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Aurora, founded in 1919 in Turin, is an Italian brand in fine writing instruments. The passion for beauty, style and attention to quality up to the refined details, makes the company an international inspirer. Aurora presents the tradition of the Made in Italy, creating writing instruments in perfect balance between craftsmanship and technology with unique character.

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Aurora is a sophisticated Italian brand with a broad range of luxurious writing instruments. They offer a wide variety of fountain pens, ballpoints, papers & leather goods that all bring along an air of the traditional Italian culture.

In their soft and outspoken eye for shape and detail, Aurora held a high position in the game the very moment they stepped into the market, which is a little over 100 years ago. And to this day they still surprise us with their beautiful designs.

Product range

Aurora offers a wide variety of stationary products. The prizing also varies per offering. For pens this differs from less than $200,- up to $5.000,-, special editions excluded.
Other stationary products such as paper, envelopes and ink fall under the upper first category and their leather goods vary from $250,- to $14.500,-.

Aurora’s history

Aurora was founded in 1919, almost immediately after World War 1 in Turin (Italy) and was financed by the textile merchant Isai Levi. The first Aurora fountain pens were produced in black only.

Introducing celluloid

In 1925 they stepped up their game and produced their pens in multiple colours due to the introduction of a new material; celluloid, that later became their most recognizable feature.

The celluloid material, which was one of the first materials (together with ebonite) used for pen making, feels (and looks) soft and smooth, which makes it pleasurable to write with, besides enriching it with a clean look. This specific adjustment in colour use also made it possible for the brand to expand their sales further into other European countries in 1929, ultimately introducing many other series.

True Italian elegance

Aurora was the first true Italian fountain-pen company and shed a complete new light upon pen manufacturing at that time. Their refined and elegant looking writing instruments stood out an made it possible for the young brand to stand tall in a market dominated by already existing (mostly British and American) ones.

Their best known model is the Aurora 88, designed in 1947 by Marcello Nizzoli. Originally intended to compete with the Parker 51. The original Aurora 88′ was produced until the ’70s, sold over 5 million units worldwide and is considered the most successful Italian fountain pen in history. In the 1990s they re-launched a new model of the ‘88, breaking the resemblance with the Parker 51, resulting in a more conventional fountain pen.

Which Aurora pen is right for me?

Since Aurora had a wide range of pens, it really comes down to your personal preference as to which pen to pick. It could be a ballpoint, rollerball, fountain pen, or even a pencil.
And with a change of nib, miracles can occur to make the pen more of a personal extension. All is possible with such a wide range of products!


The explorers’ pen

An event that caused the brand to spread its name in early years, was when in 1928 the Italian explorer Umberto Nobile flew over the – then – still quite unexplored North Pole in his zeppelin and suffered an accident due to extreme weather conditions. He and his crew were fighting for their lives for 48 days at sea, with no guarantee of survival. In this state of mind he took the time to write about his experiences on board in his diary, with his Aurora fountain pen. This later inspired the release of the limited edition Umberto Nobile LE, to honor the explorer and his mission.


In 1929 the brands’ influence reached Spain, Sweden and Poland what led to increased production and the introduction of the new Novum series a year later. Followed by the “Ethiopia” in 1935 due to the Italian invasion. Little information about this specific line survived and only a limited number of pens was produced.

Duo Cart

In 1954 they launched the Duo Cart, which was an early introduction towards ink cartridges designed by Chemist Nobel Prize winner Giulio Natta. This contains two cartridges, linked by a metal tube along withe a small metal ball. When the first cartridge was empty, the ball had some space to move resulting in a clicking sound to let you know one your pen needs a refill.

Name change

Although usually their names always originated out of Latin, the final result in this pen had such a sensationally futuristic look and feel they decided to rebirth as a company and step away from the Latin names, thus the ‘88 was born.

Aurora at Appelboom

Take a look at our Aurora offerings online and do not hasitate to contact us for more information on this true Italian range of writing instruments.

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