Pineider La Grande Bellezza Malachite Green Fountain pen

    The Pineider La Grande Bellezza Gemstrones or The Great Beauty, is inspired from gemstones and their unique colors, realistically recreating semiprecious stones that in the past have been imitated using celluloid material. The celluloid has been substituted with a resin based material, with an high percentage of marble dust. The marble dust was added for three reasons: By adding this material, they have made a harder compound to increase the shining of each color with a high gloss polish. The addition increases the specific weight of the material, making it more consistent. Spreading the color range, recreating a marble design from the primers of the resin. The results are incredible! The black color is so deep that any other pen by comparison looks just dark. Lapis Blue or Malachite Green can be mistaken for the real stones, just like all colors of the entire collection.

    The Pineider La Grande Belleza fountain pen has a soft 14kt gold flex quill-cut nib and uses cartridges or a converter.

    Since 1774, Pineider represents the Excellence for handmade products in terms of paper, writing instruments and leather goods. The brand’s prestige, marked by an exclusive as much as exceptional heritage, has accompanied traditions, events and trends regarding not only the Italian and European history, but it has also related to each of our personal stories, always keeping a careful look upon contemporaneity and continuously willing to bring innovation.

    Artisanal savoir-faire, uniqueness, tradition and design are the historical values that make Pineider an exclusive brand worldwide.

    RangeLa Grande Bellezza
    Writing systemFountain pen
    Nib grade Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad, Stub
    Nib content14kt Gold
    Filling systemCartridge/Converter
    Closing SystemMagnetic
    Trim colorSilver
    Weight38 gram
    Length closed140mm
    Length barrel127mm
    Length posted162mm
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