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Yard O Led is one of the world's leading manufacturers of fine pens and pencils, as well as one of the most historic craft workshops in Britain. The story begins over over 200 years ago with the founding of a goldsmith in London by Sampson Mordan, an associate of the groundbreaking scientist Michael Faraday. Mordan would shortly go on to patent the world's first propelling pencil in 1822, which he dubbed "ever-pointed". This patent would later be acquired by Edward Baker & Company of Birmingham.

In the early 20th Century, another gold and silversmith was established in London by Ludwig Brenner, who came from Pforzheim, Germany, bringing the secrets of the Black Forest artisans. It was in London that he would perfect the instrument that would secure his fame and fortune: a self propelling pencil holding twelve three-inch leads, adding up to the iconic "Yard O Led". Brenner went into business with Frank Tuffnel, whose father had worked with Sampson Mordan, and they founded the official Yard O Led company in 1934.

Despite the ravages of time, including the obliteration of both Brenner and Mordan's factories during the Blitz, Yard O Led survived and prospered. After the Second World War, new premises were established in Birmingham, where the company is located to this day, and it acquired and merged with Edward Baker in the 1950s, obtaining the legendary Mordan patents. Tim Tuffnel, son of Frank, remains the honourary President of this family business.

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