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The Opus 88 steel nib size nr. 12 (Jowo size 6) is suitable for theOpus 88 Demonstrator and Omar fountain pens. The nib can easily be adjust into the pen.

This product will be shipped by the refill & ink conditions.

Masterfully engineered to serve both form and function, Opus 88 pens transcend mere communication to reflect the artistry that is the written word. For over two decades, founder Michael Hsu has personally and painstakingly crafted each pen to exacting standards, selectively building his Opus 88 label for discering clientele. Those who recognize the power and beauty of an exquisite writing instrument appreciate his work. Since 1988, as an OEM/ODM supplier, Michael has earned a reputaion for excellence.

Opus 88 is a Taiwanese company. The name Opus was choosen because the company tries to tell the pen user that they are good in using different materials to create pens (materials like brass, wood, shell, sterling silver, acrylic, ebonite, etc.). The number 88 is a reference to the year the company was founded. The symbols in the logo are the Chinese word fort he family name of the company ‘’Hsu’’.

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8 avis pour Opus 88 Steel Nib

  1. Anglais

    LMK (client confirmé)

    I’m working my way up to changing the majority of my Opus 88 nibs to broad as I was disappointed that their flex wasn’t a true flex.

    Their broads are nice healthy nibs that has a wet nib but not a fire hose. It’s smooth in the paper. But this nib is truly a delicacy when you put a really wet ink in your pen with a B nib. It glides like skates on ice. Just lovely.

  2. Anglais


    I have quite a few of these nibs that work great with their pen counterparts that is Opus 88.

    As a steel nib, you won’t be shocked by the rigidity of the flex. It strikes me more of an elastic flex rather than a true flex. You have to press quite firmly on the pen to get some line variation.

    I will say the line variation is between fine and broad which is great. But unless you have some good arm, wrist and finger strength, you’d struggle to do any long form writing.

  3. Anglais

    Ken Vargo (client confirmé)

    I have 4 Opus 88 pens. The nib set makes changing nibs a delight. READ the product description. Not all Opus 88 pens uses the same type nib carrier. Appelboom’s description is right on the money. This nib set works on the Omar and Demonstrator pens

    The nib set will also work in other pens like Edison, and Franklin-Christoph but make sure of the nib carrier before purchase. Both of these companies also have easily replaceable nib sets for their pens.

  4. Anglais

    Jon Lartey

    This affordable nib unit was purchased with a clear demonstrator pen and was posted free of charge. The extra nib is an affordable and versatile option to improve versatility of this and many other pens which use no6 Jowo nibs.

  5. Anglais

    florian neitzel (client confirmé)

    I changed it to supply my Demo with an alternative nib to it´s Stub. The design has changed from a “flowery” imprint, to a more “simple” design with just a single line on the nib´s sides. But wrote flawlessly out of the box and it screwed in with no problem.

  6. Anglais

    Nick (client confirmé)

    No.6 Jowo nib that can be swapped with other pens that accept the same nib unit. Compare to the medium nib on my OPUS 88 demonstrator the nib runs rather dry and has quite a bit of feedback. It is definitely not scratchy by any means but do not expect a buttery smooth writing experience. It has a similar writing experience with TWSBI steel nibs in fine.

  7. Anglais

    OdS (client confirmé)

    This whole nib unit can be easily screwed in and out the Opus 88 Demonstrator and Omar models. I’ve bought a couple already, not just because I enjoy using them in my two Demonstrators, but because they also fit some of my other fountain pens, which also use No.6 Jowo nib units (e.g., Franklin Christoph model 46). The nib itself might not have the most eye-catching design (it’s a simple, rebranded JoWo nib), but I think it looks neat.

  8. Anglais


    really nice well tuned jowo nibs
    can be putted on a any pen that excepts number 6 jowo nib
    also you can pull the nib from the feed and install it on other pens (voids your warranty)

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