Montblanc M Designed by Marc Newson Ultra Black Fountain pen 116561

Montblanc M Designed by Marc Newson Ultra Black Fountain pen 116561

For the first time in the history of Montblanc, Montblanc entrusts its distinctive design language to one of the most influential designers of his generation: Marc Newson.

With Montblanc M, Marc Newson is creating a new writing instrument collection for Montblanc. Reduced to its essentials, the name echoes the purity of the design. As a connecting element, the letter M stands for Newson’s first name as well as for Montblanc.

Enriching the design language of Montblanc with his unmistakable and innovative style, Marc Newson perfectly balances form and function in the new Montblanc M collection. When his trademark biomorphic style meets the iconic design cues of Montblanc, the result is both unique and timeless. The writing instruments’ fluid lines flow gently into one another. Moving from the Montblanc emblem on the cap, along the platinum-plated clip, which magnetically aligns with a white precious resin Montblanc emblem on the perfectly flat “plateau” of the barrel, consummate forms express visionary design.

A new texture and a touch of color revamp Marc Newson‘s biomorphic style with fluid and pure organic forms. The matte surface finishing achieved by sand blasting make an elegant and modern statement The touch of orange is a homage to Marc Newson‘s signature color.

Hidden within the distinctive exterior of each Montblanc M writing instrument is its true highlight. The innovative cap-closing mechanism is a unique union of form and function that utilises magnetic force for an astonishing effect. Upon closing the writing instrument, the cap automatically aligns with the Montblanc emblem embedded in the “plateau” of the writing instrument every time. Through this imaginative yet functional solution, the Montblanc M always retains its remarkable silhouette. The snap mechanism smooths the closure and keeps the cap firmly in place.

The Montblanc M Fountain pen has an 14 K gold nib, rhodium-plated with ruthenium-plated inlay available in Fine or Medium. The nib is engraved with Marc Newson's initials. The fountain pen uses Montblanc ink cartridges. 

The ink cartridges of Montblanc are available in our webstore.

Montblanc is since 1908 a leader in the world of luxury. It is a symbol of quality, reliability and status. Many already havewritten with a Montblanc. All Montblanc products manufactured in Germany are of such quality that they may bear the familiar logo . Besides writing instruments, Montblanc also makes leather goods. Montblanc offers its products in a 2-year warranty.

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RangeMontblanc M
Writing systemFountain pen
Nib grade Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad, Double Broad, Oblique Medium, Oblique Broad
Nib content14kt Gold
Filling systemCartridge Only
Closing SystemSnap-on cap
Trim colorSilver
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