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Author: Verena 

Nice pen

  • Review Add on: 09-01-2021
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So this pen looks very nice and is definitely on the heavy side, but that’s not surprising since it’s made out of metal. The details are beautifully done. As a Harry Potter Fan I just had to have it but to be completely honest: If that weren’t the case I would definitely not spent that much money for a steel nib.
I mean it’s not bad for a steel nib the nib is smooth and the fine nib I went for is definitely fine just how I like it. But it’s also a not too dry for my liking. Don’t get me wrong this pen is not that dry but I just prefer pens that are more on the wetter side.
So in conclusion:
Of you’re a huge Harry Potter Fan go for it.
If not? Maybe choose a nice pen with a gold nib.
I still love this pen very much but to make it Peter the they should’ve done it with a gold nib.

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