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The Carbon collection

Built with valuable materials, designed to endurance time, our Carbon Collection represents a synthesis of fine instruments where each model has a specific role and user. A consisten minimal aproach comes to reality when material, function and details are bond together to form a timeless product defined by a strong character. Creative professionals, design lovers or fountain pens enthusiasts will find an object that fits their different needs and desires.

From two unique and complementary fountain pens to an aword winner 2mm mechanical pencil and a very singular pen case. The collection has been put together with exceptional care and emphasis on high quality materials and an overall coherency to form a family of utensils that will enhance your user experience.

Our Carbon Collection is carefully hand-crafted in Italy by skilled artisans, an aspect that is not minor, considering the complexity and inherent qualities of the linear carbon fiber, a material that requires a rare mixture of technology, experience and qualified work to be manufactured. The only material able to push our philosophy towards timeless design,
underlined by sophysticated aesthetics coupled with innovative construction methods.

The Venustas Designer 8 seriers are our award winning mechanical pencils. The D8 is great designer’s tool that will delight your senses with its unique look, the textured linear cabon fiber and exquisite ergonomics.

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3 avis pour Venvstas Designer-8 Mechanical pencil 2mm

  1. Anglais

    Sanju M. (client confirmé)

    Design is unique. Pencil itself is on the lighter side. Experience dealing with the Appelboom company is very positive.

  2. Anglais


    What first stood out to me is the cleverness of the notches, which are cut in threes, in the body; in total there are three, with the lower two placed precisely where one would normally grip the leadholder for writing; and one much higher not where one would normally grip for drawing etc. All three sets of notches ensure a very comfortable fail-safe grip. However, if you like to grip lower, where the leadholder has two vertical cuts that expose the inner brass mechanism and subtle branding, the slits can cut into the fingers.

    The design is a minimalistic and futurist drop-type (ie gravity) with a 45 degree angle button, The leadholder is skinny, long, light, and well-balanced – no wrist or arm pain from unnecessary weight. The clutch or chuck actually pushes out by about a centimetre, opening up to let the graphite fall. Likewise, when not in use, the clutch/chuck vanishes up into the leadholder.

  3. Anglais

    Ingi Kim (client confirmé)

    Dieser Carbon-Druckbleistift hat ein sehr schönes Design und Schreibgefühl! Ich würde sagen, es ist der beste, das ich je benutzt habe.

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