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Author: Robert McNally

  • Review Add on: 04-06-2021
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Chatoyant/pearlescent & comfortable. This is my second Leonardo & second white pen. The only minor hiccups with the pen include i had to smooth the nib more since the flow was just not consistent, but it starts every time now. Last minor inconvenience would be the screw on cap SOMETIMES cross threads if I try to cap too fast, nothing pen altering, but just wanted to note those.
Appelboom though is top for price, customer service & delivery, even when you're American all the way from the Netherlands! This was the cheapest price i saw online by ~$50, especially with their 15% discount for reviewing products. Their customer service was superb, informing me quickly when they discovered they didn't have it in stock but would order immediately, even then i only waited 3 weeks to get to my door from order date. Finally, it only took a week to get to my door from their email telling me they sent it with tracking. All around would definitely buy from again.


Author: Douglas Rathbun

Exquisitely Beautiful Fountain Pen

  • Review Add on: 24-09-2020
  • Average Rating: (4)

The acrylic on this pen is stunning. It is chatoyant, pearlescent and even opalescent in places! I did a YouTube review of the pen. I had some small issues with the 1.1 mm stub. Watch here:

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