrafted fountain pens and ballpoints. In adition to that Benu offers desk stationary details like pen holders. All Benu pens are made from high quality resin in different, bold colours, combined with only non toxic material.

Product categories

Benu specialises in fountain pens, rollerball pens and stationery accessoires, categorised in multiple series inspired by history, their best known collections are:

  • Scepter collection
  • Tassera collection
  • Tattoo collection
  • Hexagon collection
  • Supreme collection
  • Chameleon collection
  • Briolette collection
  • Mimina collection

Trivia/ Did you know that:

-The name ‘’Benu’’ finds it origin in ancient Egyptian deities linked to the sun, which stands for creation, rebirth and the freedom of birds. Benu is a symbol for constant changes, recurrence and renovations. In Egyptian history, birds represent the freedom of going in and out, (of other worlds) while arriving home safely.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is a Benu pen?
    A Benu pen is a handcrafted pen of Russian origin, in mostly bold colours and creative designs.
  • Which Benu pen should I buy?
    Which Benu pen you should buy depends mostly on personal preference as to what the design you like best and how it lays in your hand. For advice on what writing instrument may suit your personal preferences, you can always contact us or stop by at our shop.
  • How much does a Benu pen cost?
    Price range typically lies between $70,- and $200,-.

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