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Scribo celebrates the end of 2022 and the beginning of the New Year by paying homage to one of the most typical products of our beautiful Italy: wine. Knowing how to make good wine means knowing the land, understanding its secrets and changes, through a method that has been handed down from ancient generations. That is why wine making is considered a true art. Among the various steps in making red wine, after crushing or pressing, must or “Mosto” is obtained; a thick, cloudy liquid rich in reddish colors. The must represents the beginning of the fermentation process that will lead, after long and laborious steps, to the actual wine. Another method, much faster, allows to benefit from the flavors of the grapes harvested during the last harvest: this process allows to make Novello wine. Scribo dedicates their new FEEL colours to Mosto, with its colorful red tones, and to Novello wine, with its very deep red color.

  • FEEL Mosto has variegated shades of purple-red, ruby-red, garnet-red and orange-red, all the colors that red wine can acquire during its evolution.
  • FEEL Novello has a very intense color, with shades ranging from deep ruby to purple hues. Its more reddish soul leaks out especially in sunlight, as if to conceal its identity at first glance.

Only 219 pieces per colour will be available.

The Scribo Feel fountain pen has an 18kt gold or a 14kt gold flex nib. A unique nib, the same nib used by Omas and that is for Scribo the first brick to start again a brand-new story of Italian creativity with. The perfect match for Scribo’s historic nib is undoubtedly the ebonite feeder, which enhances the always ready, generous, soft and precise writing, thanks to the use of the classic piston filling system which holds up to 1.42ml of ink.

The body of the pen, which has the shape of the Doric column, is turned by hand from a solid bar. The cap, the barrel and the knob, characterised by a slight entasis (from the greek word εντείνω) that enhances the shape, describe a statuesque object with a neo-classical, elegant and timeless design. Even the nib-holder, before tapering to the classic circular section, is finished with a hint of facet that facilitates the handle and allows you to better manage the angle which you want to use the nib with. Feel is an invitation to live a unique writing experience of the highest quality; it is an exhortation to seek everyone’s own writing style, it is a tribute to the aesthetics of handwriting and the pleasure of writing.

The Scribo Feel is accompanied by a genuine leather and cotton handmade soft pouch realized to protect two writing instruments. In the side pocket there is a cloth to keep your fountain pens clean. A precious and modern packaging to always carry with you your favourite writing instruments.

Scribo is a young Italian brand with a long history behind. The Scribo project started on the same day the glorious history of Omas, a historic Bolognese company that has become a cult in the world of fountain pens’ collectors, ended. With Scribo, acronym for Scrittura Bolognese, the brand ideally take the baton so that handwriting, as an ancient art retrieval story, can be pursued.

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5 beoordelingen voor Scribo Feel Novello Fountain pen

  1. Engels


    The Screebo Feel Novello has a beautiful colour. At first glance it seems black, but if you look closely and with good light, it is a really dark red, which combines very well with the gold metal parts. The facetted design makes it special.
    It is a big pen, but not too big. Weight and balance are very agreeable. The cap does not post, the clip works nicely.
    The nib is very soft and flexes very well, the ink flow keeps up with the flex. I really like this pen. My only wish is the nib was a little finer when writing without pressure. It seems more like an F than an EF to me.

  2. Engels

    AW (geverifieerde eigenaar)

    I can only used the word “illusive” to describe the deep, intensive red colour on the pen body. The way the colour shifts in and out of shades is really quite mesmerizing. The gold trim complements the design really well too. The pen itself writes as well as one would expect from Scribo. A great writing instrument!

  3. Engels


    I’d only heard great things about Scribo before buying one, but unfortunately it’s not a pen that would make my rotation.

    The first thing that disappointed me was that the facets on the cap and body did not line up. It’s just slightly off, and needs a nasty twist with far too much pressure to get it even close.

    The second thing which was weird for me was that it needed to be fully flushed, as it was full of a weird, green ink which hadn’t been cleaned, but just emptied. It took TWELVE full barrel flushes of distilled water before I could comfortably ink it up. A lot of companies test their nibs before sending them out, but why did Scribo have to fully fill the pen, and do such a lazy job flushing it?

    I purchased a 14k flex nib, and it simply didn’t excite me. I regularly use a handful of flexy, gold #6’s, including last year’s 146 Flex, and I wouldn’t put any down, in order to use this nib.

  4. Engels

    Michael (geverifieerde eigenaar)

    I got a B 14K (so there is some flex to it), and it writes very nicely. It is definitely a gusher. It spills out a lot of ink to the extent that it often leaves the paper a little wrinkled. But overall, a unique experience and a well-made pen. It’s on the pricy side, but it might be worth it to try a new nib or enjoy its unique aesthetics.

  5. Engels

    manik kapoor

    thanks appelboom for tuning the pen to perfection

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