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Venvstas philosophy

In the first century, the roman architect Vitruvius wrote a treaty on architecture entitled De Architectura, a work that has been enormously influential, especially during the Renaissance period when it was rediscovered. The volume describe the qualities a building should have:

Firmitas - a building has to be solid;
Vtilitas - a building has to serve a purpose;
Venvstas - a building has to be beautiful.

The latin word “venvstas” refers to the characteristic of Venus, roman goddess of the beauty.
To explain what is solid and what is useful can be a simple exercise for many; to describe The aesthetic value of an object it’s a very difficult task for most.

Everything that surround us has been somehow designed, even when we think it is not. This is because, from an aesthetic point of view, many everyday-life objects lack of design effort.We believe that “the beauty” of an object should be as important as any other characteristic, the result of a combination between the function, the materials and our perception of it.

At Venvstas we have set our minds and souls to create unique objects that will not only carry the quality of Venus, but will honor all three vitruvian principles. Our pieces are hand-crafted with care and precision, designed and built to last for long.
This has been our direction since the beginning, from the first designs of Montmartre atelier in Paris, to the current production that we are proud to develope in Italy.

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