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The legendary Montblanc Meisterstück Platinum 149 piston fountain pen has an 18 K gold nib with rhodium-plated inlay. Both the barrel and cap are made of black precious resin inlaid with the Montblanc emblem with platinum-plated clip and rings.

New since 1924: The Meisterstück 149 fountain pen is one of the best-known and most famous writing instruments of our time. Hand-crafted in the best European tradition, its 18 K hand-ground gold nib with platinum inlay, three gold-plated rings, gold-plated clip and deep black precious resin barrel make this luxurious writing instrument a legend among fountain pens.

The ink bottles of Montblanc are available in our webstore.

Montblanc is since 1908 a leader in the world of luxury. It is a symbol of quality, reliability and status. Many already havewritten with a Montblanc. All Montblanc products manufactured in Germany are of such quality that they may bear the familiar logo . Besides writing instruments, Montblanc also makes leather goods. Montblanc offers its products in a 2-year warranty.

Appelboom is authorized dealer of Montblanc.

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44 avis pour Montblanc Meisterstück PT 149 Fountain pen

  1. Anglais

    Lambros Arachovitis (client confirmé)


    Well relative to the excruciating pricing and general pretentiousness of the brand, it’s still a yes.

  2. Anglais

    Brett Tulloch (client confirmé)

    I had wondered about the value of purchasing a Montblanc 149 for a while as many comments online suggest that they are overpriced. I took the risk and am happy to report that you can feel the quality when it is in your hand, and the price is reasonable compared to other top line fountain pens I own (e.g. Pelikan M1000; Sailor KOP; Pilot Custom Urushi etc.). You definitely feel the quality when writing. The nib and ink flow are superb. I went with an OB nib and had to wait a while for the nib exchange, but I have no regrets buying quality as that is what I value. I have discovered that I prefer having a few quality pens (quality of resin, construction, but especially the nib) rather than a large number of highly functional cheaper fountain pens. Great service from Appelboom as always.

  3. Anglais

    M.D. (client confirmé)

    I own several MB 149 pens which are fitted with large nibs: O3B, O2B, 2B, OB, B, all were purchased from Appelboom. I decided to add to my collection also medium point for practical reasons, this nib being more suitable for day to day usage. The nib is well tuned, unfortunately the waiting period was quite long. The customer service was good, fast answers were provided to my questions.

  4. Anglais

    Mihail Deacu (client confirmé)

    I purchased two 149 pens fitted with a B and OB nibs. The waiting period was close to six months, fortunately the nibs are writing well, no need for additional work made by a nibmeister.

  5. Anglais

    KeeJoon (client confirmé)

    This is a holy grail pen that should be in every fountain enthusiast’s collection. My favorite among the 149s is the platinum version. Understated and classical. I own this pen in fine, medium, and broad nibs.

  6. Anglais

    Alok Jha

    Montblanc Meisterstuck 149 PT is a beautiful pen and a timeless classic! The shopping experience with Appelboom was, as always, extremely pleasant. Special thanks to Joost for all the personal attention that he gives to each and every order!

  7. Anglais


    5 star pen and nib
    5 star services
    5 star delivery


  8. Anglais

    WRS (client confirmé)

    I ordered this pen in May and it arrived just in time for Christmas. It was worth the wait as I had wanted the Platinum trim and a BB nib. I had complete confidence in Appelboom and as soon it was shipped I was able to follow it home. The 149 looks great in Platinum trim, which appears more modern and youthful compared to the gold trims. The larger #8 size BB nib writes rather stub-like, with thick downstrokes and thinner horizontal strokes. Rotated slightly counterclockwise in the hand when writing cursive, There is a mild calligraphic effect; and when held straight during printing, the letters exhibit mass and character. The nib is wet and smooth. It’s really lot of fun to use and shows the shading of ink nicely. Recommended, especially if you already have a F, M, or B, and are looking for something with pizzaz in a classic form factor.

  9. Anglais

    Marco Botelho de Sousa

    Absolutely wonderful as expected.
    The nib is a dream.
    It took quite long to arrive but it was worth the wait.

  10. Anglais

    Dale Rogers (client confirmé)

    I love my new MONTBLANC MEISTERSTÜCK PT 149 FOUNTAIN PEN. I have had several 149s before, but never in Double Broad. Appelboom was able to get me a BB and whiole the MONTBLANC MEISTERSTÜCK PT 149 FOUNTAIN PEN is always a great pen, I love the smoothness of writing with a BB nib. I can’t thank Joost and his team enough for getting for me. And, Appelboom has the best prices I can find anywhere.

  11. Anglais


    This pen is something that everyone should have in their collection. I resisted the hype for years and then finally bought the 149 PT version. Although the snow cap finial instantly makes this pen seem somehow like you’re flaunting your status for conspicuous consumption, the understated hue of the platinum version helps deflect some of that attention. Regardless, this pen is simply a superb writer. I have the medium nib and it puts down a decidedly wet line flawlessly but with a small degree feedback that is pleasant. It’s a unique writing experience and I have already placed an order for the fine nib version for daily note taking. Appelboom has the best prices for these pens anywhere and, if they are in stock, your order will arrive quickly and very well packaged (as usual; if not, then it may take a month or more to arrive. So, if you need yours soon, make sure it’s in stock.

  12. Anglais

    Mircea Susca (client confirmé)

    I have acquired the pen in August of 2019 and I have been using it almost daily for the past three years. I chose the Oblique Triple Broad nib for this one, as I intended it to write titles, formulas, signatures, underline texts with it an so on. As expected, it needs a bit of accommodation, because, compared to a medium nib which basically writes from any angle, this writes ideally with diagonal motions. The line variation you obtain from it is absolutely superb! You can use it to write ordinary sentences with it even with this thickness. The nib I received does not scratch at all, it writes sufficiently wet without being exaggerated. I did not encounter any problems with it and it still looks as new after all this time. I highly recommend Appelboom and I highly recommend this model. It is expensive (although prices for Montblanc pens at Appelboom are really good), but if you gather the pleasure of using it daily, it is worthwhile.

  13. Anglais


    The 149 with BB nib has a so called “baby bum” issue. It always struggle with the first stroke. After several try, it will start writing the first word. Moving to the next word, it start all over again with no ink at the first stroke. For such high end product, this is hard to accept.

  14. Anglais


    This is my grail pen – I’ve wanted a 149 for years and finally decided to order it despite the very high price.

    The pen feels wonderful, it’s large but not too heavy and well balanced. The platinum is gorgeous and the two tone nib looks wonderful

    I ordered it with a fine nib, and it is smooth with some pleasant feedback. It’s not glassy smooth, but has a satisfying pencil like feedback that feels great for long writing sessions.

    It’s absolutely worth it. Shipping and communication was excellent also.

  15. Anglais


    I don’t have many fountain pens; however, when Appelboom had it’s Black Friday sale, I decided to buy this amazing pen with the OB nib. Unfortunately the nib was unavailable for a couple of months. However, it was greatly worth the wait. I love this pen and the nib. It is hefty and the ink flow is smooth and not too wet for me. I don’t think I need to buy another fountain pen.
    Appelboom is the best seller of fountain pens on the web. You will not find prices any lower on any other site. The service is beyond reproach.

  16. Anglais


    I am a Montblanc fan of sorts. I own several 149’s, a Le Petit Prince 146 and a JFK ballpoint.
    This time I decided on the platinum trim for the 149 with an F nib instead of my regular B.

    As always with Appelboom, the pen arrived super fast and well packaged. The 149 looks great in platinum trim and the F nib is smooth, juicy, and just plain beautiful. A hint of feedback, this nib ‘sings’ on the page. In use with MB Irish Green ink it gives nice subtle shading. With regard to the 149 design: this is the quintessential fountain pen. The original. Comfortable, durable, pretty and holds a lot of ink.

    As for price: yes, it is an expensive pen, but I feel the value for money is still there. I have never once had a bad experience with a brand new MB fountain pen out of the box.

    Life is short, treat yourself. And if so, Appelboom is the place to be.

  17. Anglais


    It took a while to get to me, but now that I have it in my hand, I wonder why I took so long to purchase it. It is fantastic in the hand, and writes as good as it looks.

  18. Anglais

    Stanislav Tsatskin (client confirmé)

    My 149 is amazing and awesome pen

  19. Anglais

    M.D. (client confirmé)

    I’ve purchased 3 MB 149, the nib sizes are: O3B, O2B and 2B. The nibs were showing signs of hard start (baby bottom). I returned the fountain pens to Appelboom and the nibs were tuned by their nib specilist. I am pleased with the result, the nibs write smooth, wet and give line variation. During the entire process the customer service was very good, fast answears were provided to all my questions.

  20. Anglais


    Bought this on fountain pen day, product was shipped as soon as they had stock and arrived in 2 days by DHL. Pen was new, in box, with the correct O3B nib that wrote straight away. Would recommend to anyone else looking for a 149 O3B.

  21. Anglais


    MB 149 is a class of itself. I already had MB 146. But this pen is really something special. Superb writing experience with the most beautiful nib. I use F and I wouldn’t change. Thanks to appelboom for the great service and quick delivery.

  22. Anglais

    Rommel Lagera (client confirmé)

    Received the item faster than expected and the pen performed well. Inquiries were answered promptly and professionally. And with good prices this seller is highly recommended.

  23. Anglais

    Jennifer Freeman

    I was slow to actually jump on this top of line beauty. I love my 146s and therefore things were already perfect. However, after many, many years of lurking and watching everyone else’s joy and accolades, I bit the bullet for myself. It’s a wonderful addition and complement to the 146. Highly recommended.

  24. Anglais


    This is a gorgeous pen with classic design and the communication with appelboom is great. I got a nib change in about 2 weeks as promised before them sending it. Definately will buy more from appelboom.

  25. Anglais

    Wilson Luk (client confirmé)

    The pen arrived speedily in flawless condition. Thanks a lot for the delicious cookies included 😉
    This classic beauty writes perfectly. I shall keep it as a family reserve.

  26. Anglais

    Shihao Liu (client confirmé)

    the ink flow is perfect. you can try this pen with pelikan 4001 ink. i think those two are very good combination.

  27. Anglais

    JT Ong

    Bought the 149 FP with customized medium nib. The ink flow is generous but not too much. Works very well with dark rich colors. The pen is quite big, looks great on a business desk. It has a classic look that oozes elegance and authority. Lastly, the service at Appelboom is great, as usual. This is my fifth pen I bought from them.

  28. Anglais

    Andrea C. (client confirmé)

    The Montblanc 149 Platinum has the same characteristics of the original model (perfect shape, light weight, large ink capacity), adding a classic and elegant note. The F nib is quite generous, tending to medium. The ink flow is perfect out of the box. I thank Appelboom for the usual excellent service!

  29. Anglais


    This is my first gold nib and I am sure notice the different of writing experience offered by this pen. I love the nib, smooth and just glide on paper with good amount of ink. Also the overall appearance no gaudy at all and just suit my taste.

  30. Anglais

    Candace Pallone

    This is a classic pen which deserves a place in everyone’s collection. I have it with an OBBB nib and it is stunning. The nib performs as expected from this premium pen. Even though it’s a big pen, it’s not heavy and has amazing ink capacity. I love the ink window and platinum finishes. Amazing!!

  31. Anglais

    Sanjeev SHARMA

    149 has been a outstanding pen for a very long time, with its legacy, quality and history attached to 149, it is a must in collection of a pen lover. I have acquired an OB MB149 PT (gold is too blingy as per my choice), and I love it very much and recommend to my friends..

  32. Anglais

    Tianxiang Zhu

    Montblanc Platinum 149 a very gorgeous fountain pen. I love this pen very much. Last time I bought this fountain pen with an EF nib for a gift. Although they do not get the pen in stock but they give me a special order from Montblanc in a very fast speed. Appleboom also offer you a very beautiful gift wraping and low price. I am appreciated with your customer service! They offer you fast shipping and high quality pen.

  33. Anglais

    Ty Ngo

    This is the second 149 PT and I ordered it here wirh the B nib, the other one being a O2B.
    The pen is incredible. The balance is superb, even with smaller hands there is no issue at all. Writing for a long stretch does not tire the hand, because it feels natural with the balance.
    After using the 149s on a daily basis, the 146 unfortunately feels a bit too small… Never have I thought this would happen.
    The Platinum finish gives a special touch, as lots of MB pen around me are in gold. With the 149 already impressing with its size, the platinum finish gives kind of an understatement. I always felt a bit looked at with the gold finish of my 146 that happens less now.

    For the shopping experience: it’s perfect to order here. Quick shipment, tracking number sent out the next day and all went snooth. Thank you all for the great service!

  34. Anglais


    Montblanc has done it again! They’ve exceeded my expectations with this pen. The PT 149 is well-balanced, classy, and writes like a dream. Very satisfied with Montblanc and Appelboom, again!

  35. Anglais

    Eric Lorie

    This is my third Montblanc 149 that I have ordered from Joost, and the Appelboom team. The pen is incredible, and in a collection filled with pens, I am constantly carrying one of the three 149’s in my routine rotations. It’s the quintessential business fountain pen- the size and girth are perfect, as if magically created for my hand. The pen is smooth, well-flowing and a pleasure to write with. I’ve had Joost secure an O3B model for me twice now, and his service is superb! Two week turnaround and I had the pen at my door. I can’t think of any other company who can do that, or consistently provide such amazing customer service, continuously speaking. After a year of growing my collection through Appelboom, I can say that they have earned all my pen fund money with their incredible service – I’m a fan for life! Thanks, Joost!

  36. Anglais

    Alessandro  (client confirmé)

    I already own a Montlanc 149 in B nib and i love the broad nibs so i decided to buy from Appelboom 3 149 in BB nib (gold, red gold and platinum trim) and 3 149 in O3B nib (gold, red gold and platinum trim).

    The 149 it’s an expensive pen maybe too expensive but you pay also for the Montblanc brand and for to have an exclusive product.

    Nevertheless the pen it’s fantastic, a truly classical look that become more modern in red gold and platinum trim. Despite it’s a big pen it’s comfortable also for my small hands.

    BB and O3B nibs are smooth, lays down a lot of ink and thanks to their stubbish quality you have a lot of line variations (more in the oblique) that add character to your writing. It’s a joy to write with.

    The O3B nibs despite this width are very fexible and if you don’t need to write ultra small letters you can also use it for daily writing.

    I hope that Montblanc still continue to produce this fantastic broader and stubbish nibs.

  37. Anglais

    Evan Romas

    The MB Meisterstück is a true masterpiece. The pen exudes grace, style and authority. The resin body is a classic cigar with thick contour and the famous star atop the cap. The 18K nib is beautiful large. and screams for attention. Out-of-the-box, the “F” nib is smooth, wet and a joy to write with. The line is a thicker fine, perfect for daily writing. Just a hint of feedback. No skips or hard starts. Very juicy. The quality control is clearly outstanding. I could not be happier with this pen, or the first-class service and advice from Mr Joost Apelboom. Final thought – the MB Meisterstück really is worth every penny. Don’t hesitate. Life is short.

  38. Anglais

    Stanislav Tsatskin (client confirmé)

    The pen is simply amazing.
    I have ordered it with specialty nib, OM.
    It is even better with this nib.

    The service is quick ordering the specialty nib I wanted.
    The delivery is fast as well.

    Thank you.

  39. Anglais


    I have been converted to write with fountain pens 5 years ago. And this pen was on my watch list all along because it is a Montblanc and everyone seemed hyped about it. Finally I got it! Once I held it in my hand I understood why! The way it feels in my hand is not like any other pen and I owe some. It feels so elegant and luxurious and the way Montblanc pay attention to details make it feel that way.

    However I felt a bit disappointed when I first started writing because the pen had some hard starting issues which was anticlimactic. But with time and after couple of cleaning and flushing the pen start writing like a charm and it added to the fine feeling when holding it.

    Finally in a nutshell this pen should be the flagship of any fountain pen lover to use it in a special occasion meetings and signing or even to write your daily notes and thoughts after a full day.

  40. Anglais

    Eric Lorie

    I’ve spent countless hours watching and reading the many online reviews for this pen. The model captures the imagination with its elegance, and its iconic history. In some reviews, I’d read that maybe it’s too big for some people, and this kept me away from purchasing it. Instead, I bought a Montblanc 146 – what a big mistake that was! Although the 146 is a nice pen, it lacked the soul of the 149; a sense which is immediately transferred to the writer the first moment you pick up this amazing icon for the first time. The truth is: it is not too big! Not at all. In fact, it’s absolutely perfect! Besides it’s size, this pen is tuned to perfection; it glides across the paper with flawless and unapologetic intent. It has a presence and an air to it; both are well deserved. The ink capacity is suburb and the attention to detail is impressive – Montblanc has a glorious flagship in the 149! Truly, the art of writing with this model is alive and well!

  41. Anglais

    Ravatar (client confirmé)

    Montblanc 149 is my favorite pen model among all my collections. The overall design is classic and elegant. Filling system is excellent and easy to use, and the two tone large size nib writes juicy and smoothly. Among all 3 149 models, I like the PT 149 nib most.

  42. Anglais

    Michael Benis

    This pen is everything it is cracked up to be – a very fast, smooth, wet writer. The O3B nib is outstanding for all the latter and can be used to write surprisingly small, as well. Appelboom are to be congratulated for their dedication in keeping pens with this nib in stock for immediate delivery. Their service is exemplary!

  43. Anglais

    J-B (client confirmé)

    Absolutely beautiful pen and excellent customer service from Appelboom. The nib I wanted was on special order, but Appelboom came through. The pen is lovely to write with, smooth and consistent ink flow. A statement pen which is a joy to use.

  44. Anglais

    John P. (client confirmé)

    It may be difficult to find a Platinum 149 EF in the USA, no problem for Appelboom and I could not be more pleased with this pen. A piston completely smooth in operation and effortless simplicity to fill the Platinum 149 with Royal Blue. The nib is magnificent! Smooth, consistent ink flow immediately upon writing and the dual-tone nib of silver and gold is certainly a work of art on it’s own. Silver with an inlaid gold band outlining classic engraving. Perhaps a subtle and well-deserved nod to the classic Diplomat?
    The black resin finish is deep in luster and perfectly polished with the silver trim and it all comes together in your hand. I can write for many hours very comfortably.
    For those who prefer silver to gold this instrument offers the best of Meisterstuck and leaves out nothing of the pleasure and reward of writing with one Mont Blanc’s finest. Well done Mont Blanc and thank you Appelboom for another outstanding experience.

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